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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I am in the process of moving. 
It is time to move forward. 
Stretching my comforts, and challenging my computer literacy. 

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Horoscope: June 25- July 1

In my new life of leisure, I'm beyond restless. Everyday is a challenge to remain optimistic. I feel lost and void with out a solid goal within a tangible grasp. Today like the day before, I will create a list and strive to conjugate a list of options and derivatives. "What is it I want," I will ask myself, and "How will this action lead to an end goal?" It is okay to be unsure, as long as you use the time to acquaint  yourself more familiarly with possibilities. 

Enough mumble jumble, Happy Monday! Here are your Georgia Nicols Horoscopes for:
 June 25- July 1. 

You might feel as though you're being tested this week. It is not a midterm exam or a test where there are answers that are right or wrong. It's more like your beliefs are being tested. As the year progresses, you will feel increasingly idealistic about many things. As a result, you'll be more inclined to put the interests, needs and wants of others before your own. This is a tricky business because you don't want to be a doormat; you just want to be helpful to others. This week something will test you or demonstrate in some way just how realistic your ideals are. Remember: True generosity is giving what is needed.
You're entering a popular year ahead, which is something you'll enjoy. But sometimes it's tricky handling the demands that others make on your time, isn't it? In your desire to please others or keep them happy, you might feel you're selling out your own freedom, independence or personal integrity. This is not good. This week something will happen that challenges this very question. In other words, how can you skillfully handle your relationship to others, yet not let yourself down or sell out? Another test might arise regarding your hopes and dreams for the future. How realistic are they? You might find out.

As Jupiter travels across the top of your chart this year, it will promote your good name among your peers. Eighteen months in the future, your reputation will be shining with accolades and praise that you earn in the coming months. All of this will build up to "send" you in a particular life direction. This week ahead could be a test for you to determine if you're going in the direction that you really want to go. Perhaps you have some kind of false optimism about what you can achieve? A splash of cold water might help you to be more realistic about where to put your efforts. After all, no one wants to put their money on the wrong horse.

You're a social sign and you love ideas. Something in your life now encourages you to study or learn more about a philosophy, ideology or life-belief system. You want to learn and expand your world, not just out of curiosity but because you believe it will enrich your life or enhance you in some way. You might do this through reading, listening to teachers or traveling - all broadening experiences. (Especially reading, which can really broaden your butt!) However, how will you know that what you are learning is valuable or even credible? Something this week might arise to show you if you're on the right path or not.

An interesting week ahead! Very likely, your values will be tested. Naturally, you embrace your values because they're yours; they reflect your core beliefs. But when you look back at your life since you were a young teenager, a few basic values have changed because you learned or experienced more. This week your values might be tested about something, especially related to how your values differ from the values of others, or something to do with shared property, inheritances, insurance matters and debt. If you're lucky, you'll be disillusioned, which means your illusions will be ripped away, letting you see things clearly. (Weird, eh?)
This week, your ruler Jupiter is tested by dreamy Neptune. This is the classic "wake up and smell the coffee" moment. (I hate smelling the coffee.) It means you have to ask yourself if your optimism and faith, especially in partners, committed relationships and close friendships, is well-placed. Perhaps you are not seeing the relationship for what it really is? Are you being suckered in and deceiving yourself? (You know who you are.) It's so easy to believe in what we want to believe, isn't it? Something could happen this week that makes you open your eyes to the truth of a close relationship. Could be good; could be bad. Either way, you will know the truth, which is far more important.
Your reputation is so important to you. (Scandal is horrifying.) This is one of the reasons you're careful doing your job because you want the respect of others, especially bosses, parents and VIPs. In the coming year, you can improve your job or get a better job or get a better boss; but how will you do this? In the week ahead, something might occur that tests everything you think about your job or your ability to get a different job. For example, you might be listening to the wrong person or kidding yourself about your job in some way. Your challenge right now is to be as realistic as possible because you're dealing with your own future!
Without question, you're looking at a fun-loving, playful, romantic year ahead. Many will take a fabulous vacation. All of you will be happier and enjoy pleasurable, relaxing moments. Relationships with children and romantic partners will be a source of pleasure and happiness. But all of this depends on your choices, doesn't it? It also depends on your ability to balance your need for fun and pleasure with the responsibilities you have to family, job and even yourself. This week could be a wake-up call regarding your values and decisions about how to allocate your time. (On the other hand, according to Mae West, "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.")

How wonderful that the next 18 months will bring you a happier home life and an enriched appreciation of where you live. In fact, this blessing is so strong it also applies to real-estate transactions. Nevertheless, to make this good fortune work for you and loved ones, you have to be realistic about what you want to achieve and what is actually possible. You have to clearly define to yourself what you want. If you go into a big supermarket and have no idea what you want, when you get home you'll no doubt discover you need more things. Something might happen this week that makes you realize what you do and don't need in your personal life.

