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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Waterproofed Tech: Liquipel!

I have ruined, many electronic devices by over familiarizing them with water/liquid. I have a bowl of rice permanently on call for my tech emergencies. I'm not sure if placing your soaked phone in a bowl of rice is anything more than IT myth...but the placebo effect comforts me in a strange way. Fortunately my clumsiness is being saved by a company who has master the ultimate cell phone life-jacket.

A company called "Liquipel," out of Southern California has found a viable solution for preventing phone amnesia from water damage. The company has developed an innovative water proof coating for electronic devices. The coating is unnoticeable. With it on, an electronic devices is protected from the elements. No hard protective case required. The Liquipel casing protects the entire electronic device; including all the vital cellular organs. 

Liquipel technology is available for all makes of cell phones, and the enhanced durability of your devices will virtually erase all tech related worries. Currently Liquipel is only available for devices through their website. However the company is looking to align itself with smart phone manufactures to further innovate the durability of electronic devices and to gain a consumer presence in the smart phone market. 

To waterproof your device with Liquipel is surprisingly inexpensive. The spa treatment for your phone has a starting price of $60 dollars. The only downside is a forced hiatus between you and your phone.   

Personally, I see Liquipel as a consumer and manufacturer asset; the company is in a growth stage and as the need for super durable electronic devices heightens so will the demand for Liquipel. A company I am eager to follow. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Horoscopes: Jan.30- Feb. 5

Happy Monday, and Happy almost February...
As my life is getting ready for a change, I'm finding myself a little apprehensive of live after school. My routine will be forced to change. After school, I will not have the luxury of being immersed in a wide variety of topics and ideologies in the same capacity as now. However the knowledge is still attainable if I am able to keep myself open to learning. Reason can concur fear and doubt. Fear is just an inability to rationalize a situation and translate it into a simple statement. For the month of February, explore fear and how easy it is to overcome. That being said, here is your Georgia Nicols Horoscopes for Jan.30-Feb.5, 2012. 

Not only is the Sun still in your sign, but now busy Mercury is in Aquarius as well! This makes you unusually chatty, enthusiastic and capable of putting a lot of yourself into whatever you have to say. Naturally, Mercury makes you jump from issue to issue and subject to subject in a highly erratic but original way. This placement also makes you want to get out and travel more. "See the neighbourhood!" Short trips to interesting little places will please you. Meanwhile, you're interested in spending money on pretty things for yourself and loved ones. What fun! This is also a good time to invest money in the arts or beautiful things. It's all good.

Recently, I got e-mail from a Pisces who thought she had to be patient about going after her dreams. Au contraire! My hectoring comments about being patient for Pisces people simply apply to their partners and friends. With Mars opposite your sign for the month ahead, it's easy to be annoyed with others. But that's the only area where you really have to apply patience. You can be gung ho about exploring financial opportunities, promoting your job, schmoozing with others and doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work that will manifest in the next month in a profitable way. In fact, because in a few weeks the Sun will move into your sign, this is an excellent time to "get ready" for a brighter future! Oh yeah.
Both the Sun and Mercury now urge you to give serious thought to your future goals. This is a phenomenon that's happening just for Aries for the next several weeks. Use this to your advantage! Go one step further by sharing your hopes and dreams with others because their feedback will help you. When you mention what you hope to achieve, people might introduce you to the right contacts or steer you in a new direction or give you a hot tip. Younger people in particular might be especially helpful. Since you're working so hard now, why not capitalize on all this vigorous energy that you're putting out? (Hmmm, that's interesting. Aries are putting out.)

You continue to be in the limelight, dear Taurus. Do remember this lighting is favourable to you! That's why people in authority are asking you to take on increased responsibilities. By all means, say yes because it won't be difficult for you to do this at all. (Remember Chekov in Star Trek? "I can do this! I can do this!" I love that movie.) This week Mercury is at the top of your chart encouraging you to make plans for your professional future, undertake new studies to promote your career, and talk to bosses, superiors and employers. Pitch your ideas because (no doubt) bosses will be impressed! Furthermore, with lucky Jupiter in your sign, the odds are in your favour. ("Oh no! I doubled on a pair of kings and the other guy got a straight.")

