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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hair Love, Hair Wraps

My ex-boyfriend had a pretty impressive head of hair. It was long and just a little bit greasy, and worked with whatever facial hair he was to lazy to shave. Mixed in with his long hair was one dread, just a loan dread. I used to make fun of it, but always secretly loved it. I like long hair on guys, and am a fan of the hidden dread. A lot of guys I know, right now are adopting the single dread movement. Its cool, and looks good on them. But as girly-girl with appreciation for the trend how can we feminize the look?

My friend Jen, is that girl who for some reason always manages to be ahead of the trends. She's not dishing out mad cash for the fashionist approved kudos; no, she simply has a wicked eye and the confidence to pull of an edgier look while still making it pretty. Jen, was the first person I knew to have feathers in her hair, back in 2010. She rocked feathers, before many hairstylist even knew about the feather fashion revolution. I would never tell Jen this, but I definitely get a lot of my style inspirations from her.

So, now that feathers have been kinda played, and the dirty hippy look is totally lovable, Jen has fashioned her self a hair wrap (like you to get at summer camp). I love it! and I want one. Jen is pretty creative, she used an old clip in extension to create the look; which gives the girly dread equivalent wearer the option of not ruining our hair to achieve a look. The Clip-in hair wrap looks great, and requires no commitment. 

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