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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fishing For Abs

If just last week someone had told me that they dreamt of having: "A core like a fisherman," I would have laughed (much like a mad scientist on the eve on an evil discovery)... Or, I would have handed them a six-pack and told them to start drinking.

But; that was last week, before I was enlightened by the necessary athleticism that accompanies sport fishing. While at Rancho Leonero, I have joined my father on a few fishing (and toastada eating) expeditions. I personally prefer lounging by the pool and sipping margaritas while indulging my fantasies in a 50 Shades of Grey novel. Fishing is hard work, it takes mental strength as well as physical strength. Sport fishing is a full mind and body workout.

I was able to catch a rooster fish. He played a very frustrating game of tug-a-war with me. My arms, and my core are stiff and sore from the battle of wills mine vs. the fish. (The fish was released back into the ocean, and swam away with a smile on his face).

My fishing experience has made me grateful for my dedication to The Tracy Anderson Method. Without the daily core focused workout I would never have been able to put up a fight against the alarming strong rooster fish. Nor, would I be so proud to show of my "fisherman core" in a bikini.

For the core of a fisherman, I've posted my daily abs routine. Make it a part of your workout.  The workout is only 10 minutes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beauty: Tighten UP

An uncanny amount of high end anti-cellulite skin creams credit a mix of "antioxidant" rich coffee beans as their secret ingredient for tightening up and temporarily erasing the signs of cellulite. The natural diuretic properties of caffeine help to stimulate circulation in the body, while simultaneously helping to flush out junk.

This tightening anti cellulite scrub is a great exfoliant that combines the moisturizing benefits of coconut oil,  the muscle relief of seas salt, and the skin tightening perks of caffeine.

Massage the scrub on your body, really working it in. The massage action is actually what helps the most for reducing the appearance of cellulite. If you use this scrub regularly in combination with a healthy diet and exercise you should see results pretty quick!

Java Body Scrub

1 cup fresh ground coffee
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 cup sea salt
2/3 cup coconut oil
(I was introduced to Tropical Traditions by my friend at Sparkles and Spinach. I like tropical tradition's because it is has a much richer and creamier consistency than other coconut oils I have used).

Mix the ingredients together until thoroughly combined. 
Apply liberally and enjoy! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Pursuit of Wisdom

As I have mentioned Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu spoke at my graduation from Gonzaga University (May 13th, 2012). Tutu is a powerful speaker whom commands attention from audience members. Tutu himself is a petite man with the charisma liked to a Santa Claus character. Tutu speaks with purpose and is inspired by truth. On Graduation day, I was over whelmed with excitement and fear to fully hear the entirety of Tutu's speech. My mind was busy with distracted thoughts. What I heard the first time I listened to Tutu's speech was the shrill of new adventures and the journey that presents it self when faced with immediate change. I heard Tutu say that young people everywhere do amazing things. Desmond Tutu, called us "incredible creatures." What I heard on graduation day was the promise of hope and the excitement of life unfolding. 

The messages we here, we hear selectively. In our heart we may know an answer or be aware of the necessary course of action needed to fully capitalize on the joys of possibilities laid out for us. There is an ancient adverbs that states: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." 
I believe that we only allow our self to learn, to feel, and to push mountains when are ready to meet the challenges, and are no longer paralyzed by a fear of failure. In the pursuit of excellence, failure is eminent. Through failure we learn. Through failure we differentiate ourselves, we filter out the weak. To fail with  grace is admirable. Failure can act as a catalyst for success, as it teaches one to learn from their mistakes. 

Upon re-listening to Desmond Tutu's speech, I still hear the hope in his voice as he admires the beauty of youthful energy. Though upon re-listening I am aware of his request for us to find passion and pursue our goals with out fear or hesitation. Tutu says that none of us are accidents, even though we may appear to look so, he pleads us to dream unaffected by cynicism. There are no mistakes, no accidents. There is a gentleness to his request, just as there is a call for action, Tutu wishes us the luxury of never being: "To good to enjoy the challenges of life."  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Horoscope May 28- June 3

Happy Monday! For some much needed and appreciated R&R I've escaped to Rancho Leonero Resort just outside of Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Rancho Leonero is beautiful, quiet, and charming. Rancho Leonero is a boutique resort that specializes in deep sea fishing. Rancho Leonero has over 3 miles of ocean front and sandy beach; including access to one of the two remaining living great barrier reefs in the northern hemisphere. The resort is stunning; and provides so much to do beyond fishing.

My experience fishing, was ummm....somewhat painful. The motion of the boat disturbed my equilibrium and I felt sea sick for the majority of the experience. While I might not have enjoyed the "art of fishing," I did enjoy spotting a marlin jump, and a seas turtle sun bathe. There is beauty is all things, rewards are granted to those who put themselves in uncomfortable situations and constantly seek to challenge themselves. With that I wish you a fabulous week, and here are your Georgia Nicols horoscopes for May 28-June 3!

All this energy and activity in one part of your life for eight months (you have about six weeks left) has been stirring things up at home for you. The downside is it makes you aggressive with family members creating domestic conflict, especially with parents. (You have probably surmised that we never grow up - we only learn how to act in public.) The upside of all this energy, however, is that you're much more willing to work at home - renovations, moving furniture or building things. Naturally, this positive activity gives you a feeling of accomplishment. "Look at what I did!" This beautifully sets the tone for the fabulous year you're about to enter. (I still wanna be a Gemini.)