The power of positive thinking is a wonderful thing. Many books have been written about this and it cannot be disputed that everything you see around you and everything you touch began with a thought in someone's mind. So thoughts are important. In the coming year (and beginning this week) you will easily enjoy a more positive frame of mind. You'll be more optimistic and eager to share your ideas with others. But how valid are your ideas and values? That's always a tricky question, isn't it? This week something might occur to test your grasp of reality. (Hey, our gene pool always needs a lifeguard.)
You are a tactile sign and you certainly value what you can touch and hold, especially mortgage-free land. As an archetype, Taurus is the country Squire or the banker. You want tangible security in your lifetime. (Preferably surrounded by beautiful things, antiques and excellent food and drink.) However, some of your ideas - about money, assets and possessions and how to keep them, hold them, or what to do with them - are going to be tested this week. For example, it's true that money and possessions are wonderful to have, but for what purpose? How do they alter you, change you or edify you? When you think about it, you never see a hearse pulling a U-Haul.
I've been writing (and will continue to do so) about what a great year this is for Gemini. Through a celestial fluke, Venus is in your sign for 18 weeks, a rare occurrence that will not happen again for 105 years. And now, lucky Jupiter is in Gemini where it will stay for a year. Goody for you! But that's only part of your chart. It doesn't mean a gallon of paint can't tip over and ruin the trunk of your car. Even though you have this blessing of good fortune, there are other factors at play. This week something could happen that will put it all in perspective for you. Even though this is a favorable time for Gemini's, don't take risks. Don't think you're bulletproof

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eat: Roasted Vegetable Salad

This salad is absolutely delicious. The dish is warm, colorful, and filling. A perfect salad for a cold summers days. The weather in Calgary has been depressing and Vancouveresque lately; complete with endless rain. The warm roasted root vegetables are sweet and mix nice with the tang of the mustard dressing. Roasting and prepping the veggies takes a bit of time, but the salad will export you to a wonderful summer utopia void of bad weather blues. 

Roasted Vegetable Salad with Dijon Dressing


Roasted Vegetables
1 large yam peeled and diced
2 large parsnips, peeled and chopped
1 fennel bulb quartered and sliced thinly
1 red onion sliced, and chopped
2 zucchini quartered and sliced
1 lb mushrooms halved
1 eggplant, cubed
3 beets peeled and quartered
1 bulb garlic (less two cloves)
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp salt 
1 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp cumin
1 tsp paprika

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
2 cloves garlic minced
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1/3 cup olive oil
1 cup fresh basil, julienned

4 cups baby spinach


preheat the oven to 375

prep all vegetables, and divide into 3 different mixing bowls. 
(beets in one, yams, fennel and parsnips, and all other veggies).

Whisk together the olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin, and paprika. Pour the oil evenly between the 3 bowls. And cover vegetables evenly. 

Transfer the veggies to baking trays. One for the beets, yams, parsnips and fennel (as they take longer to cook), and one for the remaining veggies. 

Roast for 20 minutes,  flip the roast yams/beets and return to the oven for an additional 20 minutes. 
Take out the remaining veggies and let cool.

In a small bowl combine the salad dressing, and whisk until smooth. 

In a large salad bowl toss the cooled roast veggies with the spinach and dressing. 


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nu-West Spirt: Community Focused

I am proud to be from Calgary, the heart of the NU-WEST a city that does well by doing good. I had the privilege of attending two incredible parties on Thursday (June 21): Burnco's 100th anniversary, and Brett Wilson's annual garden party. The garden party benefited Calgary counseling and eating disorder prevention. An issue I relate to. Brett's Garden Party raised $300,000 to fund Juno House, BodyWhys, and Calgary Counseling.

Burnco's Party was a celebration of family business. Burnco Cement company was founded by Jim Burns the first. Burns Came to Albert in 1902 when Calgary had a population of 4398. Burns took a job for the railroad and worked in Revelstok. In 1912 after hearing news of the bombing construction business Burns moved to Calgary and started a cement and sandstone supplier company. Burns worked hard as both Calgary and Burns Company grew. In 1947 Jim Burns sold his company to his son Jim Burns the second.

 Burns 2 was always on the look out for new and innovative technology that would increase the efficiency of his operations. In the 1950's Burns introduced the cement mixing truck to western Canada. The mixing truck simplified the job by cutting the hours required to perform a job as well as gave the company leverage to grow. Burns 2, passed the Burnco torch onto his son Jim Burns 3 in the mid 60's.

