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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A financial Fairytale

Once upon a time, in a not to far away land. There lived a kingdom made famous by intangible promises. Math elites with algorithms, and financial wizards ruled the land; they masted and excelled in taming of the bull. They road and they raced as they held the bull tight. They rode like gentlemen according to the guidelines they invented. They rode the bull confidently by the rains and not by the horns. 

The knights of algorithms, so obsessed with their king, Cha Ching, worked happily day and night; opting for work-cations as opposed to vacations. The cuisine of the land, American Pub Food was up scaled and glamourized. To feed the knights at an ordinary dinner would not do. The young master of the universe demanded something more elite. The knights needed a place of their own, surrounded by wealth. Thus, The Wall Street Burger Shoppe, open its grill to serve the taste starved knights.  The knights craved flame broiled Kobe beef burgers and would happily pay $150 for royal taste bliss. The wall street burger shoppe practically madoff'd with the not-so-thrifty-financial knights. 

The financial wizards eyes beamed green, and their practices grew more self obsessed. They wondered how much magic they could work with out consequence, neglecting the rule of 3. The wizards believed  them selves invincible. The magic they used was black and twisted. The Bull bucked as his master tried to manipulate his movements. The more the bull was controlled the more fire he breathed. The Bull lost his cool and transformed into a hungry grizzly bear seeking revenge. 

The knights, fought with armour- but had no strength. The wizards were striped of their power; and their thrivalistic instincts. The dinner of such ex-thrivalists saw their sales decreases on an ever steepening slope. The knights no longer could afford $150 dollars for a burger alone. The Wall Street Burger Shoppe closed its doors, forever in 2011. The recessionistias now control the demand, and they opt for burgers in a more attractive price range. 

But story of the bull and the bear is not over- with lessons learned and ideas realized room for growth will emerge. The challenge to be faced may be a repeat but hopefully the knights and the countrymen will remember the painful lessons. 

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