So far this year, this sustained energy for your sign has helped you sell, market, teach, act and negotiate anything on your own behalf. In all your communications, you've been coming on like gangbusters! KOO-KOO-KA-FREAKIN'-CHOO! (Deadpool) Sure, it's made you argumentative and a pain in the butt to many. (You can't deny this.) But because you identify so strongly with your beliefs and opinions now, you are a force to contend with! You're verbally articulate and intellectually incisive. You can read, study, write and talk with great energy! (You might want to lighten up on the attack mode and all will be well.)
Mars is energy and, of course, a sustained, long-lasting burst of energy in one area has both pluses and minuses. The downside of this Martian energy for Leo is you've been spending money like it's going out of style! (And considering that you're the last of the big-time spenders, that's saying a lot.) Actually, this hasn't bothered you one whit, has it? In fact, it's been great fun, hasn't it? Shopping therapy! (You feel shopping is an expression of exercising your rights.) But you are also wisely using whatever you own to make it work for you and make your life run more smoothly. Meanwhile, be careful about espousing your beliefs to the point others run from you. Blah, blah, blah. Lighten up.

Well, well, this unusual long-running hit of Mars is happening in your sign! You have definitely felt revved up since the end of last year. You're bursting with energy and keen to show the world what you can do. Since you are much more of a fighter for your own rights than usual, some close relationships have been bruised or terminated. Mars is the warrior, which means if attacked, you will fight! Furthermore, your physical energy is very high. Basically, this can be a positive time in your life because you're willing to face problems, solve them and accomplish as much as possible. You're on a mission. ("Take me to your leader.")
This lengthy journey of Mars has been a learning experience for you. (Yeah, yeah, Taurus has all the fun and Aquarius won't get out of bed.) Mars represents your ego and it has been "hiding" in your chart for months, stirring up little demons from your past. All your childhood, egocentric, self-defeating numbers have been breaking out, exposing your foibles. (Rather embarrassing, isn't it?) The downside is obvious. But the upside is unbelievably valuable because now you can identify these suckers and banish them - ha-ha - to Mars! (Or anyplace without a return ticket.) Basically, this is a wonderful opportunity to confront childish behaviour patterns. When the dust settles on this one, you'll be looking at the new, improved, drip-dry, wrinkle-free you.
This is been an unusual year so far because you have so much energy for relating to others, particularly in group situations. But let's look at this more closely: It means you can achieve your goals more easily by working with others. Team action is your motto, now and for the next two months. Your challenge is not to fight with others or be too competitive because this will only arouse resentment. Physical activity with others, especially athletics and group sports, will turn your crank. But you will want to win. Oh yes! "Surrender? SURRENDER? You think this letter on my head stands for France?" (Captain America.)

This long run of Mars for eight months in one sign has super-amped your ambition. You are PowerPoint on steroids. That's why you've been working so hard to be your own boss, gain independence and pull off some big schemes. (Sagittarians always have big schemes.) Your personal desire for independence has created conflict with authority figures, no question. Try to avoid these unless it's really worth it. If there's not a lot at stake, shrug it off. If you try to defeat every challenge the price will be too high. One has to pick one's fights, right? After all, in one way that's the tragedy of life - you're here today and here tomorrow. ("This again?")

Travel opportunities have kept you on the go for months and these opportunities still continue. But travel is just the external expression of your desire to expand your universe. You want more out of life. You want to see more, experience more and meet fascinating, unusual people. You want to learn, which is why further schooling totally appeals to you now. This is also a marvellous year to explore opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. Continue to look for any experiences that open up new dimensions of reality. (And quit wasting time defending your ideas about religion, politics or whatever.) Just feed your soul.
Your gonads have been in overdrive for months. And this ain't gonna go away. Lucky Aquarians have been having hot and heavy sex and will continue to have the promise of more. (Ah yes, sex is a gripping experience and the most fun you can have without laughing.) And in truth, because Mars is also a strong ego identification, many will want sex to be a transforming, transcendent experience, which is a helluva lot to expect from another frail mortal who flosses and wears underarm deodorant just like you. Others will have conflict about shared possessions, taxes, debt and differing values. Try not to make a big deal about this because you are identifying with your values, which let's face it - if you're intelligent - are constantly changing according to your own personal evolution.
This unbelievably lengthy duration of Mars opposite your sign has had its challenges (and continues to do so). The downside is that you are quick to fight with friends and partners. (Of course, it's all their fault, as it invariably is.) But what a drag! The upside, however, is that this opposition of Mars gives you mettle, a kind of inner strength. You won't be anyone's doormat. You'll stand up for yourself. And you also have the guts now to speak up about repressed grievances and things that have been secretly gnawing at you for ages. The saving grace of all this is to learn how to work with others to get what you want. But remember: People who live in stone houses shouldn't throw glasses.
The wonderful thing about this sustaining energy of Mars for eight months in one part of your chart is that it makes you want to work! There are no lazy Aries on the planet right now. That's a fact. All Aries people are taking lots of pride in their work; plus they have lots of energy to work. (Naturally, you want credit for what you're doing because Mars is competitive.) Mars is also making you physically vigorous, although it can promote infections, fevers and accidents. You have about six more weeks more of this super vitamin B shot to your system. Keep working to accomplish whatever you want. Go, go, go.
You're lucky to experience this eight-month blast of Mars because it makes you playful, flirtatious and fun-loving! Your creative skills are off the map, which is why you're filled with energy for athletics and the arts. You can be unusually productive in your creative expression because impulses, which are normally fleeting, genius-like ideas, now translate into a sustained reality: The abstract into the concrete. In other words, you think about something, then you decide to do it, and you keep doing it and soon it is done! This applies to vacations, social occasions, playful times with kids and your romantic aspirations.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eat: Vegan Tostadas