Burns 3 worked hard to expand Burnco into new territory while maintaining and promoting a strong family focused corporate culture. In 1993, Burns 3 sold Burnco to his son Scott Burns. Scott Burns leads Burnco with passion, commitment, and a strong will to maintain the family culture of Burnco. Today Burnco employs over 800 people and has diversified into four main operating units: Aggregate, Landscape Centers, Ready Mix, and Asphalt.

In honor of Burnco's 100th Birthday the company played tribute to the Humble Beginning of Calgary and Burnco. In recognition of innovation and community leadership Scott Burns on behave of Burnco made the generous donation of $1 million dollars to Sait Polytechnic. Proving a community focus is always on trend. Congrats Burnco on the big 100!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shop: Cabin 108 Banff

My address book is a collection of my favorite shops each is bookmarked and saved in dewy decimal categorical filling system. I like to shop, and I like style. Shopping at independent one of kind boutiques is an adventure: one, where you are never certain of the treasures you'll find. When ever I am in Banff, I make sure to stop by Cabin 108.

Cabin 108, is located in the Clock Tower Mall on Banff Avenue. The store carries fashion forward brands at reasonable prices. The store proprietor has a wicked flare for fashion and stocks her boutique with emerging fashion labels that can't be found in mall stores. Cabin 108 is a non-pressure shopping environment that allows you to loose yourself while browsing (just like summers at the cabin). 

Everything sold at cabin is wearable and affordable. The shop is the perfect mix of lazy day (in style) comfort clothes mixed with party dresses, jewelry, funky finds, and business casual. Both of my outfits below are courtesy of Cabin. 

Tank: Lovers And Friends, necklace Free Whistle; 

Dress: See you Monday.

Cabin 108 has a great selection of: Toms, Free Whistle, Alter Ego, Lovers and Friends, and See You Monday. A trip to Banff isn't complete with out a stop at Cabin 108. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweat: Sweet Savings

Why is it we, myself included, spend massive amounts of cash on fitness? It seems we are willing to pay everyone, and buy everything that is suggested to help us get in "dream" shape. We spend "x" amount on trainer,  on runners, on gym memberships...etc. The problem from my perspective: is that in paying other for our fitness aspiration we outsource our commitment and fitness motivation to third parties. Fitness is a personal goal, something we can only achieve through our own personal motivation and commitment. We are each responsible for our own fit lifestyle. I am a huge Tracy Anderson Addict, I love her workouts. They are portable, and constantly change. I can make an hour for myself at home, to plug in a DVD and get my sweat on. 

My friend at Sparkles and Spinach posted a pin about a "fit money jar" a few week ago. The idea is incredible. After a workout, you pay yourself for committing to your fitness goal. Since Tracy's workout includes a cardio section, and muscular section I pay myself 2 dollars for completing my workout ( and an extra dollar for sticking to my diet). The fit money jar sits on my desk and serves as motivation. I know that if I stay committed to my workouts and diet I will save $90  in one month. The money I save can be used to buy new lulu lemons or be put towards something I really want. 

Above is a quick 10 minute toning workout. Follow along, and pay yourself a dollar for completing the routine. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beauty: DIY Ombre Nails

I love, love, love, ombre nails. The trend is both soft and funky. Ombre nails can be toned up or down depending on your mood and attire. I saw this nail idea in Glamour and had to give it a try. 

DIY Ombre Nails 

You will need:
2 nail polish colors (one light, and one darker).
Colors can complement or clash, (doesn't matter).
chip resistant top coat

A makeup sponge- (or any sponge that has a flat side.)
A plastic sheet (to mix the nail colors on, and to contain the mess)

Get The Look:
1. Paint your nails with the lighter of the nail colors, and wait for nails to dry completely. For a bolder look double coat each nail. 

2. On a flat surface paint a liberal amount of both colors side by side on the plastic. (colors should be just touching)

3. Using the toothpick swirl the two colors together where the colors meet. This will be the graduation of color: mix to personal long/short preference.

4. Dab your sponge in the polish, and collect the color.

5. Dab the paint covered sponge directly onto your nails. Dab lightly and move it around slightly to cover the whole nail. 

( Repeat this step as needed, just allow each layer to dry before re-sponging to prevent smudging.)

6.  Add a layer or two of a topcoat, (the sponge makes the mani textured so you may want to even out the surface).  

7. Clean up the excess nail polish around your finger using a cotton pad/ Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. 

...and enjoy your beautiful ombre mani!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A little bit personal...

My life always a party complete with networking, fundraising, and gala dinners. I enjoy the social aspect of the territory but fear the dreaded diet related questions. I am a vegetarian who tries to maintain a vegan diet. I avoid talking about my diet; because I hate being asked why I'm vegan. I wish I could say that I was vegan because of environmental, or social causes; I can't, however. I am vegan because in many ways it is a socially acceptable eating disorder (orthorexia), one that grants me enough control over food to avoid the panic of post anorexia and bulimic guilt. 

