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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tramp vs. lack of motivation

Well friends, the seasons have shifted. Fall is here, and morning are a little bit cool. The thought of getting up and heading straight out the door for a cardio burst is a little less inviting then it was a month or even a couple of weeks a go. It is so easy to loose interest in your fitness goals once the weather changes; it's cold, it's wet, it's messy...etc. There is no reason to be fair weather "sweater," exercisers who stay committed to their fitness goals all year are the exercisers who see and get results. 

Pick a fight, against your lack of motivation; and destroy whatever thoughts are holding you back.

There are so many ways to stay fit and motivated through out fall and winter. Take advantage of seasonal activities and invest it a good pair of running shoes and some home fitness gear. I'm obsessed with the Tracy Anderson Method; which combines a dance inspired cardio workout with a muscle structure workout. It's challenging, and the program delivers results.  Cardio workouts have typically been cursed by boredom; they are repetitive, and  require no mental engagement. Holding the philosophy that cardio is boring will negatively impact your workout. Exercise is a mind and body activity. To challenge your fitness your mind has to be involved. I'm a huge fan of mini trampoline workouts because of the mind/body necessary involvement. Functional fitness aims to train the body in a real world manner, active mental engagement in workouts can help improve mental engagement and pattern recognition in other areas of your life. So go on, get jumping and stay motivated this cold season. 

Remember to always start with a warm up. This will get your muscles ready for work and help prevent workout related pain.

Grab some water, and keep it up.

Great job! Try to incorporate a cardio challenge into your routine at least 5 times a week. 

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