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Monday, October 3, 2011

Horror-Scopes: oct.3-9

In Spokane there is a weekly newspaper called "the Inlander." The Inlander used to have the weirdest horoscopes and were really very enjoyable to read. I have since stopped reading the paper because it no longer has a prediction of my strange twisted fate. anyways, enough of tangent. 
Happy Horror-scope day!

 While you shine as a solo act, with the right partner, you make an impressive half of a dynamic duo. This week, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn convene in Libra and your house of committed relationships. Joining forces with other superstars can bring you more acclaim, attention, and opportunity than you expect. There is room enough on the world stage for both of you to shine, so don't be afraid that you'll lose yourself in the union. Just spell out your needs on the front end so there are no surprises later. Serious discussions about long-term goals could be afoot with the people you're already linked up with. Be aware of your tendency to take-charge and even steamroll people in moments like this. It's not intentional, Aries, but you are a strong leader, and your enthusiasm can sometimes be misinterpreted as overbearing. Make an extra effort to check in with your "other half" and get a read on his/her feelings. Go out of your way to ask for feedback and opinions, and even allow your partner to take ownership of an aspect of your shared efforts. By the time the week is through, you may be co-signing paperwork or finalizing a contract with someone you're psyched to do business with. Get all your questions answered before you get the party started, even if you feel awkward about broaching certain topics. If you ignore these fears now, they'll only snowball into an avalanche later. There's room to negotiate-just make reasonable requests instead of alienating people by playing hardball.

Your organizational skills are in high demand this week, Taurus. Some have scoffed as you color-coded your lingerie drawer, lined up tiny samples of beauty products with angular precision, and wielded the label-maker like it was a permanent extension of your arm. Now, those very people are turning to you with pleading eyes as they stand before a jumble of chaos. What to do? Exhale, then, step in for the save. This is your moment to shine, but don't fall hook, line, and sinker into the martyr trap. Take advantage of this opportunity to teach your loved ones how to fish so they never find themselves in this situation again. Who knows? You might one day parlay this talent into a side business. With four planets in your house of well-being, it's equally important to prioritize your own self-care this week. From making sure your health insurance policy is sufficient, to filling your fridge with fresh, green groceries, the cosmos wants you to treat your body like a temple. You'll need to work on lowering your stress level, however, as you are easily frazzled by anxious thoughts about the future. Simple breathing exercises can go a long way to clear your head when that internal worry machine starts churning away. You may also find it helpful to join (or start your own) weekly support group. As you sound out your thoughts, they lose their charge; you'll also enjoy providing a space for other people to benefit in kind. Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? You may be surprised to discover how close it actually is! A coworker may confess to a long-held crush. If you're not the type to "dip the pen in the company ink," a few hours of volunteer work might link you to a charitable soul who makes you swoon. If you're already in a relationship, bring more structure to your union. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so let that be your incentive to put a few date nights on the calendar.

Step into the spotlight, Gemini. With a cluster of planets swirling through Libra and your fifth house of fame, passion, and romantic appeal, you are the brightest star in the room. Since you tend to be partnership-oriented, shining as a solo act can be a wee bit awkward for you. Don't scurry away from center stage, however, as you are poised to make a leap into an exciting new league. A leadership position may be offered to you; or, you could get media attention for your talents. Instead of worrying about being an attention hog, focus on what you have to provide for the world. This will ground you in your mission and ensure that you stay soulfully connected to your audience. It's a great week to create a buzz around a project or cause that's near and dear to your heart. Throw a party to get the word out or invite your social network to join you for an event. Romantically, the combination of sloe-eyed Venus and structured Saturn is angling for you to make a union a bit more serious. Make time for The Talk. You can approach the topic of "what's next for us?" without coming across as too needy or heavy now. With all your verve and sex appeal, it's rather difficult for anyone to say no to you, but use this power responsibly. If you use charm to manipulate someone into doing your bidding, you may win the battle, but you'll lose the war. Make sure your vision of love is mutually beneficial for both parties involved. If you're single, don't let the bright and showy players outshine the quieter, enduring types. You need someone who is a healthy mix of fun and stability, but you're going to have to discipline yourself when the siren's song of the bad boy (or girl) type lures you in the wrong direction.

As a Cancer, you need to feel a sense of being "at home" in order to relax. This is true whether you're sitting in your own living room, at your desk, or in your car. With four planets in your domestic zone, your nesting instincts could lead you to some creative, de-stressing solutions. Take time to get your creature comfort inventory together. Soften up your office area with chair pillows, a delicately scented votive, and family photos; create a "travel kit" with miniatures of your favorite bath products, comfy ballet flats or slippers, a tiny photo album, and a playlist of your favorite chill-time tracks. Subtle sensual cues, such as smells, textures, and sounds, that remind you of home can have a powerfully soothing effect on your brain. With structured Saturn linking up with gracious Venus this week, you'll be ready to iron out tension with a neighbor, roomie, or relative with whom you live. It's been difficult to address the matter, but if you don't talk about it, you're going to explode, Cancer. This person has encroached on your territory, but have you made your boundaries clear? Before you blow up, take responsibility for any lack of communication on your part. You have an ability to smile until you're steaming mad, and people might be under the (false) impression that you're cool with them treading onto your terrain. Ideas for a home-based business may also emerge this week. Give them serious consideration, even if you start this up as a side gig. The low overhead is a plus, but you'll have to work harder to ensure that you don't become a total shut-in.