I bring this topic up because a local Calgary philanthropist, W. Brett Wilson,  has chosen to benefit eating disorder related charities at an upcoming function. 

There is a lot of stigma involved in eating disorders, and a lot of misconceptions about the problem. An eating disorder is not necessarily about the desire to be thin or skeletal. An eating disorder is a mental obsession that can hijack your life. There is nothing glamorous about being either anorexic or bulimic. I know, I spent the better part of my teens and early twenties in the trenches of an eating disorder. There is help available for people struggling with eating disorders- help that is confidential and anonymous such as Juno House or BodyWhys

My eating issues began in elementary school. I hated seeing my body grow and fill out before a growth spurt. By Jr. High I was counting calories, popping laxatives, going for midnight runs, and in a deadly competition with myself to see how many days I could go with out eating. I looked horrible, felt horrible, and CHOSE to have no life because I FEARED that it would  interfered with my diet. Yet, somehow, I felt victorious, because by forbidding my self nourishment I was the only person capable of hurting myself and therefore invincible. The constant starvation lead to inevitable binge eating, and subsequent laxative an diuretic use. The binges were shameful and disastrous. Every binge felt like a failure. A failure that left me frozen, panicked, and emotionally beaten. 

The laxatives always left me bloated, and the starvation screwed up my metabolism. I was always cold, always shaken, always looking for an excuse not to eat or to skip a meal. I knew that what I was doing to myself was not healthy, but it seemed so hard to ask for help. I didn't want to let go of the only control I thought I had. I tried to reach out for help, using an alias. The first time I sought help; I learned how to stick my fingers down my thought to erase the damage. Learning how to vomit gave me the freedom to have more of a life. I could go out armed with knowledge that a trip to the bathroom could be arranged. Bulimics are not always skinny, and during my bulimic stage of life I put on weight and risked my body to injuries. An ex boyfriend of mine called me out on my bulimia. He berated me, and forced me to seek counseling. I hated him for it. My eating disorder was MINE: my refuge, my safe place. 

Through counseling I was able to work through my eating disorder. I recognized that my issue came from fear. I realized that my competitiveness was self destructive. I starved and binged because  I could ration that by hurting myself, I made it impossible for others to get to know or hurt me. I prevented my self from feeling. Today, I am grateful for my ex. I am now nearly 3 years free of binging or starving. I take each day as it comes, and ask for the strength to overcome my poison one day at a time. 

There is nothing glorious about having an eating disorder. They are painful, emotionally draining, and body damaging. Eating disorders are preventable. There is help. If you or someone you know has an eating disorder seek help. No one should suffer the isolation of an eating disorder.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Horoscopes: June 18-24

Happy Birthday fellow Cancarians, and of course Happy Monday. Here is to ringing in a new year full of new challenges and rewards. I give a shit about life, even though sometimes it might not always work to my favor. However caring about  doing a good job (and not about the politics) equates to a passion and a commitment to project goals that is contagious. Caring is Charismatic! This week challenge yourself by separating your personal emotions from your greater goals. You'll find, like I did, that a new perspective can open doors. 

With that, Here are your Georgia Nicols Horoscopes for June 18- 24. 