With school finished, and the ski season over my dad and I have decided to take a mini holiday. We are off to visit friends at Racho Leonero in Cabo San Lucas. Ranco Leonero is a beautiful property in the Baja. The Resort, is a fishing lodge and I am well aware of the irony of a vegan vacationing at a fishing resort. 

I'm excited for fresh Mexican food. Eating vegan, and Mexican is not difficult. The fresh produce is limitless and Mexican cuisine is rich in vegetable proteins. 

Vegan Tostadas Ingredients:

1 package organic firm tofu (drained and chopped).
1 large red onion finely chopped
1 can black beans
2 jalapeno peppers diced
2  bell peppers diced
2 large tomatoes chopped
1 cup chopped spinach
1 cup red cabbage 
1/4 cup fresh cilantro chopped
2 limes, juiced
1 lemon juiced
1 mango pitted and chopped
2 avocados, peeled, pitted, and chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
1 package of Corn Tortillas
1 tbsp olive oil
1 package Daiya Cheese (optional)


Preheat oven to 425F
In a large bowl combine the tofu, onion, jalapenos belle peppers, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage,cilantro and lemon/lime juice. 

Gently fold in the mango and avocado. Season with salt and pepper. Cover the bowl, and set it aside. 
On a baking tray, spread out the tortilla's and brush lightly with the olive oil. 
Bake the tortillas in the oven until crisp, approximately 5-10 minutes. 
Take the tortillas out of the oven, and scoop the tofu/bean/cabbage mix onto the corn tortillas, return to the oven for 5- 10 more minutes or until heated thoroughly. 
Sprinkle with daiya cheese and serve immediately. 


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Produce Digits

You know those pesky little stickers that somehow always manage to turn up in salads, guacamole, and the occasional nacho plate. Yes, I'm talking about produce stickers; the stickers that you always have to remember to peel off before you bite into an apple. Produce stickers serve a purpose beyond annoyance, and price scans. The 5 digit number on the produce sticker is the fruit and vegetable equivalent of  a zip code. The number identifies where and how the produce was grown. Getting to know the digits of your fruits and veggies can help you snob out genetically modified, and from far-a-way produce; in favor of locally grown and organic fruits and vegetable. 

For customs purposes the sticker will always identify the country in which the produce was grown. The country name will be spelt out. 

Genetically modified produce can be identified by a five number product code starting with an 8

Conventionally farmed produce can be identified by a four digit produce code. 

Organic fruits and vegetables have a five digit produce code that starts with a 9

I personally think organic fruits and veggies taste better, they have more depth in their flavor. Eating organic can be pricey, and options may at times be limited. To save money on produce aim to buy organic fruits and veggies that are on the "dirty dozen." 

The 12 dirtiest fruits and vegetable for 2012 are: Apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, nectarines, grapes, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, blueberries, lettuce, and kale. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

Read: The Language Of Flowers

The Language of Flowers, By Vanessa Diffenbaugh, is a sweet novel about one orphaned girl's discovery of home, love, and the realization that home is a place you can always go back to. The language of Flowers is the first novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. The book is unique in that the key communication between main characters is done through the Victorian meaning of flowers. Ex. White Roses: love unacquainted, Basil: hate, Mistletoe: I surmount all obstacles etc.

The story is romantic, frustrating, and tear jerking. The protagonist, Victoria, is a young women whom was a ward of the state raised in foster care. She is feral yet lovable. Victoria's story starts the day she turns 18 and is released from state custody. Victoria has no skills, family, or money; all Victoria has is her love for flowers which she learned from an old friend. Homeless and hungry, Victoria finds work at a small flower shop. Her passion for flowers, and awkward social skills earn her the affection of  Renata the owner of the Bloom. Victoria begins assembling bouquets rich in Victorian Meaning and cultivates a cult following of clients through her magical flower arrangements. 

Through the success of her skill she is reintroduced to a past she had hoped to escape through the remorse of Red Carnations (my heart bleeds). Victoria finds love, passion, and hope through nostalgia and the recognition of everlasting love. 

The Language of Flowers, is beautifully written and as delicate as a fresh bouquet of orchids. The novel challenges the structure of language and the art of communication. I loved the subtleties and the romance of the novel. A beautiful read, rich in the sweet aromas of hope, blessings, and love. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fit: Long Weekend Edition

Happy Memorial Day/ May Two-Four Long Weekend! 

May Long, is in my mind the un-official start of summer. The weekend is usually a gong show with parties, music festivals, beer, more beer, camping, golf, and non-stop social activity. The sheer mention of may long weekend gives me a bit of a hangover. In the past for May Long, I've made the trek to The George for Sasquatch Fest. This year, the lineup is incredible featuring: Fun.Santigold, Jack White, Girl Talk, Of Monsters and Men, Portlandia, and many more. I wish I could be there, but warmer weather in the Baja calls my name. 

