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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween week Horoscopes

Happy Halloween y'all, I hope you are all enjoying a spook-tific, and spookti-ful day. As per usual, here is your weekly horoscope (Oct 31- Nov 6, 2011) according to Georgia Nicols. 


This continues to be your strong time of year with the Sun in your sign, dear Scorpio. Make the most of this! However, you should know that all these fiery planets (the All Signs above) can create opportunities to boost your income in the month ahead. Something unexpected, surprising and rather sudden might present itself. Since your window of opportunity will be brief, you'll have to act quickly if you're interested. (It looks positive.) Since you're so ambitious now, with fiery Mars at the top of your chart, you'll be able to spot a lucrative opportunity at 10 paces. Meanwhile, it's totally appropriate to be giving up things now to clear the slate so you have lots of opportunities for new beginnings in the future. "That's it, folks."


 This week Mercury and Venus move into your sign creating an unusually charming, diplomatic and chatty month ahead. Everyone will seek you out. They want to enjoy your presence. You're in the right place at the right time, saying the right thing to the right person (yes, even someone as "blunt and truthful" as you are). All this social energy swirling around you will attract new people. Natch! Enjoy meeting new friends and learning new information. New contacts might promote future travel plans or open up opportunities related to sports, vacations, financial speculation, the arts and anything to do with children. And your birthday hasn't even arrived yet! You wanted more?


This continues to be a popular time for you, full of lots of opportunities for hot and sexy passion. (Would I kid you?) This is why many of you are indulging in secret trysts and hidden love affairs. Sometimes your sign keeps a love affair hidden even if it's quite legitimate simply because you're very private about your sex life. Furthermore, you tend to compartmentalize your life. Your business associates and family often never meet. It's just who you are. Nevertheless, very soon, something behind the scenes could trigger a chain reaction that brings you increased assets, wealth, gifts or outright cash. (That would be nice. Cash is useful and always a perfect fit.)


Whether you're aware of this or not, you're in the spotlight. People notice you. Fortunately, this lighting is great and you look fabulous. In fact, you look so good, others might approach you with suggestions for increased responsibilities or a new job. Don't hesitate. If something looks favourable, grab it quickly because the offer won't last for long. Any kind of group dynamic (anything from a small, casual gathering to a large conference) could introduce you to charming, creative, young people. Someone could become a new friend. Possibly a new lover? Partnerships, however, will test you. That's because fiery Mars is opposite your sign for the next few weeks and this makes you easily impatient with others. Knowing this, you just have to cool your jets.


Bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs and even the police might suddenly play a new role in your life. Surprising flirtations might spring up in the most unlikely way. ("No, he didn't give me a ticket for making an illegal left-turn. He asked me out for coffee!") In truth, some of you will strike up a romantic relationship with someone older, richer, or in authority. It will be sudden and unexpected. Right out of left field. If you're interested, act quickly because this is a rather fleeting opportunity. On the other hand (you have different fingers) new romance might be something sparkly and promising but of brief duration. A great story or diary entry. A juicy little bonbon. Keep this in mind before you upset an existing situation.


The next decade in general, and this week specifically, will bring lots of surprises, discoveries and opportunities to explore new dimensions in your life. I'm not being dramatic: This is totally true. It's something you have never experienced before in your lifetime. At first, it might begin as feelings of rebellion or even revulsion. Something will cause you to leave familiar ways of doing things, and especially ways of being where you felt restricted or hampered by rules or unhappy relationships and situations. This week is just a hint of what new possibilities you might entertain exploring. There's a big world out there waiting for you.


You're the financial whiz of the zodiac. (You can practically mint the stuff when you want to.) This week and, indeed, in the coming decade, you will have excellent opportunities to increase your assets and wealth through inheritances, insurance settlements, money back from the government, shared property and benefiting indirectly through partners. This is music to your ears. (You like to wrap yourself in cash. You love mortgage-free land and money in the bank. To be sure, everyone does -- but you love it!) Look out for goodies and gifts that can come your way this week because they are there, waiting for you. Ka-ching! ("For me? You shouldn't have. Well, actually, you should!")

