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Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Horoscope: Oct.17-23

Good Morning, and Happy Horoscope Day,
 what silly-ness does the week ahead suggest?
(Oct.17- Oct. 23)


 What does Uranus mean for Capricorn? Your home scene and important matters with family relationships will undergo revolutionary changes in the next decade. Many of you will change your residence. Others will undergo changes within the dynamics of your family or your relationships to parents. Many of you will also introduce lots of new, high technology into your personal lives or your homes. For sure, family relationships that restrict you or make you feel imprisoned or beholden and obligated beyond your comfort level will end or undergo major readjustments. You ain't gonna be nobody's doormat no more.


 What does Uranus mean for Aquarius? You're no stranger to the energy of Uranus because this is your ruling planet. This is why Aquarians are independent activists, whistleblowers and strong reformers. (You unique types are all alike.) You'll notice the daily tempo of your life will accelerate - not in a steady way but in an erratic way! Suddenly you're here, then suddenly you're gone. Impulsive short trips and increasing interactions with science, technology, astrology and the occult are likely, because your everyday mental attitudes will change. In fact, your everyday world will change as well. Lots of excitement ahead!


 What does Uranus mean for Pisces? Uranus rules earthquakes, explosions and all things unpredictable. This element of unpredictability will impact your earnings, your possessions and your job in the next decade. Some will quit their day jobs. Some will strike out for self-employment. Others will get involved with technology and new, digital media. But at a deeper level, your values will radically change. You want to break through limitations - be they material possessions you feel are weighing you down, or values that no longer serve your purpose. Some of you will experience windfalls or sudden losses. Stay light on your feet for opportunities that could change your life.

 What does Uranus mean for Aries? Bingo! This is big stuff for your sign because Uranus is in your sign for the first time since the 1930s. In the decade ahead, you'll experience the strongest drive for freedom you have ever felt. You'll start to define yourself differently. Others might be appalled at the changes you start to exhibit. You'll explore new ways of being and relating to others. You'll even change your image and wardrobe. All this reflects your desire to be distinctly you. You'll give up old patterns, habits and ways of doing things. "Who cares?" "So what?" Your drive for independence will be scary strong. You want to kick free the restraints and limitations imposed by others -- and even by yourself. "Be gone!"

 What does Uranus mean for Taurus? Well, it will be an interesting ride in the next decade because Uranus is traveling through the part of your chart that rules the unconscious. This part also rules "hidden enemies." (Spooky.) But hey - the unconscious is the tail wagging the dog. Your unconscious affects your behavior, whether you're aware of it or not. Uranus will make you challenge your core-beliefs and your hidden fears. It will "open you up." It might also make you suddenly realize who you can trust and who you can't. Whatever you have suppressed from your conscious mind might suddenly come to you like an epiphany. This will all unfold over the next decade. The end result? You will be more free!

 What does Uranus mean for Gemini? New and unusual friends! You'll find yourself increasingly hanging out with a new crowd. (Possibly a crowd you once laughed at or dismissed.) ("The suits? No way.") You might join classes, groups and clubs to explore exciting, fresh ideas. You'll be attracted to groups espousing revolutionary ideals. Conversely, you might become disenchanted with the values and methods of friends and groups, especially if they're conservative. No matter who you hang out with, you will feel a stronger need to express your individuality. You will resist any kind of peer pressure. Expect to meet a fascinating bunch of people!
 What does Uranus mean for Cancer? It means your relationships with authority figures will undergo huge changes in the next decade. (We're talking bosses, parents, teachers, VIPS and the police.) If you feel repressed, you'll rebel. But you're also on precarious ground with respect to your reputation and profession. You might act out and fall from grace. (Oh no.) Or you might be suddenly promoted. (Could be anything.) Many will dramatically change their job or field of operation. New technology might woo you into new territory. Definitely get out of unhappy, dead-end jobs on your own terms or it might happen when you have no control. Be gutsy.

 What does Uranus mean for Leo? This will be an exciting ride because the areas Uranus will shake up involve adventure and learning, so it will be a decade of exciting growth. Expect sudden opportunities to travel and study. One thing is certain: Down with Dogma! Rigid political and religious views will radically change. If you resist this shift or identify strongly with your beliefs, you could experience disillusionment. Legal encounters are dicey and full of surprises. (Oh, oh.) Unexpected breakthroughs (or set-backs) with publishing, higher education and medicine are possible. You will want to explore new ideas and beliefs and ways of being. Cool!


 What does Uranus mean for Virgo? More than other signs, you will be aware that an old order is passing away to make room for something new, especially in terms of your financial arrangements in the world. You will refuse to be dictated to by "strings attached" arrangements. You want your independence in practical terms. Work to be financially independent. Where you are dependent on others might be vulnerable to sudden change. Sudden changes in your partner's income are possible. Your sex life might change as well. (Whaaat?) You might become involved with someone "different" who broadens your experiences in every way. ("Is it warm in here?")


 What does Uranus mean for Libra? The next decade is full of changes because Uranus is opposite your sign for the first time in your life. Partnerships that are restrictive will buckle because you'll refuse to be hemmed in. Many will break up. For you this means freedom. Your feisty attitude could trigger conflict with others as well. It's a fact that healthy relationships constantly evolve as the people within them change. If you go with this flow - all is fine. But if you resist these changes -the results will be dramatic. You need a partner who understands your demands for more freedom or a different arrangement. And vice versa! ("Whaat? You want to stay at my mother's?")


What does Uranus mean for Scorpio? In the next few years, your big spurts of growth will be work related. For starters, many of you will take the courageous leap to self-employment. For sure, if you're unhappy in your job or you feel oppressed, you will quit or challenge the authority above you. Others will change their attitudes to their work or become increasingly more involved in technology. But there is also an aspect that is health-related. You might explore something high-tech that affects your health. Or you might find if you ignore the desire to get out of a bad job - this will radically affect your health! (A serious warning to consider.)


What does Uranus mean for Sagittarius? The lives of many Sagittarians will be changed through children. This can be anything from surprise pregnancies to sudden changes in the lives of your children. Nevertheless, this is an exciting decade for you. Many of you will take up new sports, discover new amusements and go to thrilling places for vacations. (Lucky you - you love to travel!) Romance will definitely be electrified. You might find yourself falling in and out of love very suddenly. (Especially with people who are "different.") In addition, many of you will explore new techniques for expressing creative talents and discovering fresh, new designs for your work. This is the real deal!

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