With holidays, parties, and non-stop summer adventures finding time for fitness can be a challenge. Fortunately fitting in 20 minutes a day is easy. My new Fit On the Go Routine is an easy to follow full body cardio and toning workout. It will get you fit and tone in just 15 minutes a day. 

So you can enjoy the most of your summer! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beauty: Pastel Eyes

Nothing screams spring like a soft pastel color palate. The soft colors are blooming in trends from home decoration, to nail colors and all the in-betweens . The pastel hues are romantic, pretty, vibrant, and universally flattering to all skin tones.  

Pair your mint or rose denim with  pastel eye-shadow to cash in on the "oh-so-pretty" look. Pastel eye colors were big in the 80's ( and if your canadian the 90's). The updated 2012 pastel look is a more refined and romantic. The modern pastel eye shadow is sheer, shimmery, and wearable; opposed to the caky chalky pastel of yesteryears.

For a flattering pastel eye look choose a color that pops against your hair color.
To make sure the look screams grown up, and not tween queen, keep your blush and lips simple. 


 A mint green, or light blue


 A dusky rose, or viollet

Red Heads: 

A soft pink, or a gentle mustard

Gently line and smudge your lower lid with a soft brown. 

In the inner corner of your eye brush in some white eyeliner or eyeshadow. Using a basic eye shadow or smoky brush, apply the pastel color to your lid. 

Use a white/light shadow in the crease of your eyelid.

Blend the color, and apply a brown mascara  to amp up the pastel hues. 

-Ces Très Chic! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cash Flow And your Your Wardrobe

Fashion has been an on going vice for me over the years. I love the richness of fine fabrics, and the shrill of high intensity prints. Financially, I am garment rich and cash poor. Fashion, might be one of those vices that you can just never seem to get enough of. Yes, I love my wardrobe, but there never seems to be a shortage of great fashion finds that I convince myself to need.

I was told once by the glamorous Sophie Trudeau that their is no point hoarding fashion. Clothes are meant to be worn. If an item sits in your closet, taking up valuable closet space for more than 8months without being worn, It is time to sell or donate the item.

When I drop major dollars on a garment, it can be hard to part with monetary loss. However most fashion related expenses are sunk costs. The money has been spent and the resale value has greatly diminished. No one buys full retail prices with the expectation of turning a profit. Straight up clothing donations to a good will or what have you are generous; and can give you a tax credit. However for high value clothing pieces there are a few great online vintage re-sellers that help you sell, market, and recover some of the expense you paid for the item while earning you more cash to make future fashion purchases.

Market Publique:, sell high quality vintage clothing. Aspiring sellers take photos of the clothing and provide a detailed description of the clothing they wish to sell. Market Publique will do the rest for a $0.25 listing fee, and 5% commission.

Closet Rich:, is an LA based company founded by Elizabeth Knott ( Rachel Zoe's protégée). If Closet Rich provides customer consultations, and if they like what you are selling they will manage the promotion and shipping of your goods for a 50% commission fee.

Yoogi's Closet:, buys an consigns purses, jewelry, and shoes. The company will evaluate the photos you send them of your goods and get back to you with in two business days. Yoogi's closet will then give you an option of an immediate buy, or consignment option. If you consign your clothes you are more likely to earn a larger return.

Plato's Closet: looks for contemporary teen and young adult fashion. Plato's locations can be found across the US, and Canada. The store will give you cash on the spot, for gently used clothing. The return is small, but $20 bucks is better than nothing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Horoscope:May 21- May 27

In Canadia Land, May Long Weekend fall a little before Memorial Day. The Canadian version, is much the same as the American lots of booze, music, and time with friends and family. May long weekend is always a righteous party for the town of Banff. As Victoria Day, marks the end of the ski season for the Canadian Rockies. Every May Long, Sunshine Village celebrates the end of the season with "The Slush Cup." Where slightly insane skiers and snowboards through themselves of a jump and into a pool of freezing water; warmed with snow.

The ski conditions at Sunshine Village are surprisingly good. While I won't be partaking in Slush Cup I look forward to some park laps, BC*DC, and the show of drunken stupor. With that, I'd like to remind everyone that there will be police check stops today, so please party responsibly.

And check out your Georgia Nicols Horoscope for May 21-27.

"...the envelope please. And the winner is Gemini!" All this good stuff snuck up on you, didn't it? Well, I say grab the baton and run with it. Life is full of up-and-down cycles as well as cycles within cycles. It's important to recognize when you're on a roll and things are going well. In fact, things are going to be even better and better! Don't take this for granted. Not only do you have a great summer ahead, you have a fortunate year ahead of you. Make the most of this. That saying, "Make hay while the Sun shines," is true! Fortunately, you don't sit around getting dusty. But why not go one step further? Hatch a plan. Set some goals. Write down what your perfect world would be about a year from now. Be specific.

Because Gemini is the sign next to yours in the zodiac, many of you have some planets in Gemini in your chart. This means all this Gemini pixie dust will sprinkle on you as well. We know you've been working hard to secure your home base and feel good about where you live. (You're a nester.) But for the next four-to-six weeks, it behooves you to think about what you want your "new" year (birthday to birthday) to be. For starters, why not look back over your shoulder and size up your last year. How are you doing at the art of living? If you clearly define the goals you want to achieve in the coming year, they will more likely become a reality. After all, are you steering your life or just responding to whatever happens?

