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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Horse around creatively

Staring at a wall, blankly, for hours on end, will burn only an image of the wall into your mind. Staring at a wall with ideas, possibility, and an openness will inadvertently cause you an influx of creativity. One day, years ago, I was crying about something ridiculous and complaining to my dad, about how creativity is void in our lives/world.

 He looked me in the eye, and said: " Kendra, creativity is all around us. A doctor can be creative when finding a diagnosis, a business man can be creative in strategy execution, as an artist can be creative with the colours and textures in their paint box. Creativity is simply a willingness to explore the unexplored frontiers of your mind and the problem at hand. Creativity, exists when you ignore previous judgments and look at a tired problem with afresh perspective." 

Creativity is play. The lost concept is all around us; waiting to be engaged. For every action in life there is a chance of creation, and creative exploration. To be creative; is to not fear failure, and to not fear the snickering behind ones back. Other peoples opinions of us, are none of our concerns. People snicker because they don't understand. Personally, I rather be a page ahead as opposed to ten behind.

The discovery of North America, was a creative exploration gone horribly wrong. Columbus was searching for a shortcut to Asia when stumbling upon our content. If Columbus had not feared the exploration, maybe North America would never have been discover. SO...Create, create, create, there are opportunities at every glances. You Just need to open your eyes. 

My Little Pony Hair might be a lost a exploration
Or a radical Find. 
Creativity is the possessions of the creator. Creations, or Art of
any sort matters most to the creator. Other opinions,
Virtually meaningless.

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