This week the Sun enters your sign for the next four weeks, boosting your energy and attracting favourable circumstances to you as well as important people. This really is a super-charge! It's also a time where it's totally appropriate to put yourself first because, essentially, it's all about you. Plus, you'll have a strong need to express yourself. This is the beginning of your personal year (birthday to birthday), which is more real than the beginning of a calendar year. Because the Sun in your sign allows you to project yourself more forcefully, you'll make a strong impression on others. You want to run the show and don't want to be told what to do.
This is a time of preparation because your birthday is a month away. January 1 is an arbitrary date devised by the Gregorian calendar. But your birthday is real. It's when the degree of your sign (at the time of your birth) lines up with the degree of the Sun in the sky. A true beginning! Why not set some goals about what you want to achieve in the next year? Life is a conveyor belt. You get on until you get off. The ride is your life, which is chopped into segments of being asleep and awake creating the illusion of days, months and years. But you're always on the ride. The question is - what do you want to do with the time left to you?
This solar shift ushers in a month of popularity for Virgos. Enjoy schmoozing with others. Accept invitations to socialize and extend a few from yourself as well. You might join a club or take a class. You'll find it rewarding to be with others because not only will you enjoy the contact and a chance to exchange ideas, you'll be excited to discuss your dreams for the future with them. And their feedback will help you! Not only is this a social month ahead, it's a time where you feel connected to your goals. You're very future-oriented. Others can help you now, which is why you should encourage them to be in your life.
This is the only time of year when the Sun travels across the top of your chart acting like a spotlight on you, which is why others notice you more than usual. Since this lighting is flattering, you look unusually good to others, which is why you will likely be asked to take on increased responsibilities. (People think you're the cat's meow.) This is a good thing! Just say yes because you'll be able to do the job. In addition, you'll be thinking about your career, your reputation and your life direction in general. If you don't know where you're headed, how can you make important decisions? You would just be a chicken crossing the road - poultry in motion.
Life is taking on an exciting quality because you've decided it's time to spread your wings! Many of you will have rewarding experiences by travelling somewhere new or learning new things or enjoying exciting adventures. You're hungry to enrich your world. Do make an effort to travel, sign up for courses, go back to school, or put yourself in a situation where you will discover new ideas from people from different backgrounds. You want to break stagnant boundaries and free yourself from routine. You might also explore religious, spiritual and consciousness-raising ideas. Even casual encounters could be profound. Totally cool!
"The King was in his counting house, counting out his money. The Queen was in the parlour, eating bread and honey." This line from Sing a Song of Sixpence aptly describes your month ahead because your focus now turns to debt, taxes, inheritances, insurance matters and red-tape details. But that's not all. Sweet sex will start to play a larger role in your life. (Woo-woo!) However, in the bigger picture, you are on a self-improvement kick. You're trying to clean up your act so you can be a better person. You might even meet a teacher or someone who provokes self-inquiry or challenges your values. (We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public.)

For the next four weeks, the Sun will be directly opposite your sign, which means it's as far away from you as it will get all year. Since the Sun is your source of energy, this means you're going to need more sleep. Factoid. Recognize your need for this and try to get more rest. Another thing this opposing Sun will do is draw your attention to your closest friendships and partnerships. Not only will you give them more thought, you'll have a chance to observe yourself in action, which is why the next month is an opportunity for you to see how to improve these close relationships, whether you're in bed or not. (Yawn.)

Oh my! Busy you! You've decided it's time to get a little closer to perfection. This is why your month ahead will be full of To Do lists as you try your best to be as efficient, effective and productive as possible. You want to get things done! You want to feel more in control and on top of your scene. In addition, you want to feel healthier. You want to eat better, sleep better and get exercise and, of course, all this will be done in a home that is tidier. You might not alphabetize your CDs but you're headed in that direction. You'll feel so pleased with yourself when you live up to these new standards of self-control and self-discipline. (Let's call this your smug month.)
Tra-la, tra-la! It is to laugh. As the Sun shifts signs this week, it welcomes one of the most fun months of the year for you. That's why the next four-to-six weeks are all about love, romance, social tete-a-tetes, parties, sports events, fun vacation escapes, and playful times with children. It's your turn to kick up your heels, let your hair down and paint the town red! Naturally, you're going to need a supporting cast for all this and no doubt they will materialize. Lovers, running mates, friends and creative, artistic contacts will appear to give you so many thrilling experiences, it will be regrettable that you can't write them down in your diary. Who has time? Enjoy!
In the month ahead, you'll want to nest at home. One reason for this is you'll feel a need to have time alone. Childhood memories will bubble to the surface of your mind. You'll appreciate being around familiar things. Discussions with family members (especially parents) could be significant. In turn, these memories and family discussions might make you want to bounce your thoughts off of third party - a friend, advisor or professional counsellor because families can be wonderful and supportive but also quite maddening. George Burns was right: "Happiness as a loving, warm, caring family living in another city."
The solar shift will speed things up for you! Expect a busy month ahead with an accelerated daily pace because your schedule will be busier than usual. Many of you will take short trips while others will be running around doing errands more than usual. You feel a bit restless and the need to move around, which is why this could be a good time for a vacation as well. You're also eager to reach out to others because you want to communicate. You want to enlighten others and share your opinions. Basically, you can expect to be eager, enthusiastic, mentally alert and on the go, learning new things and sharing your ideas with others. (And remember the password is "Sherbet lemon.")

You're giving more and more thought to your values. (You think a lot.) You've just had your birthday. You're beginning a new year, but more than that, with fair Venus and lucky Jupiter in your sign, you sense this is a time of opportunity and fresh beginnings. There's a difference between having with a sense of intent and having a To Do list. The latter is just a list of activities, but the former is potentially life-changing. This is why you're thinking about how you earn money, how you would like to earn money, and what you want to do with your money. Cash flow and possessions are outer expressions of these values. (As something to think about if you're into nude rap sessions.)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Eat: Dad's Heart Healthy Banana Rhubarb Loaf

A year is an insignificant amount of time in relation to the decades of light years lived by the universe. Yet, in a year castles can be built and empires can crumble. I believe that in crisis is their is opportunity: In destruction their is rebuilding. In the past year my world was turned upside down. My dad, whom is one of my favorite people, was diagnosed and hospitalized with a serious heart condition.  His illness terrified me. I prayed for his health, asking for a miraculous recovery. Life is a gift that should be honored. Yet ultimately the only life we can have some aspect of control over is our own. We can be encouraging and supportive to others but it is their decision to fight. My dad's health is improving each and every day. I am so blessed for his strength and his commitment to recovery. I would be a mess with out him.
 Happy Fathers Day Dad! I love you. 

