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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beauty: DIY perfect red lips

I think that Marilyn Monroe was so stunning. I love her signature look of Red lipstick. A nice red lipstick  is my most coveted beauty product. I often rock a bright lip with a relatively neutral eye. The boldness of the color red stands out, and can easily transform a look of make-up frump, into an elegant and sophisticated starlet approved beauty do. 

Gaining the confidence to rock red lips can be a challenge. A badly executed red lip only looks sloppy and trashy. Before your paint your pout red make sure that your lips are primed, here are some of my favorite tips for red lips. 

Lip Sugar Scrub, from Lush.

First: Red lipstick will only emphasize dry and chapped lips. To erase the damage of chapped lips first use a lip exfoliate or sugar scrub. Then apply a generous amount of lip balm and allow the moisture to be absorbed before you begin to add color. 

I like to use a a nude lip liner to gently outline the shape of my mouth and to act as a color buffer. Once you have a nice outline of your lips, gently using a lip brush fill in your lips with a bright red. Using a brush will allow you to have more control of the color and the look. 

Not so cute

Red lips are a statement on their own, and a rich velvety red with blue overtones are not only flattering for all skin tones, but will also make your teeth look whiter.  When red lipstick it is easy to get carried away with eye and face makeup. When wearing red lipstick go for a neutral look. Let your lips be the statement.  Be careful, to much bronzer, and eyeshadow can transform the look of chic into a look of streetwalker. 

To create a fuller lip look, try adding a shimmering powder to the center of your bottom lip and cupids bow after you fill in the color. The shimmering powder will catch and reflect light which will give off the illusion of a fuller lip. 

To find the right red for you, read the Red and The Beautiful.

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