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Friday, October 21, 2011

A lovely Catastrophe of Prints

My fall fashion wish list has taken on a personality of its own; that of a somewhat schizo print junkie in need of vibrant statement looks mixed and mashes together. 

I'm thinking that either my vision may be a little confused, although I will deny that claim at any mention. This fall I'm going to enjoy every extravagantly vocal and ostentatious look.  I'm seeing in spots, lots of spots. As little girls fantasies come true with a wear anything vibe and  polk-a-dot everything. Polk-a-dots have invaded the minds, um... closets of fashions greatest minds. The runways of Stella McCartney, and Marc Jabobs  were just a few well decorated by dots.

The dots are loud, but lack a ferociousness. The fierce force of  true animal prowess mutes the playful polk-a-dots. Animals, ant their prints are everywhere this fall. The animal kingdom has marked its territory over fall fashion. Dresses, Jackets, jeans, sweaters, leggings, and more are marked by beasts both small and large. From Python to panther, and few birds in between hunting wild prints for your wardrobe shall prove an easy feat. 

A less wicked, and perhaps more animal considerate, print that is pollinating runways is that of a floral motif. Roses, daisies and dandelions are just a few of the colourful additives in the bouquet of fall fashion.


   Play with prints, and make believe. Fall is the return of fashion; where moods shift magically as a result of star struck trend fans seeking a print pick me up.  

Enjoy playing dress up.

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