Continue to look for ways to expand your horizons through further education and training or travel. Or both! (School in a foreign land? How exciting.) Your sign also has excellent opportunities to explore in publishing, the media, travel-related business, dealing with foreign countries, plus anything to do with medicine and the law. With Venus high in your chart, you might be asked to give your creative input on something - i.e. making something look better or giving suggestions about design, layout, furniture arrangement, gardening, whatever. In the next few weeks, romance with someone older, richer or more worldly is also likely. Hey, you have all the fun stuff!

You will enjoy travel for pleasure. Romance with someone from another country or different culture is likely. Furthermore, your appreciation of beauty is heightened now so you'll love seeing beautiful places in other countries or enjoying the handicraft and artwork from other cultures. Meanwhile, continue to use this current energy to wrap up red-tape details about estates, inheritances, insurance matters, taxes and debt. Roll up your sleeves and get it done. Mars continues to make your communications unusually forceful. Be aware of this. Be nice. (However, use this to your advantage!) You'll be successful selling, marketing, teaching and yelling at others. (Oops.)
You still need to get more sleep and more rest. In fact, I mentioned this previously and several Leos e-mailed me about this very thing. (Snooze.) Respect your need for more sleep right now because it's just a fact. Nevertheless, now that Mercury is opposite your sign, you will be more talkative to friends and partners. Suddenly, you want to put your cards on the table. Good. The next few weeks are the perfect time to clarify issues with others. Since you are seeking intellectual stimulation, you're ready for this. Many of you will be more fascinated by Facebook, twitter, e-mails, or whatever medium you can use to talk to the world!

You're still gung ho to work hard and get better organized. This is an excellent time for physical exercise or outdoor activities that make you huff and puff, especially sustained huffing and puffing. You'll love doing mental work because you find it easy to pay attention to details in the next few weeks. Many of you will be more health conscious now because Mercury is in your Sixth House. Caution against being critical of others (you know who you are). This is your greatest challenge, isn't it? Your desire for perfection makes you critical of yourself and others. (Bummer.) Think opposite thoughts. Remind yourself how great they are and how great you are as well! Kiss-kiss, hug-hug.

You are the last of the big-time schmoozers! You love to get out in social situations, be it party mode, lounge lizard or just chatting with others over coffee. Give yourself lots of opportunities to socialize with others now because the Sun and Mercury want you to do this. Accept invitations to party. Jump at opportunities for vacations, sports events, the theatre and all social occasions. You will also be turned on if you get a chance to express your creativity. It doesn't matter how talented you are, it's the doing that counts. Enjoy exploring fun painting, drawing, singing, dancing, whatever. You'll love the experience. Romance with someone younger is possible now.
You are really enjoying your domesticity now, have you noticed? That's because three planets are urging you to focus on home, family and your domestic scene. Invite the family over this week. Enjoy family get-togethers. Talk to parents. The next few weeks are also an excellent time to focus on home repairs. (Family discussions about these are also likely.) Romance, love affairs, vacations, parties, sports and social occasions will start to become more important this week and in the next few weeks. Be receptive to invitations to explore these fun options. You're a playful, sexy sign. When the stars urge you to do your thing, do it!
The pace of your days continues to accelerate but you're up for this! You love this pace even if it's a bit frantic because it makes life exciting. You like to have places to go, things to do and people to see. In particular, contact with new people, new places and a new daily environment is thrilling. You are also enjoying the beauty of your home surroundings now. For those of you who have managed to stay at home, the next few weeks are perfect for redecorating or buying precious goodies for your home. With Mars high in your chart you continue to be totally stoked with your personal ambitions. This is good. Go, go, go!

