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Friday, November 4, 2011

Low Fat, and Jump Free, Cardio.

The main stream definition of Aerobics implies a series of rhythmic large muscle exercises which usually include some variety of bouncing and/or jumping. I personally love aerobics and all the impact; however my joints at times, disagree. A good aerobic work out does not need to include jumping.

Low impact aerobics have  the same benefits of high impact aerobics, including: massive calorie burns, fat burning heart rate, improved bone density, stress reduction, improved coordination and balance, improved muscle tone, improved muscular endurance and flexibility,  improved muscular strength, improved posture, and improved overall body performance. 

Low impact aerobics excludes exercises where both feet leave the ground. It is important to add variety to your workout; and it is even more important to listen to your body.

 I'm super addicted to the Tracy Anderson Method, I love the dance cardio. Some days when I'm feeling low on energy or a little stiff I will modify the routine (take out the jumps) to minimize my potential for injury and maximize my workout benefits. 

There is no point pushing through a workout with burning shin splits, just relax and tone down the intensity. 

I've added a low impact, aerobic workout inspired by Tracy Anderson's dance Cardio. It is a great cardio sweet, sans joint impact. 

When following along, be sure to move your whole body, and exaggerate the bending of major joints. 
It is the major body muscles that burn the most calories. The harder you work the big muscles the more calories you will zap.

For the best workout results,  change up your workout. Follow Tracy's muscle structure routine and just remember to move. 

Happy Sweating!

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