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Friday, September 30, 2011


Yesterday I said, that there is no such thing as a magic fix. I live by the axiom. I have my thought; and am quite happy with my behind. However I do love to have my ideology challenged and my viewpoint rotated. Yesterday, I said shortcuts don't work. Today, I say maybe it is okay to cheat every once and a while.

Puttising around town this morning, I discovered Skinnygirl shape wear (by Bethany Frankel the Creator of the Skinnygirl Margarita). More specifically I discovered the secret service, Booty enhancing undies. At first sight, I laughed kinda uncontrollably. Then the wisdom of  Sir Mixalot, flooded my conscience in rhyme: "I like big Butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny...", and the fallacy of quick fixes led me to a rational purchase decision.

                        Rocking the Booty Booster                 Not Rocking the Booty Booster

I'm not so sure what I think of the booty booster; It is kinda like when a boy you like find out you stuff your bra, and you are instantly embarrassed for the blatant false marketing. That being said I think everyone needs to form their own opinion. If you want a bootilicious booty: The shorts do lift without applying to much bulk.

If you do decide to cheat, think of the booty booster as cover up or concealer. You can put it over a zit or flat tush, but it won't make the zit go away or the tush grow. If you want a beautiful behind sans padding you have to work for it. 

Personally, I think I'll use these to replace my Burton impact shorts for snowboarding, a lot less bulky. 

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