 Travel opportunities continue to be incredibly fabulous for your sign. Many Capricorns have been travelling more and will continue to travel more than they have for ages! You can also explore wonderful opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law at this time. Nevertheless, a strong undercurrent in your life right now is related to money, cash flow, earnings and exploring money- making ideas. Ka-ching! You have money on your mind. (Economists are people who work with numbers but who don't have the personality to be accountants.) This is a good time for writers and salespeople because many of you can make money from your "words" in the next few weeks. Sweet talk!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eat: African Yam and Peanut Soup

My favorite restaurant in Calgary, is The Coupe. The restaurant is tiny with maybe only 12 tables, but the food is awesome and all vegetarian. I eat their pretty much whenever I'm in Calgary. The ladies who run the coupe got introduced to the restaurant business through: The Galaxy Dinner, a wicked old school Dinner that has long been gone. The owners have a unique passion and respect for modern dinning. The Coup is largely revamped diner food made extra tasty. For a gift awhile back I received "Meet The Coup Cooks." A cookbook with my favorite coup recipes! I was originally a little overwhelmed with the book as the recipes produce a massive yield...but I'm working it out. This African Yam Soup is inspired by The Coup.

1 onion
3 garlic Cloves
2 yams- chopped
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 carrots
4 cups vegetable broth
1 tbsp fresh ginger
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp cumin
1 tsp coriander powder

In a slow cooker combine the above and cook on high for 4 hours or until the yams are soft.

Once the yams are soft, use a hand blender to puree the mix.

Then add
 1 can coconut milk
1 can crushed pineapple
And depending on your taste more peanut butter.

Using the hand blender, puree once more.

Serve hot and garnish with cilantro.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brilliant: Wine on The Fly!

Waiting for a connection in St. Johns/ Minneapls Minasota I hungrily stumbled across Surdyk's Liquor & Cheese Shop. It was Bliss! 

Surdyk's sold the perfect travel companion. A mini wine bottle with a twist top lid that doubled as a wine glass. The wine was decent and came in both a Chardonnay and a Merlot. 

The concept of travel friendly wine is genius. I love it. 

Friday, January 27, 2012


If you think your family is crazy, psychotic, and narcissistic you might be right; however the chaos and seer nepotism of your family would fail miserably in comparison to the Fang Family. Headed by Caleb Fang, a revolutionary performance artist who purposely crafts chaos and danger in public settings. Caleb believes that is art is the only true form of art, because it surprises its audience captivating them in a new venue. The audience's inhibitions are lowered. The audience does know that what they are seeing is a superlative of art. Caleb is married, to Camille; a talented painter who forgo fine art in favor of Caleb.

Caleb's mentor; always said: "kids kill art." The Fangs found a way to work family and their kids into their artwork. The children conveniently named Annie, and Baxter, are not referred to by name but instead as A, and B. Caleb and Camille fang use their children as props in their artistic endeavours, and they hijack what ever sense or normality that Child A, and B have in a liberal attempt to progress the stage of art.

The Family Fang, by Kevin Wilson is a hilarious book that will have you laughing out loud and some what uncontrollably. The characters that Wilson has penned are beautifully psychotic and purpose driven. Caleb Fang truly has no concept of how effed up he is, nor how he has effed up lives of his family and friends.

One of my  personal favourite FANG performances, as archived in various museums, is the exhibit in which: Child A, is cast as Juliet in school production of Romeo & Juliet. On the night of the performance the boy cast to be Romeo injures himself in a car accident. Child B who was working as a stage hand was the only option as an understudy. B knew the lines.  In a game of cat and mouse, Romeo and Juliet style A forces B into an opened mouth kiss which shuts down the play, suspends A and B from school, and costs the drama teacher his job. All for the artistic integrity of Caleb Fang who had paid of the original Romeo.

The book reads at a quick pace, and plays in the imagination like the most perfectly disastrous sit-com you have ever seen. The Family Fang, was my vacation from the chaos of  normal family life. I loved this book, and the plot concept conceived by Kevin Wilson.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fit: Cardio Balance!

Fitness for me is a lifestyle, I love it. I need it, and I crave the sweat related endorphins. I am happiest when my daily routine includes a workout, of any sort. I'm huge into the Tracy Anderson Method, because it employs both muscle toning and cardio conditioning exercises. The method works for me. 

workouts need to have variety, they need to change especially as fitness goals are reached. Our body is inherently lazy; and once it figures out the muscle memory to master a move it will rely on memory, instead of engagement. To avoid cardio/fitness plateaus switch up your workout. Alternate your cardio, and force your body to engage in the work, and to maintain focus. 

