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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fitness Prodigy- CJ Senter

The masking of a childhood prodigy is pretty easy to spot. The child genius excels in area of concentration weather it be music; like Wesley chew, art; like Marla Omstead, theater like Dakota Fanning, or whats his face that super brainy science guy. 

A child Prodigy, is some force from another universe They typically don't make sense, nor fit in confines of our limited understanding, they speak of knowledge gained from sheer osmosis or... I don't know. Child Prodigies are born adults with super active minds; they do, they speak, they focus like a high function aspergers would, only with a greater understanding of social norms and niceties. 

When we think of child prodigies, a fitness guru would not likely come to mind. However ten year old  CJ Senter; is just that, he has been taking the fitness world by storm. CJ, caught his fitness inspiration at  age 5, when he was playing for a Pee-wee football league. His Coach recommended that the kids, "Go out and get some exercise."

CJ, saw an ad for P90x, and begged his family to let him make a workout video of his own; marketed toward children. The National Center for Health Statistics  reports that nearly 1/3 of all American children and adolescents are overweight, or obese. Childhood obesity puts children at risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, lymphatic infections and a wide variety of other ailments. CJ, is a kid, who just wants to have fun and play with other kids. He could very well be the right role model for preventing childhood obesity as he is relatable to the demographic. 

There is criticism towards CJ, and his program. Because of the growth patterns and unfused bones children under the age of 15 are not supposed to lift weights, or overdo it. The spinal alignment of a child is more susceptible to impact than an adults. CJ, says that he does not lift weights. Instead he focuses on using his own body mass, and incorporates stretching into each workout. 

CJ currently teaches a work out class, and his DVD is high demand. He hopes to be able to inspire other children to take care of their body and shoot for their dreams. 

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