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Sunday, October 2, 2011


With so much to do, and so much going on I need me time, where I can just check out. I'm making some quinoa to complement my soup. It's on the verge of boiling, but not quite. I had a girly afternoon of toe nail painting and Bridesmaids watching. There was so much hype about Kristin Wig and Bridesmaids that I thought it promised to be pee yourself funny. 

ehh...It was cute, it was funny, but it was also kinda sad. 

The movie is great; I recommend it. A total must do with your gal pals, however if you are expecting a female version of The Hangover, you won't find it in Bridesmaids. The cast in the movie is great, and the plot follows a somewhat accurate portrayal of female friendship where true friendship is mixed among fake friends and friendemies. Kristen Wig has great comic expression, she is more of clown than she is comedian. However, that being said Wig know how to get laughs.

 Maya Rudolph played a character that is surprisingly straight; I'm so used to her as funny that the more conservative role she played created a great comedic foil. 

Melissa McCarthy also plays a character so out of her norm, the role played by McCarthy is that of a masculine aggressive female. McCarthy plays the role fantastically and proves why she won Emmy. McCarthy can act, and she is hilarious. 

The rest of the cast ads to the comic tension off the plot.The movie is good, round up your ladies and have a girly evening.

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