I've put together a 10 minute cardio routine, that alternates between a mini-trampoline and the floor. The differences in the surfaces of the floor and the tramp will help challenge you balance forcing you to engage active mental concentration. 

Try the routine once, and repeat as often as you'd like. 
- Cheers to You, and your fitness goals. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beauty: Bold yet Minimal

The makeup trends that are emerging across fashion magazines, pop culture, TV, and the runways; is a look of simplicity. The look is strong, polished, bold, and neutral. It is a look of classic elegance with an attention to details. A good friend of mine, Shalaine Howell, is a makeup artist with loads of experience both in movies, fashion, and for the every day girl. Shalaine broke down the look of Bold Minimalism for me, and gave me some tips on how to master  the look. 

Your skin, and your natural complexion is what the look strives to showcases. Take care of you skin by exfoliating regularly and by using product that are a good match for your skin. You should always strive to look red carpet ready, easily achievable through proper skin maintenance, healthy diet, sunscreen and sleep.

For the look of bold minimalism, you will need a neutral pallet of eye shadow, blush, mascara and lip stick.

Start with your eyes, apply a gentle primer to hold color in place, and use a light shade to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Contour the eye with a more brownish hue, and start just above the pupil. Work the color into the eye crease and then gently pull it down and blend the colors.  Add a gentle touch of eyeliner and mascara. I personally love cat eyes, and the look of spidery lashes.

Always start you look with your eyes, then move to your foundation. The bold minimised look is about having perfect skin. So use a foundation rich in moisture and preferably with an SPF. As Shalaine says: "You can't paint a house with your fingers, so use a brush!" Apply the foundation with a brush this will help to work the product into your skin making it look fresher and last longer. When you apply foundation with your fingers, you run the risk of spreading bacteria from your hands all over the face. In addition the natural oils and warmth of our hands can react with the make-up causing a change of color. 

On the apples of your cheeks, what balls up when you smile, gently dust on a light brush. If you have any blemishes cover with  concealer. Dust your face with a non-bronzing powder.

To finish the look, pick a very bold yet neutral lip color. Line your lips, I always like to use a nude liner. With a brush fill in your lips with the color. Apply two layers, and blot after each layer.

So Pretty! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reflect: Cai Shen

The second day of Chinese New Year is a day to visit and reconnect with old memories, and old friends. It is a day to honor family, and old relationships. For The second day of the Chinese New Year is the birthday of Cai Shen, The god of wealth. The Chinese believe that to grow prosperous in business or life one must reflect and revisit the past in order to understand the necessary changes in course that need to be applied or re-introduced in order to gain success.

In the days of imperial China, the unemployed and the beggars would go door to door, trick or treating and chanting "Cai Shen dao!" (The God of Wealth has come.) Households would honor the beggars responding with a treat of lucky money.

In business the second day of Chinese New Years, is important. Traditionally it is a day where one asks for the affection of Cai Shen.

To be successful, is so much more than gold coins and shiny possessions. I believe that success is contagious and that true wealth comes is only achieved by elevating a communal awareness and solving a need of relevance.

 As my mom always says: Levi Strauss did not get rich with dreams of gold, nor with the frenzy of greed that was the Gold Rush. Instead, Mr. Strauss got rich by catering to the needs of the Gold Rushers. He produced a sturdy and reliable pant that the men could work long hours in; while simultaneously being protected by the un-predictable environmental elements. Mr. Strauss' fortune was built off of an action that brought value to an entire industry.

Success is not an individual accomplishment, but actions that lead to better our industry's, communities, and relationships. As the new year progresses, I hope to progress my mind beyond my needs and develop ideas to serve a greater more universal need.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Horoscopes: Jan.23-29

Today at 3:40 pm the new moon that rises, marks the start of the lunar calender. Today January 23rd will evolve to be the first day of a two week long celebration that rings in the Chinese new year. 2012, is the year of the water dragon. I don't know much about Chinese culture or their new year celebrations. But I am eager to research the festivities. Day one of Chinese New year is about welcoming the deities of heaven and earth. 

I know that in celebration of Chinese New Year I really should be posting a Chinese horoscope, but before I do I have to learn more about the Chinese zodiac. I will, But right now just the ordinary star sign will have to do. Happy Chinese New Year! 