You're looking at a popular six weeks ahead. (Do get out of bed.) Invitations will pour in as friends, clubs and organizations make demands on your time. Expect to hang out with younger friends and creative, artistic types. (These are your people.) And while the next six weeks are the perfect time to schmooze and enjoy the company of others, they are also a good time to think about your hopes and dreams for the future. You're a leader. It's not your style to muddle along relying on management by crisis. Your reputation is getting a lovely boost now so what can you do to best use this advantage? (He who hesitates is miles away from the next exit.)
Of course, you're still a force to contend with because fiery Mars has been in your sign since November (staying until July). Small wonder this Gemini hit occurs at the top of your chart. It boldly calls attention to you, especially the attention of bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs and the police. You are definitely high viz during the next six weeks, and take note: This spotlight is flattering! Others see you as capable, which is why you'll be asked to take on increased responsibilities. Say yes because you don't have to be an action hero to please them. (It's the great lighting, get it?) Romance with someone older, richer or in a position of authority might percolate. (When you don't know what you're doing - do it neatly.)

In the next six weeks, you want to blow town. You want a change of scenery. You want to see new places, new faces and hear new ideas. In fact, you want to be stimulated by fascinating conversation with intelligent people who transport you to new levels of awareness. You want mind-blowing experiences to make your life exciting. Obviously, if you can travel, do so. If you can't travel, then explore your own sandbox. Go someplace you've never been. Talk to people from different backgrounds. Do things that are out of the ordinary (nothing as extreme as jogging, but you could get a window table in an ethnic restaurant and watch runners go by. Of course, cyclists are more fun because they dress better. And the guys shave their legs.)
Keep your pockets open because all kinds of gifts, goodies, money, as well as favours and perks will come your way in the next six weeks. Ka-ching! (Would I kid you?) People will give you things directly and many of you will benefit indirectly because your partner or someone close to you gets a windfall. The next six weeks are the perfect time to ask for a loan or a mortgage. They're also the perfect time to decide how to share jointly-held property or an inheritance or settle insurance disputes. Sex will be very hot as well. Hey - you're laughing!
You are on the other end of the teeter-totter with Gemini because Gemini and Sagittarius are 180 degrees apart. In other words, you are two ends of the same plank. Therefore, all this wonderful stuff swirling around Gemini mirrors you! In fact, life will be so dazzling you'll need to wear shades. Relations with everyone will be smoother, more gracious and diplomatic. A casual relationship could become more committed. It's a great time to begin new partnerships (personal or professional). This is not the time to go it alone. Form working units with others and let people help you! Good time to consult experts as well. ("Is there a taxidermist in the house?")

Your urge to organize (which is always there) is going to be strong in the next six weeks. You'll want to alphabetize your CDs and colour-code your closet. ("A home for everything and everything in its place.") Not only will you enjoy getting better organized at work and at home, you'll become more active at work in a hands-on way. Partly, this is because your relations with co-workers are so good right now. (Good enough for a romance to spark!) This drive for self-improvement will expand to your health as well. The high standards you set for yourself could earn you a raise or praise from others. Kudos!
The next six weeks are going to be one of the most fun-filled times of the year for you. Grab every opportunity to enjoy a vacation (even a tiny one). Attend musical performances, summer fairs, sports events, the arts, craft fairs and anything to do with theme parks and the hospitality industry. Playful times with children will be rewarding. Romantic relationships will get a wonderful boost. Singles could start a new romance. Existing relationships will heat up in a sweet way. Look for ways to express your creativity because this will be satisfying.

You're entering a domestic phase for the next six weeks. This is why you will enjoy gardening, redecorating, puttering around your digs and tweaking things. You will definitely enjoy entertaining at home, which is also why you're keen to tackle home repairs. This impulse to improve your living space extends even into your family, which is why family relationships will become a stronger focus and also more rewarding and affectionate. For those of you who are exploring real-estate deals, this will be a busy time. Profitable opportunities are possible so keep your eyes open.

Your tempo is quickening. In the next month, you'll be running around like you've got an outboard motor on your ass. The pace of your days will accelerate because you're cramming more into each day. Short trips, busy errands, conversations with everyone plus increased reading, writing and studying are just some reasons your pace will be approaching Warp 9. But you'll welcome the challenge! (You love being out there, flying your colours, talking to everyone.) Look for ways to make money from talking and writing because you can do this in the next four-to-six weeks. Hey, you're more than just a pretty face.
This heavy-duty Gemini trip makes you focus on money, money, money! You've got money-making ideas and opportunities to earn money. Naturally, since you're earning some coin, you're thinking about major purchases. (You do love your treasures.) But at a subtler level, when you think about your assets and what you own, you'll also think about your life values. What are your values? What guides you? You know you want to be happy, and you know you want financial security. (Mortgage-free land!) So what can you do that's fun and rewarding and makes lots of money? (Will this make you happy?)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eat: Miso Asparagus

Asparagus might just be my favorite vegetable. Asparagus  is a super food that aids in the bodies natural detox process, by reducing inflammation in the body. Asparagus is favored by indigenous people for its eternal beauty, and aphrodisiac properties. I love asparagus, because it is fun to eat and the vegetable always signals that spring is near. While eating at Mizuna Spokane for my grad dinner I was introduced to Miso Asparagus Fries. The dish was incredible! I knew that i had to re-create the dish at home in a less guilty manner. 

