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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spidery LASHes

Fall marks a return to pretty. This  season, there are several bold make-up looks that I'm a little gaga over. I have fallen privy to the spider lash contagion. The elongated eye lashes make the eye pop, without looking overly made up. When I first saw the look, I was confused as to how I could imitate the technique and work it into an every day look. I started playing around, and got it figured out. 

The look is super easy to do your self.  All you need for they eyes is an eyelash curler, a very nude light eye shadow, white eye liner, an eye brightener pencil, and lots of mascara. 

Since you want the eye to be the focal point of the look, make sure your skin looks fresh and gently powdered. 

Start by brightening your eyes; line both you lower and upper lid with the brightening pencil, then take the white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes. Apply the nude eye show gently to just below the crease of your eye. 

Curl your lashes, if you have a clamp curler curl once at the base of the lash and a second time a pit higher. Coat your upper lashes in a first coat mascara. Use a fine brush to really help increase the definition of your lashes.  On your lower lashes gently and individually coat each lash, being careful to avoid clumps. Switch to a thicker more dramatic mascara and repeat. 

If you accidentally clump up, take a Q-tip and just smudge it off. Once you are satisfied with the dramatics of your lashes re line your eyes with the white pencil. 

and, Tadaaah....beautiful spidery lashes. 

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