All Horoscopes for the week of January 23- 29, courtesy of Georgia Nicols

This is an unusually passionate year for your sign! (Your gonads are in overdrive.) Embrace this passion, own it and enjoy it! (Never resist temptation because it might not come your way again.) However, many of you will have to deal with disputes with others about shared property or about a difference in values. Resolve to do this as gracefully as possible. Try to appreciate that not everyone shares your values. Also try to appreciate that your values might not necessarily be the only way of looking at things. When you get handle on this, you will see that you are actually transforming the way you assert yourself in the world.

Patience is a wonderful thing because it is the antidote to anger. And anger, of course, serves no purpose other than to make everyone miserable. Therefore, patience is very useful because it can help you avoid a lot of bad scenes and nasty moments. (An understatement!) Make a resolution to be patient with partners and close friends this year because if you aren't patient - you'll have mucho conflicts, and your relationships will suffer. Of course, it's good to be able to assert yourself and stand up for your own best interests. This is a good thing. There's nothing noble in being a doormat. But being angry with loved ones is such a bummer. Make your resolutions simple: Resolve to cultivate more patience. You'll be a better person for it.

It is very obvious where Aries people can most successfully make resolutions this year. Without question, you can resolve to do something to improve your health! Obviously, the approach might be two fold: eliminating or reducing habits that are harmful, as well as introducing new habits that improve your diet and improve your exercise regime. (At least, you could jog to the fridge.) In addition, you will find it very easy to get better organized and develop little systems that help you to stay better organized at home and at work for the rest of your year. Hey - why not the rest of your life?

If you want to set resolutions as this Year of the Dragon begins, definitely focus on fun stuff: vacations, romance, children, socializing, exploring the arts and expressing your creativity. Make sure you have a vacation this year. (You love vacations because you can let your hair down and go crazy; yet, you know everything at home is just as you left it.) Plan to regularly enjoy playful times with children. Plan to catch more theatre, watch movies or sports. Be receptive to new romance in your life. Do find ways to do something that expresses your creativity. It doesn't matter if you have talent - it's the doing that counts. After all, you're not a noun - you're a verb!

When it comes to making resolutions, you'll be most successful if you use an existing energy that is already happening. All Geminis aggressively want to improve their home base. You've got plans to change things, fix what is broken, repair something or completely renovate. (I'm sure you've already been surprised at the energy you're putting out at home.) Get as much done as you can this year because you're super motivated to do this. Unfortunately, if your efforts are thwarted or frustrated by others, domestic tension will break out! Grrr. Then you'll have to be patient. Ubi mel ibi apes. (Honey attracts bees.)

The best area for you to focus on for new resolutions for this Year of the Dragon is related to communications to others, especially, with siblings, relatives and neighbours. (Did I hear a groan?) This year, you are much more assertive in all your communications with everyone. (Surely, you have noticed.) You can use this in a positive way if you need to market, sell, teach, act or persuade others to do something. But do rein it in a bit if you're socializing. Conflict with siblings, relatives and neighbours is a strong possibility. So what are you going to do about it? This is not a fun situation. Instead, it needs to be resolved - somehow.

To make resolutions, it's easiest to follow whatever energy is naturally taking place for your sign. For Leos - it's all about money, cash flow and earning money. It's also about your possessions and how you use them to run your life more efficiently. This is where you have to focus. What can you do to get a better job or boost your earnings? What can you do to save some of what you already earn to feel richer? And what can you do to be more in control of everything you own so that you're not victimized by all your stuff. Hey - you own it. You're in charge! If what you own is more trouble than it's worth - get rid of it. Sell it, recycle it or trash it. "Freedom!"


More than any other sign, you're gung ho! When this year began, you hit the ground running. You feel the invigorating effects of fiery Mars because it is in your sign. It's like you're riding a rocket! It would be crazy not to figure out how to use this increased energy that's at your disposal. For starters, any kind of physical sports or exercise is an obvious choice because you've got energy to burn! But you can also channel this energy in another way. If you need to defend yourself or to come on strong in a certain situation - be reassured - you can do it! You have never had this much sustained energy and endurance before in your life. This is a blessing and an opportunity. Use it.

