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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monster Tramp! Cardio ball.

Attending a Monster Ball, or stuffing your face with Halloween Candy?

Just because it is the season, of over indulgence does not mean your workout and motivation should be pushed to the side of the plate like the infamous brussel sprouts. The Chaos that is the Holidays is coming fast; motivation and maintaining exercises routines is crucial.  If you treat your self to Junk, be sure to treat your self with a workout or splurge on a cute workout outfit (lulu lemon?).

Stay motivated, and stay in the game. Stash workout cloths in your car, office, back-pack, and your overnight bag. The more accessible you make your fitness goals the more the real they become. I am hooked on the Tracy Anderson Method, which can be done from the comfort of home. 

 A daily sweat session helps to lift your mood and erase any and all stress...which is far to common during the holiday season. For an easy Tramp workout just follow below, and have fun mixing is season songs to your workout playlist. 

Happy Tramp'n!

Start with a warm up, move your whole body and relax.

(The music does have some explicit lyrics, just a warning)
Kick up the cardio and play with rhythms.

Great Job, Keep up the motvation. 

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