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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Style: maxi-evolution

From our humble prehistoric ancestry, men and women have evolved to the sophisticated and politically correct beings that we are. Our capacity to rationalizes on a pc level is the rabbit in the race against the turtle, genetic evolution.

(Bill Blass)

From our hunting and gathering days; men and women have evolved to see differently. Women; tend to gravitate to color. Presumably from our need to find colored berries and root vegetable. As women, what we notice first about a style, decoration, or look is the color. We tend to like neutral colors with a pop of color. Like a nude face, with a bold lip.

 In contrast, men from their days of hunting, see movement before color. In order to hunt efficiently, men needed to be able to instinctually  react to muscle twitches. Many sports psychologist believe that the male ability to see movement in action is the reason why male professional sports play at a higher level.

(Calvin Klein Spring 2012) 

When it comes to fashion, men are attracted to how fabric hangs and moves on the body. Think: Oscar De La Renta, Jason Wu, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein. Male designers, design with movement in mind. Clothing that flows effortlessly on and around the body is elegant, sexy, and beautiful.

(Mulberry Spring 2012)

Mix in some flow to your wardrobe with flowing skirts, blouses and dresses. The maxi look is dominating summer fashion. To keep the maxi look fresh, stick to rental pastel colors like nude, and mint; or bold on trend prints.

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