Because the resources of others are available to you this year, people can help you. You have many opportunities at your fingertips! Rather than doing something externally, your Dragon Year resolution will be about acquiring a new headspace. It's time to battle with your demons! Ignore the voices that tell you you can't do something. Do not fall prey to their threats. (Hey - they're your thoughts!) It's important to believe. Jackie Gleason said, "If you have it and you know you have it, then you have it. If you have it and don't know you have it, you don't have it. If you don't have it but you think you have it, then you have it." Your beliefs are powerful!

This year, you can join forces with others to make great changes to achieve what you want. Make sure your resolutions involve working with others. Join groups, clubs and associations to make your energy snowball in the direction you want. Or you can direct the efforts, talents and energies of others to make something happen. Whatever the case, it will entail becoming involved with others. This is your path this year. Also, this will nicely balance a different kind of energy that forces you to let go of people, places and possessions in the next two years.
The area where you need to set intentions is simple: Never before have you been so willing to work so hard to succeed! Therefore, focus your energy on your career, your profession and your status in the world plus your public reputation. Do whatever you can to advance in these areas. This Dragon Year is a time of "getting ahead" for you. Caution: If you're too ruthless, you will alienate authority figures, especially your boss. You have to be cool! You also have to be positive. Expect a promotion. Expect public recognition. Expect kudos and acknowledgment because this is totally possible in 2012.
Ideally, you will make a resolution to do something to expand your mind. Look for experiences to open up new dimensions in your life. Look for ways to get further training or education. Grab every opportunity to travel because that will expand your world and your experience of life. Explore other religions, philosophies and belief systems. Don't browbeat others into agreeing with you. These exciting, intellectual explorations are yours. (Not everyone is that interested - but you are.) Guard against strongly identifying with your beliefs. Stay grounded and real. (Once the game is over the king and the pawn go back in the same box.)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

EAT: Chipotle KALE Salad!

My love for kale has been slow to develop. I like it, sure, when some else prepares it. Preparing it myself, has been frustrating and un-delectable. While home in Alberta I had the chance to catch up with Alicia Silverstone who was in town for a "Waterkeeper Alliance Fundraiser." Alicia, who wrote the "kind diet," and recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy told me, that what most people don't know about kale is that it has to be worked/beaten/massaged before it is served. 

Kale is a super food, green and powerful. At only 35 calories per serving, the green provides a days worth of: potassium; which supports bone growth, and regulates blood clotting: Vitamin A; which helps with vision, growth, bone formation, tissue repair, and red blood cell production: Fiber; which helps regulated the digestive system. 

To make your kale dishes as tasty as possible, remove the leaves from the thick middle stem, and wash/dry the leaves. Then tear the kale into bite sized pieces. Toss the leaves in a bowl and drizzle with a little olive oil and salt. Work the leaves, getting your hands dirty until you notice the leaves turn from a dull green to a bright and beautiful color. 

Wilted Kale Salad with a Chipotle Dressing:

2 heads of kale
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup grape tomatoes -sliced
1 red bell pepper -chopped
2 carrots -grated
1-red onion- chopped
1 cucumber -sliced

1 avocado
1 cup lite silken tofu
1 chipotle pepper in abodo sauce
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 tbsp agave syrup
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

So first prep the kale with a little salt and olive oil. Then add the  tomatoes, grated carrots, red bell pepper,  onion, and cucumber. Mix together and set aside. 

In a blender combine the avocados, chipotle pepper, lemon juice, agave syrup and vinegar. Blend until the mix is smooth, combined, and somewhat creamy. 

Slowly mix the dressing into the kale salad, by hand making sure to toss the salad well. 

I personally like to add some baked sweet potato bites to this salad, because the sweetness of the potato cools down the spice of the chipotle brilliantly. Bake the sweet potatoes before you make the salad to ensure perfect salad timing. 


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Above the Mountains: Sarah Burke

Life is dangerous. There is an element of risk in all of our daily actions, and in all activity. On Thursday January 19th, The ski world lost an amazing athlete who truly helped elevate woman's freestyle skiing, and subsequently female snowboarding. Sarah Burke was an incredible athlete who truly pushed the limitations of woman's action sports.

