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Monday, October 3, 2011

Darwinism, and Over Cautions

If Charles Darwin were alive today, I imagine him to shake his head is disdain. "my theory," i imagine him crying, "what, what have you modern homosapiens done to me theory!!!?" I imagine him having a mini temper tantrum until some modern homosapien introduces Darwin to bubble wrap. 

Maybe when Darwin experiences the sheer childhood excitement of jumping and stomping on bubble wrap the concept of evolution stalled might make sense; or we might have simply forfeited a great mind. I believe that the Darwin Awards exist for a reason. Survivalism should be merit of work, determination, strength, agility, vocabulary artillery etc. Life need risks. Life needs excitement. 

I'm frustrated with the over sanitary cautions, and over safe precautions that make up the clutter and stress in our lives. Today at school, there was a fire drill. Seriously? Yeah, seriously. The annoying lady who's voice is programed into the alarm system repeats in between arid sirens: "THEES ESS NOOT EH DRILLE, I REEPEET. THEERE ESS EH FIERE EN THEE BEELDING," (read with fake cockney accent) and I'm following cue a little annoyed until the thought pounces through my conscience. I'm a senior in university, and if by now I have not figured out what to do in case of a fire,  maybe I'm holding back evolution. 

I swear we are surrounded by more and more technological advancements and as a result the ligaments in our thumbs and fingers are growing stronger. But in contrast or common sense is dwindling due to fierce over conditioning of danger elements. I understand that the world today is sprinkled with liability claims; everyone wanting their share. 

I wonder if this quest to find danger in all things is good for us, as a society. We are fortunate enough to live in a time and society where survival of the fittest does not rule, but just because self selection has  disappeared from our civil reality does not mean we should forfeit common sense and or possible necessary life skills of generations yet to come. We need to think. We need to ask question, we need to experience fear. Only through experiencing situations out of our comfort zone can we ever learn to truly grow. 

I'm not telling you to be stupid, and refuse to wear you seat belt. I'm just asking you to think and maybe ask: "Have I bubble wrapped my apartment because I was told too, or because it provides a more nurturing environment for me?" We can comply; but what is more desirable than compliance is understanding the reason for and the position of the safety precaution. 

The Darwin Award acknowledges the years most ridiculous death, the recipient is honoured for the sole accomplishment of taking his or her genes out of the gene pool. I personally don't wish to create animosity with a great mind like Charles Darwin. I respect the origins, and I respect natural selection. 

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