Dad's Favorite Banana Rhubarb Loaf
(Heart Healthy)

I cup whole wheat pastry flour
1 cup bulgar flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp allspice
1 1/2 cup super ripe bananas (3 large)
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 cup chopped rhubarb 
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Preheat the oven to 350F.

 In a large bowl combine the dry ingredients: flours, baking powder, baking soda, and spices. Mix well.

In a separate bowl mash the bananas and combine with the maple syrup, soy milk, and vanilla.

Once smooth add the wet mixture to the dry and stir until well combined.

Add the Rhubarb, pecans and the oil as the mixture begins to come together.

Pour into a lightly oiled 9"x 5" loaf pan and bake for 45-50 minutes, until golden.

(You'll know the loaf is done if a toothpick pricked into the center of the loaf comes out clean.)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

LSTN: Karmin

I am digging the pop duo Karmin. Karmin: similar to the White Stripes is the musical harmonies of the soon to be wed Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan.

Karmin broke into the music scene and overwhelmed the blog-a-sphere when a you tube cover of Chris Browns "Look at me Now" rapped by Amy Heidman went viral.  Heidmas vocal dexterity is impressive; she raps like a pro contrary to her image. Heidman, a Home girl from the parries (Nebraska),   steezed out in an early Hollywood persona is the personification of the unexpected. Nick Noonan in contrast is the charismatic key board player with perfect pitch who manages to keep the key and rythem constant regardless of the energy fluctuations.

The duo's hip hop covers can be watched on their YouTube channel: "Karmincovers." Karmin recently released their debut album "Hello," which feature the hit tracks Brokenhearted and I told you so. Karmin is pop with attitude. Music that is fun to listen to with energizing beats and catchy hooks. Check 'em out. Download the album and mix it in to your summer playlist.

Friday, June 15, 2012

ART: Bad Portraits by Mandy Stobo

I had the pleasure of meeting Mandy Stobo last night at the Calgary Timeraiser. Mandy is a local artist made infamous for her "Bad Portraits." It was a joy to meet Mandy she is bubbly and full of life. For Christmas my mom was give one of her hideously incredibly portraits and it hangs proudly in her  home. 

Mandy's art is vivid, imaginative, and true to form. She is an artist with a unique vision and strong commitment/dedication to the choices she makes as an artist. I admire her as an artist because she has no reserve or remorse in regard to challenging the norm. Her Bad Portraits are not glamorous by any means, however her Bad Portraits will make you smile. 

Mandy's Bad Portraits can be commissioned directly from her. Just send your photo to; check out to see more of Mandy's work. A Bad Portrait will cost you only $100 and makes a great gift idea. (Isn't Father's Day coming up...?)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweat: The Perks

It is a sad an inconvenient truth of exercise and diet; The fitter you become the harder you have to push through your workout to see results. Fitness is a progression where room for improvement is a constant.
While muscle burns fat or our bodies are programed to be hyper efficient (it's how we survived the ice ages). The increased efficiency of muscle mass means that a greater proportion of the calories we consume are used for energy. As a body decreases in mass, the amount of calories needed to fuel it decrease in proportion. Just like how a massive suburban needs more gas the Ford Focus. Our bodies are programed to be "fuel efficient."

To offset the metabolic slow down we can do so by constantly challenging our bodies by challenging our mind through different routines. Our brain is the least fuel efficient organ in our body, and when it is engaged we tend to burn more calories.

Add challenge to your workout by mixing up your routine, and changing the order of your workout. If you usually finish with core start with it. Or add some exercise to your household chores. The act of exercising in a different setting alone creates a challenge.

Follow along as Tracy Anderson demonstrate a killer workout that can be done in your kitchen!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beauty In Action: Time-Raising

True beauty is a depth of an individual. Beauty exceeds the surface adornments, the pretty eyes, or sexy facial hair. Beauty is the person; the soul. Beautiful people in my minds eye are smart, charismatic, funny, philanthropic, and present. Beauty fades,  and is hopefully replaced by a strength of character. What I define as beautiful is passion for community, art, and a life that is infectious.  