As a girl in a very man driven sport it can be hard to prove yourself. You want to keep up with boys. If you are slow you will be left behind. You want to fit in so you mute your self, you don't complain you just troop. As a girl you have to work twice as hard, and push your self in comparison to the boys. It is survival, and it is the only option. Because your love is for the mountain and sport first.  You want to ride as hard as you can, and you want to master every angle of the mountains you call home. It's not about being a girl, it's about being in love with something bigger; and hoping to inspire others to fall in love with your beach.

Sarah Burks tragic fall has been broad casted across main stream media news stations. Her fall has triggered debate into the safety of freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Media stations have been falsely reporting on her fall. Sarah was in the super pipe at Park City Mountain Resort. She had just landed a trick that she was working on, and was coming into the flat bottom of the pipe when here weight was a little too forward and she clipped an edge. Her fall, at first did not look serious; it was an edge catch not an 20ft inverted aerial gone wrong. Her fall was unlucky in every sense of the word. When her edge caught she fell forward, and the whiplash tore a critical artery in her neck that supplies oxygen to the brain. Sarah did not loose control in the air.

I had only met Sarah a hand full of times, but I do know that her love was for the sport. If her accident spurs any action against the sport of freestyle skiing and or snowboarding I can only imagine how livid and hurt she would be. Sarah spent her career pushing the limitation of female action sports, and she pushed for the equality of female athletes in winter sports. The features in terrain parks are getting larger and the air that recreational skiers and snowboarders are catching is being inflated. Skiing and Snowboarding are extreme sports. I believe that skill, and technicality should have a higher importance that sheer amplitude. I believe that ski resorts terrain parks are resulting in more injuries because many users of the terrain park neglect the importance of developing strong fundamental ski/snowboard skills. One should be able to ride a chair, and turn comfortably down the mountain before entering the park. Sarah was an incredibly talented skier, who's ski ability was not confined to the terrain park. She could ski, and she loved to ski.

I am grateful for what Sarah accomplished for females in winter action sports. I admire that she was able to incorporate her personality into her brand, and into her athleticism; proving it is okay to be girly and a serious athlete. Thanks Sarah! I'll see you on the flip side- still riding hard.

If you would like to show your support to Sarah and her family please go to:

Friday, January 20, 2012

SWEAT: Odorless

I'm back at school, and just starting my last semester. Crazy, I can't believe how fast my degree has gone by. I drove down for Banff Canada, to Spokane Washington on Tuesday. The drive wasn't horrific, but the snow did follow me down. Usually when it snows I am so eager to get out of the house and go up to the mountain. The responsibility of being a professional student blocked me from ditching class and heading for the slopes. So for the past few days, I have some what hibernated in my apartment. Terrified of loosing my prime, covered parking spot.

With my car parked cozy, I have had the TV on a bit more than usual. Yesterday I was watching The Revolution on ABC. The episode had a theme of sweat. I learned, from Dr. Jennifer Ashton: that sweat itself is usually odorless. What gives sweat it's odor is the bacteria living on our skin, and the toxins needing to be sweated out. Most people sweat in more places than just under their armpits. We all have sweat glands, everywhere on our bodies. Sweat Glads are one of the main distinguishing features of humans from canines and other fur covered animals. Canines need to pant to release body heat; while we just need to sweat. If you are embarrassed of your over-active sweat system you can use deodorant or anti-persperant in any problem areas. (Anti-perperant is also really helpful at preventing ingrown hairs.)

My gym clothes don't always smell fantastically fresh, like a bouquet of freshly picked roses. On the contrary my gym bag can smell pretty barf-tastic. A super easy way to rid odors from fabrics as adapted by Dr. Ashton, is to mix equal parts unflavoured vodka, and water in a spray bottle. Then spritz. The alcohol in the vodka kills the bacteria and the water dilutes the vodka enough to slow down the rate in which the alcohol in the vodka evaporates allowing the bacteria to attacked more forcefully.

Any brand of Vodka works, use whatever you have at home. 

