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Monday, October 24, 2011

'tis the weak before hallows eve

'Tis the week before All Hallows Eve...and no creature is still; not even the dead. 
The teens, and the twenties, and perhaps even the thirties compete with flare for the crown of Costume Triumph.
The not yet grown ups; lie awake for days thinking of ways to amaze. 
Plans are devised and parties are thrown; 
With the goal to make this Halloween the most wicked yet.

Ghost of costume past; haunt the waking day. A clever costume, I beg, this way come. I need a solid idea that I haven't  already done. 

From Raggedy Ann, to the Stroke of Midnight ideas are diminishing, with the realization of unfeasible grander. 

 My mind is somewhat blank. I think, I may have had a stroke. No, I suffered a costume panic attack,  a true costume emergency.
 I questioned the seriousness of my lack of put together Halloween attire.  I wondered out loud, how I could pull of an idea so vague with less than a week to prepare.

I thank the Halloween spirits for Veda Lux, a Vintage Fashion emporium, filled to the brim with fascinating finds and the clever creations of Summer Hightower. A quick scavenge through Veda Lux proved fruitful. I found the missing gems for my conceptual costume. 

Costume related anxiety is a growing concern. I know the day of dead is fast coming our way. If you need any last minute ideas be sure to scavenge the local vintage shops in your area. 

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