New and different aspects of friendships and partnerships will open up for you this week. A platonic friendship could turn romantic. Someone new on the horizon might suddenly appeal to you and vice versa. Existing partners and friends will have a few surprises. (It's not a boring week!) Group activities are also full of new innuendos and introductions. Meanwhile, all of this is taking place while you're working hard to get better organized at home and in your job. Nevertheless, your busy energy will attract others to you. ("What's the buzz?") Enjoy these new contacts. Interesting tidbits of information plus saucy flirtations will make your week. You love this stuff! (You don't do boring.)

There's a lot going on with your job. Fear not: It's all good. Many of you will strike out on your own to test self-employment or open your own business. Others will explore high-tech equipment or new technology to advance whatever you already do. New staff at work and flirtatious relationships might put a new spin on things. Bosses and authority figures could surprise you, or you might surprise them! You have a strong desire now to play and have fun (and yes, romance is a strong part of this equation). Nevertheless, even though vacations, sports events, pleasure and children are a major focus now, you can also boost your earnings! Keep your eyes open.


Home, family and your domestic scene (especially relations with a parent) continue to be your primary focus. However, the shift I mention above (see All Signs) makes you want to play! Saucy flirtations, party invitations, the theatre, musical events, sports and fun vacations are just some of the things that delight you now. Not to worry, with Mars in your sign, you have energy for both fronts: personal and play. Naturally, personal can easily develop into play, but not always. Sometimes personal doesn't play that way, does it? Sometimes personal doesn't play at all, it's just too personal. And sometimes play is more playful if it's impersonal. (Personally, I think it's up to you how you play.)

Oh boy! There are exciting changes taking place at home. New people are on the scene, especially young, creative types. Home repairs, renovations or re-decorating projects can bring delightful improvements to where you live. (This is a good week for real-estate deals for those who are relocating or in the business.) Whatever happens, keep up your busy pace! Enjoy meeting new faces. Secret love affairs or private work behind the scenes will add to your busy load. This is a wonderful week to entertain at home, whether it's fun gatherings or group meetings to share information or teach. You're eager to stay abreast of things in your life right now. You feel alive!
 You're cooking on all six burners this week. For starters, you're focused on earning money, boosting your earnings but at the same time keeping an eagle eye on your finances and cash flow. (How do the bills pile up so fast?) Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, you're running around doing errands, enjoying meetings with others, chatting to everyone, talking to siblings, relatives and neighbours, plus reading, writing and studying more than ever! All of this "busyness" will introduce you to new faces, especially in group settings. And you will love the pace and the flirtations. ("I see you're not here for the hunting.")

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exhusted With a Fresh Face

College life is busy, there are a million and one things to do and an equal number of distraction. I'm quickly realizing that life is busy, and that there are always a million and one things to do with an equal amount of distractions. I'm grateful that college periods of high stress come in waves. Some weeks are busier than others (i.e.. mid terms, and finals). Having just survived midterms, I look like I have had a mad fight with my pillow that refused to allow me any Z's. 

As coincidence would have it, I was berating myself for my stressed-over face while flipping through the pages of Elle Magazine. The large copy "fast fixes," caught my attention and the subtitle " for when you look like you slept 20min," solidified my interest. 

Elle says the trick to beating the tired look is to de puff your face. An easy cheap way to beat the tired look is to grab an ice cube, and one teaspoon of freshly used coffee grinds. 

First slowly wet your face with the ice cube concentrating on the eyes. Then rub the coffee grinds onto to your face. The caffeine in the coffee stimulates the circulation, the diuretic properties help flush out any puffiness, and the rough texture of the grinds nicely exfoliates your skin.

I tried it. The grinds looked disgusting and smell disgusting. The coffee felt rough and dry on my face. It was not the most enjoyable face mask; however once I rinsed the grinds free my face felt smoother looked fresher, and was instantly brighter. 

I'm pretty stoked on this coffee grind face mask, after all Eco beauty is beauty. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh my Goodness: Easy Risotto.

The fall temperature has taken a sudden drop lately. When the weather dips below freezing I find my self craving foods with more warmth. I love risotto, and this butternut squash and sweet potato risotto is a great fall dish that accentuates some of the flavours associated with the fall harvest. 

Typical stove top risotto, is a nightmare to cook. It's fussy and never turns out as planned. This "way to easy," risotto recipe uses a slow cooker which takes the hassle out of making risotto. 