It's a "think globally, act locally" kind of week. Your big ideas are brilliant, but you don't have to log on to Skype to find your playmates. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Libra and your third house of homegrown love, you could become a fixture on the neighborhood scene before the week is through. Who are the people in your everyday surroundings? From the coworker two cubicles down to the rocker boy living in Apartment 3D, those polite nods and hellos just don't suffice-and why should they? You're missing out on the opportunity to build something together with the people in your daily life. They need your natural enthusiasm and creativity as much as you need theirs. Getting involved in a community effort like a cleanup campaign, block association, talent show, or other meetup can breathe new inspiration into your social life. Once your curiosity is piqued, look out! Like an intrepid journalist, you want to know who, what, why, when, where, and how of it all, and you're hardly shy about asking questions. Just remember, Leo, there is a difference between bonding and badgering. If you want other people to give up the goods, you're going to have to do the same thing yourself. Intersperse a personal anecdote or admission of vulnerability into those conversations. That way, people will understand that you are genuinely interested in forming a connection with them, rather than just interrogating them like a CSI agent.

 This week's keyword is mindfulness. Think: mindful eating, mindful spending, and making mindful choices. With your busy life, you tend to flip into autopilot mode, going through the motions with your eyes fixed on the end goal. When you pause for a nanosecond to think about what you're doing, you not only make better decisions, but you also enjoy the journey and the process that much more. Stopping to smell the roses, get a mani-pedi, journal for fifteen minutes in the morning, or read a book for pleasure's sake will not cause you to miss that looming deadline. Rather, you'll be infused with a greater sense of inspiration about the tasks at hand. Both your diet and your budget could use a once over. Think about what you pop in your mouth and where you plunk down your hard earned dollars. You're an expert at sniffing out a killer sale or an amazing cooking blog, Virgo, and these talents will come in handy this week. Already living the disciplined life? The question becomes this: are the structures you've implemented really sustainable, Virgo? It's one thing to tighten the belt; it's quite another to deprive yourself with complete austerity. This universe lives by the law of equilibrium. Don't cut back so much that you wind up rebelling against your own rigid rules. You can avoid the binge eating or spending trap by giving yourself smaller treats along the way. With four planets in your sensual, cultural second house, your life could benefit from a little "art therapy" this week. Schedule your socializing accordingly. Meet friends at a museum, choose restaurants with live music or dancing, take a run through a sculpture garden, or go see a friend's band play. Less talking, more absorbing: this recipe will feed your soul.

You aim to please, Libra, but at what price? Those warm-fuzzy exchanges you have with dear friends and perfect strangers alike are not worth the buzz if you don't have a firm grip on your own priorities. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all lining up in Libra this week, you need to be less about the "we" and more about the "me." This is not about being selfish; it's simply that you need to drop anchor on S.S. Libra so you don't float off to sea. Prioritize self-care. You need your beauty rest and dreamtime in order to stay centered. Here's some tough news to swallow: You've made some promises to people that you're not going to be able to keep. The friend who wants help painting her living room, the relative who wants a ride to the airport...yes, it's awkward to cancel, but it's even worse to push yourself, burn out, and wind up bailing at the last minute anyway. Explain the situation honestly to your loved ones: you've allowed some breakdowns to occur, and you need to spend the week getting it together again. Your true friends and allies will understand. Also: there are some important relationships that have become rather lopsided in your life. You've gone out of your way for these people, and it seems like everything is now on their terms. Don't get mad. You helped to set up this dynamic by "going along to get along." That said, this is the week where you begin to turn the tide in these relationships. Get in tune with your needs and begin vocalizing them. If a plan doesn't fit in your schedule or sing to your soul, suggest an alternative time or venue. People are more willing to accommodate you than you realize-a pleasant surprise, indeed.

Surrendering is not a sign of weakness, Scorpio. Rather, it's deciding to accept a situation that, despite your best efforts, simply isn't aligned with your soul's purpose. It's hard for you to walk away from things, especially where your pride is concerned. This week, however, you may need to put a project, purchase, or relationship on the back burner for a spell...if you don't let it go altogether. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all touring your twelfth house of completions, you have gone as you can possibly go given your current resources. If you're still dedicated to making this work, you need to begin stretching outside your current comfort zone and finding new solutions. The twelfth house rules mentors and guides, so look up the ladder for a helping hand. Someone who has already achieved a variation of your dream may be willing to show you the ropes, purely out of the goodness of his heart. You're not one to take handouts, though, so how will you return the favor? Look for ways you can volunteer a few hours of your time to help this person with tasks, even all that busywork that's piled up. If you're having trouble getting jazzed about a situation in your life that actually IS thriving, you may have a little mourning of the past left to do. Is there room in your heart to embrace the new? Not until you've emptied out the remnants of the past. If you're still harboring resentment, anger, or sadness about days gone by, sit down with your journal and write an uncensored letter. Don't drop it in the mailbox, however; drop it in a fire as a ceremonial act of release. This exercise is more about getting your feelings into the open than stirring up drama with people you're better off keeping at a distance.

