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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Style: WET Locks

So what if the "wet" hair look is somewhat unkempt, the style if effortless chic, laid-back, and sexy. The high shine wet look is iconic of what summer is meant to represent laze a fair days, and broken ACU's. My love affair with summer is and always will be a 90's inspired flirtation with grunge. In my mind summer is the International Date Line Hotel, in Tonga. The hotel built in another lifetime is slowly slipping into a state of disrepair. Summer is the state of disrepair where days are endless and nights forgotten. Summer is hot, humid, and wet. Why not embrace summer with the wet hair look seen on the runways. 

The look is ridiculously easy to replicate, even with out being a total grease ball. To get look apply gently rub a dime sized amount of coconut oil or argon oil on your hands and work into the hair.

 For a NYC version apply the oil close to your part and gently work the oil mid way down your hair. 

For a sporty version, apply the oil to the scalp and pull your hair up into a high bun or pony tail. 

For a morning after or I spent the night on the beach look apply the oil to the ends of your hair. You may want to double up product for this look. 

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