Creamy Butternut and Sweet Potato Risotto

3 cups water
2 cups Arborio rice
1 can cooked butternut squash
1 can sweet potato puree
1 bag of frozen spinach
1 bad of frozen butternut squash cubes
1 cup (or more) Oyster mushrooms
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1 tbsp rosemary
1tbsp thyme
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp garlic powder

(salt and pepper to taste) 

In your slow cooker combine all the ingredients. Stir the ingredients together. Cook on high for 2 hours, or until the rice is cooked through but still al dente. 

Stir the cooking risotto every 20 ish minutes. Add extra water if needed, and season to your desire. 


Friday, October 28, 2011

An Old Fashioned Fetish

I have a tendency to throw myself into whatever my momentary infatuation may be. With Halloween around the corner, and my Halloween concept confirmed I am on a method actors high.

My TV has been locked on time period dramas. I'm on a Mad Men, Playboy Club, and Pan Am binge. The glamour of the mid 20th century is intoxicating. I'm going as a character from that genre, and in preparation I've been quenching my thirst with a modernized sugar free Old Fashioned (Old Fashions are believed to be the first cocktail ever served).  

An Old Fashioned is a cocktail that is made by muddling sugar with bitters, and then adding alcohol, and a citrus rind (or cherry). An Old Fashioned has been in fashion since the late 1880s. It's a potent beverage that is due for a come back. 

2 ounces Vodka
a dash of liquid stevia
a dash Peychaud's Bitters
a dash of orange bitters
and a cherry, or orange rind.

In a chilled old fashioned glass combine the stevia and the bitters. Add a couple ice cubes and the vodka. Give the beverage a quick stir, and serve with the maraschino cherry and or the citrus rind. 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monster Tramp! Cardio ball.

Attending a Monster Ball, or stuffing your face with Halloween Candy?

Just because it is the season, of over indulgence does not mean your workout and motivation should be pushed to the side of the plate like the infamous brussel sprouts. The Chaos that is the Holidays is coming fast; motivation and maintaining exercises routines is crucial.  If you treat your self to Junk, be sure to treat your self with a workout or splurge on a cute workout outfit (lulu lemon?).

Stay motivated, and stay in the game. Stash workout cloths in your car, office, back-pack, and your overnight bag. The more accessible you make your fitness goals the more the real they become. I am hooked on the Tracy Anderson Method, which can be done from the comfort of home. 

 A daily sweat session helps to lift your mood and erase any and all stress...which is far to common during the holiday season. For an easy Tramp workout just follow below, and have fun mixing is season songs to your workout playlist. 

Happy Tramp'n!

Start with a warm up, move your whole body and relax.

(The music does have some explicit lyrics, just a warning)
Kick up the cardio and play with rhythms.

Great Job, Keep up the motvation. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Social, than Media: Conoco's TextFree Drivers

Think marketing, think of a conversation either you participated in, or overheard. Think marketing; what comes to mind? blah, blah, blah...Social Media, blah, blah, blah.

Social media is the new cool kid in the marketing rhelm, and it is quickly becoming an axiom of must do's for business and marketers everywhere. It is the clutter, we clump to. Social media, is an oddity and a resource we have yet to fully understand.

When you think social media, the first thoughts to mind are probably that of: Facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, etc. The term  "social media" ( a concept confused by the conjunction of social and media) it easy to assume that social media is simply the social sites we use. In truth social media has little to do with the so called social websites. Social media is so much more than just a cyber presence. Social media is all around us, every day, and every night. Social media is the presence of brands, and/or products in our tangible world. 

Social media refers to how we see a brand based on their commitment to the community, and, or cause. Social media, emphasizes the social mindset of marketing, and tries to create an empathetic persona for a brand.

 A perfect example of social media done well is: "Tide's Loads of Hope," a response to Hurricane Katrina. Tide created a portable washing service to help those affected by the disaster. When you think about it, clean laundry was probably only a minor concern to those living through Katrina, however the brands response received huge amounts of social praise. Tide helped the community while, profiting through the gain, of huge amounts, of free advertising. Tide gained more advertising benefits and brand recognition through Loads of Hope, a social campaign than it could have ever paid for. 

Social media, is an active tool which allows for brands to become more personal. Social media gives a brand a platform to communicate and engage in the community.

