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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pre Halloween Abs

I want a flat stomach, one that is not too defined with a ripped 6 pack. I want muscles, but I want them to look soft and feminine. I want definition at my waist, and slender curvy figure. I think, that as woman, we are most beautiful when we embrace femininity. With Halloween, the sluttiest time of the year, just around the corner the push for perfect abs is heightened. 

 The male, and female bodies are built differently and fueled by different hormones. Men and women burn calories differently, and favor different muscle groups. Due to our structural differences alone, it doesn't make sense to have one strict abs routine for both woman and men. 

In the fitness world there is push towards functional training. Fitness gurus are designing programs to target key problem areas; ie, the stomach, in ways that the muscles are realistically used. When you go out dancing you don't drop to floor and do crunches. Instead you end up isolating your rib cage and moving it to the beat. 

In real life activities, most of the body's movements are done standing up. By adding a standing abs routine to your workout your body naturally has to focus to remain balanced which activates core stability. Rib cage isolation's, and standing abs target the all the major stomach muscles, increase ones balance, improve posture, and can help prevent back pain. 

To get a simple understanding of how to isolate the rib cage, follow along as one of Tracy's instructors explains the method.

Okay, so you've got is? Now you are ready to bring the abs to tempo. Get ready for a killer abs blast! 

Keep it up! You'll see wicked improvements; perfect for the haunting season. 

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