1 bunch asparagus, ends trimmed
1 tsp olive oil
2 tsp miso past plus 1 tsp hot water (mixed together)
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp fresh ginger grated
2 cloves garlic minced
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1/2 cup panko bread crumbs, or corn grits
1/2 tsp roasted sesame oil

Preheat the oven to 375 F.
In a large bowl or baking pan place the asparagus and drizzle with the olive oil. Toss the asparagus to coat evenly with oil.
Roast the asparagus for 8-10 minutes or until each spear pierces easily with a fork. The timing will depend on the thickness of the asparagus. 

while the asparagus is roasting, whisk together the miso paste, apple cider vinegar, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, and roasted sesame oil. stir until smooth. 

pour the miso/ginger mix over the asparagus, and sprinkle with the bread crumbs/ corn grits. For best results, be sure to cover both sides of the asparagus with the miso ginger paste and grits. 

With oven to broil, and return asparagus to oven for 3-5 minutes on each side. 

Serve warm. 

(This recipe is also great for brocolini, eggplant, sweet potatoes and mushrooms).


Saturday, May 19, 2012


There are very few activities that I despise more than driving. I find long drives painfully boring. There is not much mental or physical stimulation that happens behind the wheel. Music is my saving grace for long drives. For road trips I crave poppy sing a longs and energetic beats. On my drive back to Alberta from Spokane Washington I had Dragonette on repeat.

 I have been a fan of the Canadian band Dragonette since 2006. Their music is extra poppy with an ironic twist. The band produces up beat jams; with a hint of depth. The lead singer Martina Sorbara has the perfect pop vocal voice and can hit the sharp notes without fail. Martina Sorbara is the vocal hype behind Martin Solveig's hit songs. Dragonette always delivers; their songs have an emotional pull that makes them perfect anthem songs.

Easy one of my all time favorite tracks!

And the new Video for Let It Go

Dragonette's new single Let It Go, is summer 2012. Easy, fun, and on the verge of something great.
Check out Dragonette, and ad the band to your workout or road trip play list.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook Friends NASDAQ

Today is the day, of the years most anticipated IPO. Facebook, or FB of the NASDAQ, goes public at 11:00 am eastern time. The speculation of FB stock has analysts and investors in a confused frenzy. Facebook is a new bread of corporation, a hybrid model with multiple product offerings and consumer engagement tactics. That is redefining the appraisal method for publicly traded companies.  Facebook is scheduled for an initial opening of $104 billion dollars; approximately 26 times the companies reported earnings.

A common stock valuation method is the the price to earning ratio, in which the price of a single stock is compared to the relative net income or profit per share. A company like Apple, AAPL, who has large cash holdings and annual revenues of $108 billion dollars has a P/E ration on 12.9%  half of the anticipated P/E ratio of Facebook. Likewise ford a real manufacturing company has a P/E of 2.1. Facebook's stock valuation is based on a forward appraisal. The company has no tangible product.

I'm torn in my opinion of the valuation of FB stock. Everthing about the company's IPO flashes red warning lights of danger. Facebook is a large marketable and marketing brand however the initial infatuation with social media in the western world is cooling off as newer, cooler, and less authority monitored sites pop up. Facebook may be the brand of a revolution, the Bolshevik's 2.0; however in the face of a revolution it is important to heed the waring of George Orwell and Animal Farm: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

From a behavioral financial analysis, I believe that Facebook stock will increase rapidly as the internets  most  recognizable brand behind google. I believe that the high profile of the company will trigger a bubble type valuation of the stock that could present long run concerns for our global economy. Facebook is a stock to buy and sell quickly, based on a behavioral finical analysis. However, in accordance to traditional financial analysis Facebook is a stock to pass on.

There will be huge money made by early FB investors; just as there will be a new bread of young multi billionaires reaping the rewards of successful and innovative company branding. I personally would not risk investing in Facebook. I believe that company is structured in a manner that could make it the AOL of 2012.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweat: Leg SOS

High Heels, might be a gift from the beauty gods. Heels transform the look of a woman by elongating the natural lines of the body, lifting the ass, and blessing the wearer with an extra shot of confidence. Heels are the ultimate beauty booster. Unfortunately the look of long lean glamour given to a shoe fanatatic from high heels comes at a price. 

High heels are the ultimate short term solution; they lift for an evening, week or even month. In the long run the beauty cost of always wearing high heeled shoes is pricey and beauty stumping. High heel shoes force the foot into a permanent flexed position. The hyper flexed foot can cause pre-mature arthritis through  hyper tension of the calf an Achilles tendon. 

Fortunately the painful beauty stumpers of always wearing high-heeled shoes can be prevented through foot and leg articulation exercises. This 10 minute workout is the perfect antidote to legs burdened by the pains of heels. The routine is lengthening, toning and stretching. Follow along and enjoy long lasting leg beauty. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beauty: Baby Fresh Skin

The chaos of Graduation, moving, and figuring out what's next is slowly dwindling away. I am exhausted. Every muscle in my body hurts, and my emotions are enjoying the wild ride of an extreme roller coaster. I have not yet figured anything out, but that OKAY. Life will unfold as it is intended. My job is to be ready, and seize the opportunities that present themselves. 