Sometimes, slash all the time, I am way to disorganized and, or  simply just over it; to mess around in my purse to find my phone, to plug in to my car, to pick a playlist...

So I end up just rocking out  to cheesy radio stations locked on a 3 song rotation. The ad breaks, become enjoyable as they add diversity to the songs in rotation. I listen, and I waite for a message to be filter through the molasses thick clutter of noise. A congradulations  goes to Conoco Philips; for the drive to end texting (while driving). Or Stop driving Texts!

It does not take a neuron surgeon, or child prodigy, to understand the distraction and danger of texting while driving. The noise, the feeling of needing to respond instantly, the blindness..., etc.

 The National Safety Council estimates that at least 28% of all traffic crashes, approximately 1.6 million, are a result of drivers using their cell phones and or texting.  Cell phone are a distractions, and are costing us huge in; increased insurense premiums, car repairs, and setting  positive role model examples for younger drivers. To battle text-driving Conoco has cleverly created a social media campaign to engage the community to accept and reduce the dangers of texting while driving. 

Conoco has asked for individual input, and is giving away great prices for participation. In  social media marketing strategy, the marketing mix has evolved to be come socially conscience.  In short social media, is the social conscience of brands communicated through different mediums to gain community involvement and support, which in turn leads to an increased status of the brand in the consumers frame of reference.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Free Jack-O-Lanterns

I love the magic of Halloween. The fear, the adrenaline, the wanting to experience a somewhat occult evening. I love Halloween; it's the perfect combination of:  costumes, candy, parties, candles, and mystery.

There is something so friendly about a freshly carved gruesome jack-o-lantern. His smile might be cynical, but the invitation to trick or treat is welcoming. I love the way a Jack-O-Lantern lights up the night, while still casting nervous shadows.

I live in an Apartment, and therefor get no trick-or-treaters. As much as I would love to carve a pumpkin I'm short on time, and don't really have the space. I've decided that just because I don't have the time or room for a giant Pumpkin mess does not mean that I should suffer through an unfestive Halloween.

I was at target over the weekend, and saw a few festive lights. My creative juices started flowing and I figured out a way to get the lighting of a Jack-O-Lantern sans the mess.

All You'll Need is:
Mason Jars
A Glue Gun
Colored Tissue Paper
And A Non-Flame Candle

Decorate the Jars however you wish and enjoy, the not so spooky, illumination.

Monday, October 24, 2011

'tis the weak before hallows eve

'Tis the week before All Hallows Eve...and no creature is still; not even the dead. 
The teens, and the twenties, and perhaps even the thirties compete with flare for the crown of Costume Triumph.
The not yet grown ups; lie awake for days thinking of ways to amaze. 
Plans are devised and parties are thrown; 
With the goal to make this Halloween the most wicked yet.

Ghost of costume past; haunt the waking day. A clever costume, I beg, this way come. I need a solid idea that I haven't  already done. 

From Raggedy Ann, to the Stroke of Midnight ideas are diminishing, with the realization of unfeasible grander. 

 My mind is somewhat blank. I think, I may have had a stroke. No, I suffered a costume panic attack,  a true costume emergency.
 I questioned the seriousness of my lack of put together Halloween attire.  I wondered out loud, how I could pull of an idea so vague with less than a week to prepare.

I thank the Halloween spirits for Veda Lux, a Vintage Fashion emporium, filled to the brim with fascinating finds and the clever creations of Summer Hightower. A quick scavenge through Veda Lux proved fruitful. I found the missing gems for my conceptual costume. 

Costume related anxiety is a growing concern. I know the day of dead is fast coming our way. If you need any last minute ideas be sure to scavenge the local vintage shops in your area. 