Beauty is best shared, preferably with a community of your closet and dearest. I am excited to marvel at the Beauty of Calgary at the 7th annual Time Raiser event. The Time Raiser, in my opinion is a genius fundraising initiative that enables philanthropic individuals with shallow pockets to partake in the grandeur of a silent art auction.  The Time Raiser, in contrast to the mold, is an event designed to raise volunteer hours for local charities. The auction items will be available for purchase pending volunteer commitment. 

How It works:

1. Choose An Agencies
2. Bid On Art
3. Volunteer 

The time raiser is a cross country event.  Both the organizations in need of volunteers and the art  for auction are local. The 7th Annual Calgary Time Raiser is happening June 14th at Flames Central. This year the event is hoping to raise 6,500 volunteer hours within the next year. The goal may sound ambitious, as time is always on short supply, however the 6,500 hours can be realized through the generous donation of only 20 hours per ticket. Nada!

Butter flies, by Karen Klassen.

02, by Alfonso Reyes 

Last of the Fall, by Rayanda Delaini 

The Time Raiser event does understand the frenzy of raising the stakes; and has conscientiously made the decision to cap art bets at  125 volunteer hours. For more information regarding the Time Raiser or to find an event in your city check out their website.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Style: Litter

I feel in lust with Litter while watching Shark Tank. Litter is a jewelry and accessory company created and designed by a pair of California sisters, Mackenzie Burdick and Rachel Mann. The sisters stumbled into the jewelry design and manufacturing game by chance. Litter started when the girls were searching for unique jewelry to wear to music festival. They made a headpiece out of vintage chains and costume jewelry. Their unique adornment stood out amongst the crowd and with out consciousness they inspired demand for funky and original costume jewelry. 

Litter is jewelry for the whole body. The line encompasses fashion forward  arm chains, head pieces, ear cuffs, and leg cuffs in addition to the more conventional mediums of jewels. Litter is fun and experimental line of jewelry that will evolve and continue to push the boundaries of fashion jewelry. 

I love the entire Litter collection, and definitely want The Shoulder Chain, the Chain Garter, and The Walk Of Shame Shoe Chain.  (Think shoe jewelry is absolutely genius! With one accessory you can revamp your favorite and totaled shoes).  

Litter is sexy, fun, and designed with personality for the modern women. The brains behind litter have a sense of humor which is incorporated it into their designs like The Criminal. I am in awe of Litter because the brand is so creative, so unique, so unexpected. Litter is more than costume jewelry and accessories, It is a revival of style and the expression of self through fashion. 

Thank you Mackenzie Burdick, and Rachel Mann for designing with fierce creativity. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Horoscopes: June 11-17

Happy Monday, my head is a little sore from constant fretting. I am at a bit of loss emotionally- I'm unsure of where I stand at the moment and frustrated by the constant push in all directions from interested third parties. I want to live my life, happily, and on my own terms. I am responsible for my happiness; my happiness only. I understand that life itself is quite controversial. Life's controversies are irrelevant. How can life be lived or enjoyed when constantly in fear of  overstepping the invisible and politically correct boundaries of modern society?  Without risk there is no reward. At the end of the day I would rather be able to smile about my accomplishments and failures knowing I gave my all; opposed to laying awake with regret for not challenging the status quo. 

Change is the air...Below are your Georgia Nicols Horoscopes for June 11-17 2012. 

Well, it doesn't get much better than this because lucky Jupiter moves into Gemini this week! (Yay me!) The last time Jupiter was in your sign was in 2001. It will have such broadening, expansive and beneficial influence on you that a year from now, others will notice you have more self-confidence and poise. (Would I kid either one of you?) Essentially, this is the beginning of a new 12- year cycle of growth. It's time for you to discover who you really are and what you can really accomplish. Your year ahead will be a fortunate year for you and you will attract fortunate circumstances and influential people. (Put something in the tip jar on your way out.)