As the pessimist, and optimist debate over the fill level of a class, there is room for the opportunist to enjoy the world that is being ignored. Today, I plan on enjoying a laissez-fair day of relaxation, Tracy Anderson, and beauty. A home spa day to rid myself of fictitious stresses. 
Baby Fresh Skin
This mask is a life safer and no-brainer choice for when you need an energizing pick me up. The rich fatty coconut milk cream is moisturizing, rejuvenating and energizing. The rice flour, has a natural anti-inflammatory, and skin smoothing properties.  The baby's oil ads an extra umph of skin smoothing benefits with a gentle aroma.

(All ingredients can be found easily at health food stores).

1/4 cup rice flour
2 tbsp baby oil
2 tbsp coconut cream 

Stir the ingredients together until well mixed. Transfer the mix into a clean resealable container and store in the fridge for up to two weeks. 

To use the mask, after washing your face, gently spread about 1tbsp of the mask on your face and neck avoiding the delicate areas of your eyes an mouth. Let the mask sit for 20 minutes, rinse off with warm water and pat your skin dry. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Greener Cap An Gown

I feel privileged to part of the 2012 graduating class from Gonzaga. My graduation year marks the 125 anniversary of Gonzaga as a registered university. In honor of the Gonzaga's big birthday the university sent out a special request for a powerful and charismatic speaker. Arch Bishop, Sir Desmond Tutu will be speaking at my commencement. I'm ecstatic to hear Tutu speak (even though he has made some crude remarks about Canada). The man in a visionary who has fought for freedom against the oppression of apartheid. Tutu's courage and commitment to his beliefs earned him the 1981 Nobel Peace Prize. 

But that's not all, no, in addition to being blessed with one of the worlds most revered public speakers the 2012 GU class gets to "debut" GreenWeaver Academic Regalia.

GreenWeaver uses recycled plastic bottle to create the fabric of their academic attire including the "Cap and Gown." When I first heard that my commencement outfit would be made of used pop bottles I was apprehensive. I questioned the wear ability and the aesthetics of the gown. Fortunately, there was no alternative option. Either you bought the gown commissioned by Gonzaga or you don't walk.  Now, that I have the "Academic Regalia" in my possession I am pleased to report that the recycled gown surpasses my expectation.

GreenWeaver is supplying the academic regalia for 5% of the colleges and universities in the US for the 2012 commencement. Across the nation approximately 310,000 students will be modeling recycled and re purposed plastic bottles. GreenWeaver states that the 310,000 cap and gowns saved 9, 000, 000 plastic bottles from landfills. Each student, by wearing a gown saves the pollutant equivalent of 29 plastic bottles. The only fallacy though, is that after graduation I will never wear my "Academic Regalia" again. After Graduation my "cap and gown" will tossed, donated, disposed of.  The company does offer a gown recycling program to allow graduates to donate their gown to future graduates. At a cost of $100 for the Cap and Gown and no incentive to donate I wonder how many hypothetical water bottles will wind up back in land fills.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Horoscope: May 14- 20

You know that you are loved, when your friends and family sit through the name calling of over 1000 students to see you walk across a stage to pick up a "fake" diploma and shake the hand of Thane McCulloh the president of Gonzaga University. I am absolutely exhausted from the festivities of the weekend. The enormity of the event has yet to sink in. I am proud of my self for finishing my degree, and I am excited to embark upon a life rich with milestones and amazement. I am nervous for the future, and the obligatory unknown that accompanies traveling a path less wondered. In  the words of Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu; Young people do extraordinary things. We are all capable of the extraordinary. 

With that, happy Monday! Below are your Georgia Nicols horoscopes for May 14- 20. 
(And of course happy belated Mothers Day to all those who have given life, with out you none of my dream could exist. I love you mum!)

You're highly energetic and ready to claim to the world "I am!" You want to do your own thing, especially in love, romance, sports and amusements. Sex is hot because your physical nature is aroused, but your self-discipline is a little slack because you don't want to do what you don't want to do. (Oh well.) You do, however, feel quite competitive but probably playfully so. Meanwhile, back in the counting house where the King is counting out his money, financial opportunities exist for you this summer. You can easily borrow money and you might need to do this because you are certainly shopping for beautiful, lavish goodies. (You do love to collect your treasures.)
There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is you might be aggressive at home or with family. Your impulse to fight with others is so instinctive (especially with parents or partners), you might act downright silly. (And you're not even embarrassed!) The best way to use this energy is to tackle home renovations or move your furniture around. Fortunately, the good news is stupendous. Fair Venus in your sign (for months) makes you charming and diplomatic, especially away from home. This is a great summer to enjoy friends, take a vacation and do whatever pleases you. Soon lucky Jupiter enters your sign, bringing you fabulous good fortune until the fall of 2013. (I wanna be a Gemini!)
There's no question everyone around you is surprised at how aggressive you are in all your communications. Your style is to be friendly and chatty, catching up on gossip over the neighbourhood fence, right? But this summer, you stand hands on hips, feet apart, ready to say what you mean and mean what you say! (Yikes.) Of course, the upside to this (aside from the arguments) is you're beautifully prepared to defend yourself. If you soften your defiance, your ability to sell, promote, write, teach and act is fabulous. Meanwhile, Venus will soften your energy even further by giving you opportunities to discover the joy and satisfaction in charitably helping others. (It's a Mother Teresa thang.)

