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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beautiful Skin Diet

Take a stole through any department store, drugstore, or even specialty store; Chances are the sheer quantity and variety of skin care products promising to cure any and every epidermis related ailment will cause momentary confusion and disorientating. In my skin dry, oily, sensitive...? ahhh, I don't know. Like Bra's a perfect skin care match is hard to determine. Many woman treat the symptoms of their skin problems and not the cause. 

I struggle with dry skin. To combat it I try to keep myself well hydrated. However, when the season change my t-zone will produce shine like a mirror, and begin t slowly cultivate a spectacular collection of whiteheads (not so pretty). In the past I would go on an acne killing spree. I would fight oily skin, which in turn only intensified my dry skin problem. Our skin, and its appearance is a reflection of our health. The foods we eat do contribute to the appearance of our pores. To prevent skin irritation, think holistically and include skin saving nutrients into your diet.

For Overall Healthy Skin: Add Vitamin A, Vitamin A in an anti-oxidant that prevents cellular damage, acne, and premature aging. Vitamin A is found in mango's, spinach, low fat yogurt. 

To Fight Acne: Add Zinc into your diet, consider supplements (25-50 mgs).

To fight wrinkles:  Add fatty acids (omega 3's) to your diet via nuts and cold water fish (salmon). Omega 3's are responsible for healthy cell membranes which help transport nutrients throughout the body. Cell membrane hold water, so the healthier and more hydrated they are the plumber younger looking your skin will be.

For Beautiful skin, think fresh fruits and vegetables, and remember to stay well hydrated

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