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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nu-West Spirt: Community Focused

I am proud to be from Calgary, the heart of the NU-WEST a city that does well by doing good. I had the privilege of attending two incredible parties on Thursday (June 21): Burnco's 100th anniversary, and Brett Wilson's annual garden party. The garden party benefited Calgary counseling and eating disorder prevention. An issue I relate to. Brett's Garden Party raised $300,000 to fund Juno House, BodyWhys, and Calgary Counseling.

Burnco's Party was a celebration of family business. Burnco Cement company was founded by Jim Burns the first. Burns Came to Albert in 1902 when Calgary had a population of 4398. Burns took a job for the railroad and worked in Revelstok. In 1912 after hearing news of the bombing construction business Burns moved to Calgary and started a cement and sandstone supplier company. Burns worked hard as both Calgary and Burns Company grew. In 1947 Jim Burns sold his company to his son Jim Burns the second.

 Burns 2 was always on the look out for new and innovative technology that would increase the efficiency of his operations. In the 1950's Burns introduced the cement mixing truck to western Canada. The mixing truck simplified the job by cutting the hours required to perform a job as well as gave the company leverage to grow. Burns 2, passed the Burnco torch onto his son Jim Burns 3 in the mid 60's.

Burns 3 worked hard to expand Burnco into new territory while maintaining and promoting a strong family focused corporate culture. In 1993, Burns 3 sold Burnco to his son Scott Burns. Scott Burns leads Burnco with passion, commitment, and a strong will to maintain the family culture of Burnco. Today Burnco employs over 800 people and has diversified into four main operating units: Aggregate, Landscape Centers, Ready Mix, and Asphalt.

In honor of Burnco's 100th Birthday the company played tribute to the Humble Beginning of Calgary and Burnco. In recognition of innovation and community leadership Scott Burns on behave of Burnco made the generous donation of $1 million dollars to Sait Polytechnic. Proving a community focus is always on trend. Congrats Burnco on the big 100!

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