Fiery Mars is a mixed blessing for you, dear Leo. It's making you spend money like it's going out of style, which (let's face it) is your style! But now you're doing it without apology. (Up at dawn waiting for the stores to open.) Actually, this is fun because you have always seen spending as a way of exercising your prerogative in life. (Partly this is because you identify strongly with what you own now. But, of course, you're not your bank account or your furniture; however, you are your car.) Ironically, the influence of Venus makes you want to socialize like mad, which spurs your drive to spend even more! Who lavishes more on their guests than you? (You're having fun, but it ain't cheap.)

You have never before in your lifetime felt Mars in your sign for so long. Mars rules your muscles and your blood (as well as your aggressive and sexual energy). This is why you feel so passionate! You might even literally quiver or tremble with passion. (No kidding.) Guard against coming on too strong with others or steamrolling over people. "Outta my way!" Instead, use this influence to work because your physical energy is high. You'll also benefit from outdoor exercise or working out in a gym. Meanwhile, Venus attracts romance with bosses and VIPs. You might also be asked for your creative take on things: design, layout, redecorating or PR matters. (You're so clever.)
Things are tricky for Libra. You might feel vaguely irritated with others. ("Jerks!") You might also find you're constantly in that classic yoga position of pulling your foot out of your mouth. (Great for hip flexibility.) Be aware of your self-defeating behaviour. Instead of confronting others, confront yourself! (I like to use a mirror.) What beautifully offsets this impulse this summer is your love of adventure. You want to experience something fresh and new! You want to travel, see art exhibits and discuss profound intellectual concepts over a good wine. People who are "different" intrigue you. By all means, get outta Dodge if you can because you need a change of scenery!

This Venus/Mars combo works well for you. (Did you phone in a request?) Although Mars makes you competitive, it gives you lots of energy to work co-operatively in groups. Yes, things can be touchy with friends but you're also a dynamo in classes, meetings or conferences. Everyone wants to be on your team. Do remember that you can easily achieve your goals now by working with others. Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, fair Venus sweetens your intimate personal relationships. ("Is that Opium you're wearing?") Sex goes beyond sex and becomes a vehicle for self-transformation. (This is so you.) Plus, gifts, goodies and favours from others will come your way all summer! Sweet!
Like Scorpio, you're looking pretty swell. For months fiery Mars is sitting at the top of your chart arousing your ambition. You're prepared to work hard - really hard - at whatever you want to accomplish. One caveat: You gotta be your own boss. This is great for your productivity as long as you don't threaten authority figures or co-workers. (Not really your style.) Nevertheless, avoid conflict if you can. (Anger serves no purpose other than to make everyone miserable.) Fortunately, Venus greatly ameliorates this aggression by sweetening all your relationships - love affairs, professional partnerships and even your enemies. In fact, many of you will encounter new love. (Be still my beating heart.)

Your love of travel is practically insatiable now. Since last year, you've been taking off for places unknown and this travel bug is not abating. (Don't even bother to unpack.) You're attracted to creative, intellectual work more than usual and might find yourself arguing about politics, religion and racial issues. You might be equally aggressive dealing with publishing, the media, medicine and the law. This is because you identify with your beliefs! Be careful because you could end up with egg on your face. (Ketchup helps.) Fair Venus will smoothe the way with co-workers and bring you praise and possibly a raise at work. Continue to study and learn what you can. (Did you know? In one day your blood travels about 12,000 miles and more if you eat doughnuts.)
Disputes about shared property, insurance matters, inheritances, taxes and debt are likely at this time. You'll be strong because you will definitely defend your turf. (Ya think?) Ironically, this same energy puts your gonads into overdrive. You feel hot and sexy! (Yes, deep down you're shallow.) This playful physical energy is fueled by fair Venus and its lengthy visit in your House of Romance. For you, this summer is all about fun, entertainment and having a good time. Love affairs, sports, vacations and playful activities with children will come first. You feel totally comfortable in your own skin.
Like Gemini, this Venus/Mars combo gives you good news and bad news. This unusually lengthy stay of Mars in Virgo completely opposes your sign. (Pisces and Virgo are 180 degrees.) Tres challenging! This creates unavoidable tension with partnerships and close friends. However, the upside is you will defend your own best interests and will not be disregarded or pushed around. (A healthy self-interest is a good thing.) The good news is this summer promises a warm and cozy relationship with family members. Relations with parents will be close as well. Real-estate dealings will be profitable. You'll enjoy redecorating where you live and you'll love entertaining at home.

Here's the scoop. You're taking considerable pride in whatever you do this year. Because of this, it behooves you to find work and get down to it! You'll definitely want the credit for whatever you do because you identify with your activities now. (You're not exactly a team player at the moment.) Fortunately, fair Venus soothes your words, making your dealings with your everyday world pleasant and light. In fact, you'll be surprised to discover how much love there is in your everyday surroundings. (Gosh.) Look for ways to make money from your writing and speech. Enjoy short drives or meandering walks because your appreciation of the beauty around you is heightened.