Oct 24-30 Horoscope

It's the week before Halloween, and excitement is boiling. Check out your horoscope for the week: October 24 - 30 (according to  Georgia Nicols).
The next six weeks are a wonderfully popular time for you. Get out and schmooze with others. Join clubs, groups and organizations. Accept all invitations. You will definitely meet younger people and, quite likely, creative people in the arts, in the next six weeks. Because disputes about inheritances, shared property and insurance matters (plus anything you own jointly with others) might arise now - feedback from some of the new people in your life could be helpful. Bounce your ideas off them. Hear what they have to say or suggest. Meanwhile, vacation plans, romance, sports and fun times with children look promising. Big changes related to creativity and children can take place now. These changes will be for the better

Your home scene just gets better and better, doesn't it? This is a wonderful time for you. Not only can you expand where you are living or perhaps expand your home because of new people moving in (birth, adoption or marriage), you also feel richer at home. You have an increasing feeling of gratification and personal reward, as you survey your family and where you live. Meanwhile, the Sun and Mercury and Venus are all at the top of your chart, calling attention to you. People will notice you in the next six weeks. Romance with someone older, richer or more established might begin. Bosses are eager to talk. Be patient with partners because fiery Mars will stir up conflict. (Oops.)

Grab marvelous opportunities to travel, during the next six weeks. Likewise, during the same time, you can explore opportunities in publishing, higher education, medicine and the law. Anything goes. The ceiling's the limit. Dream big! Romance with someone from another culture will begin for some of you. New studies and classes will be stimulating and exciting. Nevertheless, despite all these temptations, you are still busting your buns at work. Perhaps this is how you will earn your stripes to "get away from it all." A new kind of optimism is overtaking you. You're starting to see exciting possibilities that can materialize in about five years. Perfect - first visualize it. Then it will happen.

Your sex drive is going to be super amped in the next two months. (Look out world!) Romantic interludes will be sweet and affectionate plus, for some reason, you're even talking and thinking a lot about sex. (Did you know people are more private about their money than they are about their sex life?) BTW, lose the zebra spandex. Naturally, this is good news (and curious) for many of you, because relationships are so challenging now. (Gulp.) Difficult partnerships are ending. Factoid. Nevertheless, something is taking place that is transforming your image to the world. You're starting to appear happier and more affluent to others. You look like you have a life!

You definitely need to get more sleep in the next six weeks. Just accept this and respect your need for more rest. Interactions with others (especially close friends and partners), are going to be unusually significant, in the month ahead. Fortunately, relationships with others will be affectionate and highly communicative. You'll enjoy the company of others and vice versa. Someone might help you with the insane chaos that is taking place at home right now. Make sure these renovations; moving plans (or whatever is causing the chaotic activity) do not take a toll on your domestic peace and harmony. Life is too short for that.
Fasten your seat belts. You're going to do the white tornado thang. Suddenly, you're determined to be on top of everything. You want your life to be full of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Since this influence has inexplicably grabbed you by the throat, act on it! (It's not every day you feel this ambitious.) Make a plan; draw up a list. Prioritize what you want to get done in the next six weeks. More importantly, give yourself the right tools and support materials to do a great job. Buy paint, cleaning supplies, file folders, shelving, whatever it is you need. With the right tools and support - you'll do a better job and you'll also enjoy doing it. Va, va, va, voom!

Ah, ma cherie, life is toujours l'amour for the next six weeks. Enjoy love affairs, romance, vacations, parties, creative and artistic diversions, the theatre, music, the performing arts - and yes, sports - plus playful activities with children. This is where it's at for you! Basically, you want to have fun. And you're spending money to do all this. Good for you. (Life is short - and fat.) In the bigger picture, it appears your goals are expanding. You're starting to expect more for yourself in the future because you see it's actually possible. Just a shift in this expectation on your part will suffice to make it a reality. (Weird how our minds work, isn't it?)
For different reasons (according to the details in your life), you will be focusing on home, family and domestic matters, during the next six weeks. For starters, many of you will be on a decorating kick. You will also be attending to repairs. Quite likely, many of you will entertain at home more than usual -- enjoying chatty conversations with family and loved ones. You can also expect to spend more time with parents or family members. With Mars in your sign now, you have lots of drive! (People around you will notice.) Privately, you're considering ways to re-invent your public image and perhaps tweak your life direction in general. Big changes are possible! (Things look maahvelous

You are definitely busy with short trips, errands, increased reading, writing and studying, plus perhaps more time spent with siblings and neighbours. In fact, this busyness will virtually accelerate the tempo of your days. This is a particularly strong month ahead for those of you who write, teach, act, edit or drive for a living. Many of you are also thinking about how to expand shared wealth, reduce debt and feel more secure about your future. You might receive gifts, goodies and inheritances from others, as well as have the use of things that other people own. Hopefully, you can generate some spare change to travel. Wouldn't that be nice? (Time to get outta Dodge.)
"Show me the money!" (And you really mean it.) Your moneymaking ideas are just one reason you're focused on your cash trickle right now. You're also starting to think about your future. (Fear not: You are not going to be a bag lady.) Plus, you're tempted to buy beautiful things for yourself and loved ones, in the next month. (Chalk this up to caring moments that trigger impulses of spontaneous generosity you won't resist.) "A gift for you!" Fortunately, others, especially partners and close friends, are increasingly beneficial to you. Listen to their advice. Keep your pockets open. Something that happens now might greatly transform an existing relationship. Hmmm.