As Jupiter shifts signs this week it moves into a hidden part of your chart, which means many of the benefits you receive from Jupiter's journey will be quiet, hidden and related to your inner development. (Hey, don't knock it. Some signs are going to get fat!) Deeper issues about spiritualism and religion will appeal to you. In a way, you'll be on a journey of discovering your inner truth. Many of you will meet a spiritual teacher or someone who acts as a guide for you. In some cases, you might become the teacher for others. (If you find yourself wearing sandals in the winter, this is probably the case.) It will be an enriching year for you before Jupiter then enters your own sign. Like, wow!
As Jupiter changes signs this week, you can expect to become increasingly popular in the next 18 months. Invitations pour in from others making demands on your time! But ah-ha! This will be a two-way street; you will initiate interaction with others as well because you're entering one of the most popular years you've had since around 2001-02. Friends will benefit you. No question. This is not the year to go it alone. Get out and schmooze because socializing plus acting for social reform will make you appreciate the importance of group goals. Enjoy fun times with pals. Turn up your eviction speakers!
For the first time since 2001, lucky Jupiter will travel across the top of your chart. This means your focus will be on career, your reputation in your community and your profession. You'll be very ambitious in the coming year and try hard to get ahead. You can expect a promotion, accolades, kudos and public recognition for your work. (It's sort of like your name will suddenly be up in lights.) Those who don't experience this increased success, flash and dazzle, might instead change their job or focus to something related to medicine, healing, the law, higher education or travel. This is traditionally one of the most successful astrological influences you can have!
Start packing your bags because you're going places! In the next 18 months, Librans will be travelling and exploring more of the world. Those who don't expand their world through travel will instead expand their experience of life through further studies, reading or interaction with people from different backgrounds. Your desire to learn is very strong now. In fact, many of you will explore consciousness-raising groups and human potential movements. Your year ahead is also excellent for writers because publishing and higher education are favoured. It's an exciting time promising adventure, new knowledge and hours stuck in airports.
The gravy train is coming! All Scorpios will be on the receiving end of the wealth and resources of others in the next year. This means you might receive inheritances, money back from the government, or insurance payouts as well as cash, gifts and favours from others. Some of you will benefit indirectly because your partner or someone in your family will have a boost in their wealth. Money and sex often go together and in this case it's true! Your sex drive will be amped in the coming year so get ready for this as well. Keep in mind the next 18 months are the perfect time to ask for a loan or mortgage or support from others.
Once every 12 years, lucky Jupiter is sitting opposite your sign, which means this is a time of culmination in your life. You're very proud of your achievements and you feel surprisingly satisfied with how things are going. (Nothing satisfies like satisfaction, does it?) In particular, you'll discover that all your one-on-one encounters will be exciting learning experiences. Partnerships will become enriched and practically everyone you encounter will seem to be helpful in some way. In the year ahead, it's beneficial to contact experts of all kinds. Even people from other backgrounds in different countries will be helpful. Those who marry in the coming year will marry someone richer, older or more established.

It's finally your turn to really tweak your job! Jupiter will help you get a better job, or better duties, or get rid of your terrible boss (legally), or solve problems that are bugging you at work. You might even simply change your attitude to your job because the result of this Jupiter influence is that you feel more job satisfaction. You have a greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from what you do. The year ahead will also be an excellent year for your health because Jupiter will help you build your physical strength and vitality. The only thing you have to watch for is extras on dessert. (Jupiter does go overboard!) Remember: A minute on the lips is a decade on the hips.

Lucky Aquarians are having one of the most wonderful Jupiter transits possible. The area that will be expanded and magnified is totally related to your creative self-expression, your love life, romance, parties, vacations, the arts, the entertainment world and anything to do with sports. In other words, it's fun city for you! (Yay me!) Definitely plan on a vacation in the coming year. And plan on having more fun with others, especially children. In fact, your relationships with children will improve immensely! Look for ways to express your creative talents because you're full of original ideas and enthusiasm. Finally, you feel free to be exactly who you are!
You are looking at a wonderful window of opportunity for real estate in the next 18 months, the best since 2001. Even if you don't buy or sell real estate, whatever you do in the next year to improve where you live will immensely please you. You'll feel richer and more fortunate. This blessing obviously extends to your family and the people you live with. Expect your family life to improve beautifully in the coming year (and you'll notice that family members are more easily generous to each other). In a nutshell - you'll be happier at home! Privately, you will also increase your sense of inner worth and feel more contented and secure. (Hey, security is nice.)
In the coming year, you'll find it easier and easier to be happy. The reasons for your happiness will be based on the details of your own life, but I see you'll have a happier frame of mind and be full of positive thoughts. Since your mind is what is constantly creating your world, what a boon! After all, first comes the thought, and from the thought springs the word. Then from the word springs the deed, and the deed soon becomes habit. Habit, of course, eventually hardens into character, which is why it is so important to have happy thoughts! Short trips, much travel, increased discussions with others, opportunities to learn and happier times with siblings are also on the menu.
You are the banker of the zodiac. You can practically mint money in your backyard. This is why you will be super delighted to know this week's shift of Jupiter ushers in 12 to 18 months of increased opportunities to boost your income. Ka-ching! No doubt about it. You might get a better job, or make more money in your current job, or make money on the side, or dream up wonderful money-making ideas. It will be something. You'll also feel richer because you'll buy yourself lovely goodies that make you feel spoiled and fortunate. ("Spoil me! Spoil me!") Obviously, many of you will score superb antiques and wonderful collectibles for a mere song.