The vodka and water odor fighter is incredible. It works like a charm, and is a natural easy to make at home alternative to chemical heavy commercial fabric odor fighters.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tone: Beautiful Legs

Stretching is the muscles health equivalent of flossing your teeth every day. For some reason both flossing and stretching get neglected on a regular basis. Active stretching can decrease ones risk of activity related injury and can help promote circulation within the body. When muscles get tight, they swell up which makes it more difficult for blood and oxygen to circulate through the body. Often when circulation is challenged, there will be a build up of painful lactic acid.

To get a proper stretch takes time; I like to mix flexibility into my strength toning workouts. I find that when I combine stretching with toning I get quick results and don't have to suffer through any painful recovery days. 

This leg routine, has you focus on lengthening and stretching you big leg muscles as you perform the strength building exercises. It is inspired by the Tracy Anderson Method. The only equipment needed for this routine is a sturdy chair. The chair can act as a reference which makes it easier to focus on elongating through the movements. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where is Wikipedia?

In an act of protest against SOPA, The Stop Online Piracy Act, Jimmy Wales a co-founder of Wikipedia has made the decision to suspend Wikipedia from Internet for 24 hours  which started at midnight of January 18th. Wikipedia is one of the most trafficked sites on the Internet; with millions of hits a day.

Wikipedia is non-profit online encyclopedia; which is able to provide free information to searchers because of a freedom of information. If you were to go to wikipedia today, you will get a black screen with a message playing on pathos. In an attempt to frighten Internet users of the consequences of SOPA.

The Internet has huge piracy issues; intellectual property is hard to own and harder to prove the how the concept was conceived. A site like wikipedia does offer a public service. I believe that artistic endeavours and expressions need to protected. Yet I also greatly appreciate the ease of finding information online thanks to Wikipedia.  I'm not sure what my stance in on SOPA, or how the piracy act will further develop in public hearings and proceedings. I do hope that Wikipedia stays available to web searchers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty Revised

Beauty ruts are bummer; for some crazy reason we all tend to get stuck in black hole of beauty don'ts and regrets. Whenever I start to feel down on myself or my look, I first make a mental note of what I like about myself, and then I frame my wishful look improvements in a positive statement. Getting out of a beauty ruth is easy, as long as you are gental on yourself.

To freshen up your look can be as simple as going trough old photos. Check your tagged Facebook photos and make a note of the pictures you like your look in. If you like your hair a certain style or yourself in a particular color incorporate that look more into your present style.

Clean your cell phone, ever notice that one side of your face is a little more mountainesk than the other. Chances are that you will have more zits on the side of your face in which you hold your phone. Cell phones are thrown in our bags and pockets, and they are dropped in who know what. Cell phones are covered in germs, which then make contact with your face causing breakouts. Wipe your phone off with a cleansing anti-bacterial cloth, or baby wipe at once a week to help keep cell phone germs off of your face.

 Say no to moisturizer without spf, the best anti-aging remedy is prevention. Keep your skin young by protecting it from uv a, and uv b rays. Yes A tanned sun kissed appearance looks nice now, but it will prematurely age your skin.

Experament with "beauty dares" Bright red lips, Crazy eyelashes, funky hair accessories...etc. A bold look can boost your confidence and encourage a sense of play and creativity that can be translated into other areas of your life.

Brush your eye-brows and your eyelashes to get a more defined and a natural look. Neat and tidy eyebrows can instantly transform your face. Freshly combed eye lashes can help to define your eyes and make your lashes appear longer.

Grow up your skin care regime; as you age your skin requires different nourishment. The acne tough products of your teens could be flipping off your more sensitive mid 20's skins, ect. Not to mention it is never to early to start using an eye cream. Try to find time to figure out an appropriate ski care routine for your age and skin type.

Attone for bad hair health; get regular trims, take a hair strength supplement, and add in a once weekly deep conditioning treatment.

 Watch out for bad habits. Smoking causing wrinkles, over drinking causes dehydration, and puffy skin, bad diets and crash diets can cause hair loss and a yellowing of skin pigmentation.

Stop Picking! ( I'm bad for this), A zit might be annoying but compared to a massive scab it is unnoticeable.

Get your sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep try calming down with some rental breathing exercises. An eye mask can be a useful tool in helping block out any visual distractions preventing sleep.