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Friday, October 14, 2011

Unwrap Spokane, find the gems: Glamarita

When I came to Spokane, I came for the sole purpose of school. I landed in Spokane fall of 2008, to go to Gonzaga. At first when I realized that I would be spending the next 4 years of my life in a city dwarfed by a GU bubble, I was semi disgusted. Spokane seemed small and inauthentic; the only shopping I found was mainstream and the only communication I had with the city was that through other University Student, most of whom where also temporary transplants. 

Through out my education process, I have developed a love for Spokane.

 Every year, under the Christmas tree there is one present that stands out. It is wrapped more extravagantly than the rest, and seems to dwarf every other package. At first chance you race to the decadent parcel and begin shredding the wrapping, however as you remove layer after layer of shiny paper you soon lose interest. Spokane is that city, wrapped in the ideology of higher education, inland northwest lifestyle, hospitals and professional services. Spokane is that city wrapped in the allure of big chain department and big box stores. Spokane is that city, the hub of the inland northwest. Full of artistry and unique finds, open only to anyone willing to look. 

As layers are removed from the parcel, we settle and be come complacent with the discoveries we've made. We forget that wrapping still camouflages the real heart of Spokane. The more time that I have spent in Spokane, the more I have discovered and fallen in love with the city. Spokane hasn't gotten cooler since I've been here, in contrast I've gotten more adventuresome and have searched to find cool attractions. My latest Spokane Discovery? Glamorita Clothing and Accessories.

 Glamarita Clothing & Accessories,  is a fantastic artisan fashion boutique. The creative force behind Glamarita is Ronnie Ryno, a special ed teacher turned fashion designer who has transposed the needed childhood imagination required to teach children into her designs. Her fashions possess an anything is possible vibe with, a "why didn't I think of this?" creative flare. Glamarita fashions are inspired and constructed through re-purposing vintage fabrics. The boutique is stocked with Ronnie's unique designs, as well as showcasing the spellbinding creations of other local artists. Glamarita is a boutique which promises imagination contentment and a prized find for everyone. 

I have decided that I NEED these shoes! Wedges adorned with bits of broken mirror.
It's a shame, that a size 7, will simply never fit my tiny feet. 

So go, explore Spokane, find the cool and satisfy your need for discovery. Glamarita is located at 901 w. Garland, beside the Rocket Cafe. 

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