 Take a few new applications for Team Sagittarius this week. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all cruising through Libra and your collaborative, future-forward eleventh house, you'll get by with a little help from your friends. You don't have to expand the radius of your inner circle TOO much, however; in fact, overextending your reach is a common Sagittarius misstep that winds up leaving you drained. Just widen the arc enough to allow for a few key players to enter the picture. These should be people whose missions, values, and talents complement your own. How many ways can you hook each other up? Sharing resources, space, buzzing about one another on social networking sites, joining forces on a project-when you find the right fit with people, you'll see limitless win-win possibilities. All in all, this week is about addressing feelings of loneliness in your life and taking steps to remedy them. While independence has its perks, you don't have to lose your sense of self to be part of a collective. If you are a freelancer, for example, explore the co-working movement. Offices are cropping up across the country where you can rent a desk and work individually without sacrificing your need for the human connection. On a personal level, formally join a group or club that allows you to build long-lasting bonds with people rather than the fly-by-night acquaintances you tend to amass. Sign up for a ten-week course instead of doing the drop-in thing. The joy comes from diving in all the way, not dipping your toe in the water.

 A surge of ambition sweeps over you this week as the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn all cruise through Libra and your house of professional honors. You are establishing (or re-establishing) yourself in the public eye as a force to be reckoned with. Make an added effort to promote your passions this week in a way that entices people to explore what you're up to. You may have to give something away for free, the "try before you buy" route. Throw a little party to create a buzz, even if you're not ready to unveil your piece de resistance yet. Consider designating a few VIP contacts as your test market. Letting them see your work in progress can be unnerving; however, their feedback can save you some costly missteps if you allow them guide and advise you. In your personal life, your mind veers back to its favorite, de facto groove: wondering about what the future holds with you and THAT person. This is one of the ways that you drive yourself insane, Capricorn, worrying so much about what might not even happen that you forget to enjoy the here and now. Still, it's important to check in with your peeps and make sure that you're working towards a common goal. Perhaps it's time to create an inspiring plan, like a Thanksgiving reunion in Aspen or project that you can build together. Take the lead on this mission. If the baseline bond is there, you have the power to re-infuse your closest relationships with inspiration and love by playing the role of the social organizer.

 Widen that search radius, Aquarius. With four planets converging in Libra and your house of global exploration all week, you'll need to look beyond city limits for the connections you're craving. You've never been a fan of the ordinary, and collecting friends from different cultures and backgrounds is one of your favorite pastimes. Whether you board a 747 or simply set up a conference call via Skype, make an extra effort to nurture cross-cultural connections this week. You could create a compelling collaboration with someone who lives beyond state lines or even overseas. (Import/export biz, anyone?) Check your travel getup: is your carry-on suitcase in good shape? You may need to travel for an interview or other important meetup before the week is through. If you're lucky enough to have a budget for tourism, this is an excellent week for committing to a meaningful journey, especially one that has a purpose beyond sheer recreation. Perhaps you'll take a gamble on a budding love affair with someone you met while on vacation, or you'll be jetting off for a weeklong seminar to enhance your marketability in your field. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Aquarius. If you're filled with unquenchable desire, you owe it to yourself to explore the situation further. A flatlining relationship will benefit from unconventional solutions, too. Look to other cultures for customs and philosophies that might not normally fly across your radar. From Peruvian shamans to Parisian neo-bohemians, your gurus will come in some fascinating and philosophical packages. The results of experimenting with their practices can be potent, too; they could ignite a romantic Renaissance phase in your life.

You're playing for keeps this week, as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all converge in Libra and your eighth house of intimate bonding. There are big questions on your mind: Where is this relationship going? What does the future hold for us? Can I build something permanent here? It's important to get these curiosities answered, but this is not something that will happen overnight. The next few weeks are more about observing people in action than having frank discussions. Do some internal reflection as well. Are you expecting another person or a job to fill a hole in your soul? That will only provide a temporary fix, Pisces. You need to deal with what's driving your somewhat obsessive mindset lately. The likely answer: you've been avoiding an emotion like fear, sadness, or anger. Do some journaling exercises this week to heal and release. You could simply start by writing, "I feel angry when..." at the top of a blank page and see what flows forth from your pen. As you unleash your pent-up feelings (and maybe even have a cleansing, long-overdue cry), your life could come back into balance. That desire to "lock 'em in for the long haul" eases up and you will find it easier to enjoy the moment. Financially, this week brings some interesting opportunities to join forces with other people. Someone may want to invest in one of your ideas; or, you may be offered the opportunity to utilize someone's resources for your own gain. It can be uncomfortable for you to receive gifts like this-you never enjoy the idea of being indebted to others. Nevertheless, don't look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth! The barter system is a great way to repay people's kindnesses if you don't have cash to bring to the table. You might also find a way to pay it forward. Is there a novice in your midst who you might mentor or recommend? Be generous for generosity's sake.

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