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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Terrain Spokane, a cultural map.

The topography of our culture is changing; evolving. Art is the past present, future. Art is the only constant in an eternal constellation of change. The cultural geography begs to be explored. The terrain seeks curious minds willing to voyage and venture through the unknown. Terrain Spokane, is the map of our semi explored culture haven. We are invisible to plane sight: seek, explore discover. 

Terrain Spokane, is  a yearly exhibit that showcases up and coming local artist. Terrain features the creations of artistry unique to all mediums. The art is visual, sensational, verbal, sensory, lyrical. There are performers, there are sculptors, photographers, serving artisan beer. 

Terrain 2011, was a wonder world of imagination. The venue, The old Music Hall, was the perfect space to  present the collage of mediums to new and old patrons of creativity. I was stunned, memorized, and enjoyed taking part in the chaos of creation. 

Some Art I enjoyed....while at the show. 

Terrain 2011, was no let down. The art inspired, and the show, showcase youthful talent still hopeful and optimistic. The art was fresh, light, and future orientated. I'd like to thank Terrain for a show well down. I'd like to thank the artist for creating a current of possibility and artistry with in the simplicity of the every day. 

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