It's all about you now, dear Scorpio. It's time to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Scorpio and fiery Mars is at the top of your chart, arousing your ambition. In addition, the parts of your chart that govern your relationships and your job hold marvelous potential for improvement. You're cooking on all burners! This week in particular, is an excellent time to take a realistic look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do to improve your image out there in the world. Don't be afraid to give up things. This is totally appropriate right now. You are lightening your load before you take a new road, in about 18 months.
For the next month or so, it is in your best interest to play it low key. Naturally, you'll be enthused about travel and matters related to publishing, the media, higher education, medicine and the law. (Mars is activating these areas for you.) Nevertheless, in the bigger picture, the month ahead is perfect for contemplation. Why? Your birthday is about a month away. Use this time to give serious thought to what you want your new year (birthday to birthday) to be all about. You are a forward-thinking sign, constantly focused on your future. If you clearly define the goals you want to achieve (be specific!), your ability to achieve those goals will be waaay easier. (But I know you know this.)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Light and Chai

A Chai Latte might be the most delicious non-alcoholic hot beverage. Chai is so tasty, and oh so high in sugar/calories. A Starbucks Chai latte with skim milk has 266cal; with soy 203; and with whole milk 315. For a treat that's pretty high.

I've been playing around with making my own less sweet, decaffeinated chai concentrate and am happy to share my "oh so easy to copy cat," recipe.

In a slow cooker combine:
7 cups water
2 cinnamon sticks plus about a one inch piece of fresh ginger
1 tbsp allspice
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 1/2 tsp ground cloves
2 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cardamon
1/2 tsp peppercorn
1 tsp ginger 

Once all the spices are in stir it up, and cook on low for 4 hours. 

6 teabags of your choice ( I like Earl Grey)

Let the tea steep, to your preferred strength. Then remove the tea bags, and cinnamon sticks.

1 tbsp stevia powder
1 tbsp vanilla
1/4 cup maple syrup.

Mix the concentrate together well. Pour the concentrate into a pitcher and strain out the spice. 

The Chai Concentrate will store well in the fridge for 2 weeks. 

Happy Sipp'n!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beautiful Skin Diet

Take a stole through any department store, drugstore, or even specialty store; Chances are the sheer quantity and variety of skin care products promising to cure any and every epidermis related ailment will cause momentary confusion and disorientating. In my skin dry, oily, sensitive...? ahhh, I don't know. Like Bra's a perfect skin care match is hard to determine. Many woman treat the symptoms of their skin problems and not the cause. 

I struggle with dry skin. To combat it I try to keep myself well hydrated. However, when the season change my t-zone will produce shine like a mirror, and begin t slowly cultivate a spectacular collection of whiteheads (not so pretty). In the past I would go on an acne killing spree. I would fight oily skin, which in turn only intensified my dry skin problem. Our skin, and its appearance is a reflection of our health. The foods we eat do contribute to the appearance of our pores. To prevent skin irritation, think holistically and include skin saving nutrients into your diet.

For Overall Healthy Skin: Add Vitamin A, Vitamin A in an anti-oxidant that prevents cellular damage, acne, and premature aging. Vitamin A is found in mango's, spinach, low fat yogurt. 

To Fight Acne: Add Zinc into your diet, consider supplements (25-50 mgs).

To fight wrinkles:  Add fatty acids (omega 3's) to your diet via nuts and cold water fish (salmon). Omega 3's are responsible for healthy cell membranes which help transport nutrients throughout the body. Cell membrane hold water, so the healthier and more hydrated they are the plumber younger looking your skin will be.

For Beautiful skin, think fresh fruits and vegetables, and remember to stay well hydrated