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Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekly Horoscope: Dec 12-18

EEKKKs, I can not believe that it is already December 12th. Only 13 shopping days left to Christmas and I am so not ready! I hope that you are all a little more prepared for the Holidays than I am. Here is your weekly Gorgia Nicols horoscope for December 12-18th. 

In many ways, you're sitting pretty because for months ahead, fiery Mars will ignite and arouse your ambition as never before. It will be like a rocket going after what you want. Naturally, this can be used to your advantage! You're willing to work hard to promote your good name and reputation. However, independence is the keyword. You want to work on your own and you want to do your own thing. This could threaten bosses, parents and employers. (Ya think?) It might also get you in trouble with co-workers. Think of it as energy at your disposal. Use it to get things done, but don't be too competitive with others. And always tell the truth unless you're an exceedingly good liar.
t's a given that in the next seven-to-eight months you're going to want to travel more than ever before in your life. So why not book a trip somewhere? It's called going with the flow. You will love a change of scenery! You're eager for adventure and hungry to learn something new, especially about other cultures and foreign countries. Others are just as eager to explore opportunities in publishing, the media, higher education and anything to do with medicine or the law. It's wonderful that thrilling opportunities await you in these areas because you now have the guts to pursue them! Just don't get sidetracked in conflicts about politics, religion or racial issues. Save your breath.

Well, it's all taking place in the boudoir for you (actually, it can take place anywhere but preferably with the curtains closed). You are really sexually turned on and you're going to stay this way for months! (Of course there's more to life than sex. There's lawn bowling.) Since this focus of Mars is really a manifestation of energy in a certain part of your chart, do be careful because this same sexy energy can also manifest as disputes about shared property, inheritances, taxes, debt or anything you own jointly with others. You will also want to transform relationships - and partners - for the better. Tread carefully here. Mars is hitting their chart somewhere, too!

Mars opposite your sign for months can definitely produce tension with others, especially partners and close friends. (Gulp.) Be aware of this and do whatever you can to avoid conflicts because this strife will only make everyone miserable, including you. The upside is that this does give you the courage to put your cards on the table and express your grievances. But don't overdo it. Do not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Far better to be open to compromise, warm hugs and soft words. Or why not play bureaucracy? Everyone stands in a circle and the first one to do anything loses.
It's not easy to be a team player right now. You feel competitive, independent and you want credit for whatever you do. You're certainly no slacker! You'll give 110 per cent to everything now and for months to come. You have lots of energy to work but - "I'll do it My Waaaaay." Ideally, you should find a way to work for yourself. And if you can't do that, then find a way to make your success the success of others. This same gung-ho energy applies to your desire to improve your health. You're very keen to do this! Start by swivelling your wrist every time you hold a drinking glass. Two to the left, two to the right. (Now look at all those bubbles!)

The part of your chart that is energized by Mars controls love affairs and romance. Yahoo! This is why you want to play the leading role in your own movie. Certainly, Mars will boost your sex drive, no question. But it will also energize your desire for self-expression in any form. Therefore, look for ways to express your creativity: drawing, dancing, singing, writing or whatever you like. You'll also enjoy sports and playful activities with children. In addition, show business, the entertainment world, and the hospitality industry will please you! Give yourself many chances to do these things. Now for the warning: Guard against fighting in sports. Be patient with your kids. Easy does it.

All this pumped energy of Mars is happening at home and within your family sphere. Its negative expression will be domestic strife and conflict. You'll be fighting with family members. (You know who you are.) Take a deep breath. Back off and create some space between you and others. Enough with this negative expression of energy because it only makes you (and everyone else) miserable. Its positive expression would be to use this energy in a constructive way by improving where you live. You might tackle renovations or do major cleanups or something like that. Since this energy is at your disposal, why not make the best use of it? Wouldn't that be smart and to your advantage?

Now and for months to come, your communications with others will be highly energized! You'll be bold and straightforward. You'll say what you mean and mean what you say. You'll be clear with others and state your intentions. This will definitely help you write, teach, act, sell, market or persuade people. The downside is obvious. Since you're so assertive, you could get in trouble, especially with siblings, relatives and neighbours. They might not be impressed with your new style! (Of course, you can't go back to the way you were when you were younger - you were shorter then and you weighed less.) Be happy with the new you.
You're becoming obsessed with money. You're checking accounts and visiting your Treasure Room daily to count your gold. You're wondering how to earn more money, and make your money last into the future. How can you can feel secure about your finances so you can live happily forever after? And hey, we haven't even got to the part about how you want to spend your money! And while this is going on, you're also looking around you and beginning to appreciate your home and your belongings and everything you have. How curious! And at a deeper level, you wonder about life. What really matters? How should you best use the time left to you?

Look out world! For the first time in your life, fiery Mars is in your sign for months. You are so pumped! Not only will you be energized, it's almost as if the energy goes beyond you and energizes your whole life! Everything around you is busier! You've got things to do, places to go, people to see. It's fine with you as long as you're free to do what you want. (Aye, there's the rub.) This means people should not boss you around! Well, dream on. This is the real world. Sit up and be a person. Use this physical energy to do work that is meaningful. But resist the Diva thang. This energy can be very positive in your life or it could create problems with others. Your choice.
This is a most curious time for you and will continue to be this way for months ahead because deep unconscious urges and ideas are bubbling to the surface now. This stuff surprises even you! Past behaviour patterns, old fears and insecurities and worries might haunt you. (What's with this?) Literally, your unconscious thoughts are surfacing! Now, here is the eye-opener: Why are these thoughts and urges hidden in your subconscious? It must be that you're denying their existence and their validity. In turn, this means you have to face aspects about yourself you would rather deny. But hey, we all do this. We all have these aspects. (I've been keeping mine in a shoebox under my bed for years.)
You are going to have to use every ounce of diplomacy and charm to maintain good relationships with friends and acquaintances in group situations. (I am sure you know whereof I speak.) It's so easy to lose it with others right now. Basically, you might feel resentful. And this resentment will find a way of slipping out the side of your mouth. Not good for public relations. Instead, use this increased energy for physical activity with others. Sports and athletics will be fun! (And competitive!) You can also work with others and accomplish an enormous amount. Until next summer, this is the perfect time for you to formulate long-term goals and figure out how to pursue them. (If your bread is stale, make toast.)

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