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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In Shape For Winter?

The fitness industry is a mess of information. There are so many different studies paid for and promoted by various interested parties. With so much noise, it is important to find a program that speaks to you. My love is snowboarding, and fortunately ski season is just around the corner. When I work out, I keep the concept of my favourite activity in my mind. Snowboarding requires flexibility, cardio fitness, and the precision of finely tuned accessory muscles. 

When you are actually on the slopes, your body is exercising in a isometric fashion. Our big leg muscles do most of the work, and are often required to hold the contraction for a decent amount of time. I have been on snow every winter since I could walk, and have found that when I train my major muscles the results I achieve in both fitness and pre-season conditioning are minimal. 

 When I train and exhaust the more accessory muscles my overall fitness not only improves but so does my board control. A typical ski run in 5mins up the chair, and 10-15mins down; when you ski/snowboard you play hard (workout) while going down the run, and relax (recover) going up the chair.  

As I have said before, I am a huge fan of  The Tracy Anderson Method, she is an ex-dancer and incorporates a lot of plyometrics or jumping into her routines. Skiing/snowboarding is dancing, or more specifically prancing on snow. Her cardio workouts are all dance based and incorporate some interval training without you (the follower) catching on. Usually I'm to busy focusing on the dance tricks to realize I'm working-out. Her cardio is fun and challenging!

 The real challenge and workout of her method, is not the cardio; but her focus on muscular training. She targets the accessory muscles of our arms, legs, abs, gluts, etc. At first exposure the workout are disguised behind a cloak of simplicity. DO NOT BE FOOLED, the workout are incredible and will challenge you whole body. 

I recommend starting with a warm up, followed by cardio, and the muscular structure work. Create a play list and have fun sweating as you dance along.  

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