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Monday, April 23, 2012

Horoscope: April 23-29

Happy Monday- It looks like Spring has finally sprung. The gentle beauty of cherry blossoms are living up the bare trees. To sound cliche; spring is always a time of new beginning, and revived outlook. I'm apprehensive of spring this year. My life is changing; I'll be leaving the comfort of routine associated with school for an undeclared adventure. The eternal optimist in me know the journey ahead is promised to be "one hell of ride," I just have to learn to let go and to allow for life to happen. With spring in the air; rethink, reorganize and redo what needs to be done. Enough said, check out your Georgia Nicols horoscope for April 23 - April 29. 

This is such a fortunate time for you! Of course, the Sun and lucky Jupiter are in your sign this month. (Yay me!) This attracts favourable circumstances and important people to you. In addition, Mars promises you a playful, prankish, flirtatious summer. You can expect to have fun with vacations, explore the arts, enjoy sports and playful activities with kids, as well as explore frisky, physical sexual adventures. Meanwhile, "The King was in his counting house counting out his money." Yes, fair Venus will bring you opportunities to increase your earnings, as well as opportunities to buy gorgeous treasures for yourself and loved ones. (You do love your trinkets.) Not too shabby, eh wot?
Even though you're working behind the scenes and planning your new year ahead, don't forget that Venus is in your sign until August. This is so rare! (It's usually there for only three weeks once a year.) Incidentally, this phenomenon will not occur again for more than a century, so make the most of it. You're going to have such a fun-loving, pleasurable summer! Venus will help you make peace with others and make new friends. Venus also makes you more attractive in other people's eyes, which is why you'll enjoy shopping for wardrobe goodies. It will also ameliorate the aggression, chaos and increased activity taking place at home due to renovations or visiting guests. You're extremely fortunate to be alive while this influence occurs.
This long duration of Venus and Mars (in their respective signs) for the summer will produce a rather unusual situation. Mars is hyping your communications with everyone. Now and for the summer ahead, you'll be more forthright, direct and bold about going after what you want. This is an asset for those who sell, market, teach, act, write or drive for a living. (You're go, go, go!) Meanwhile, in a secretive way, Venus is hiding in your chart until August. (This long influence will never happen again in your lifetime.) For some, it will manifest as a secret love affair. Others simply will be content with moments of solitude and feeling pleased with themselves. "I like me." (You'll almost be purring.)

This rare, lengthy stay of Venus and Mars in two signs will make you spend lots of money this summer. Indeed, this influence has been here for awhile, so you're already spending! Fortunately, Mars will energize everything to do with your cash flow, possessions and approach to money. This means you're also eager to earn money. You're similarly eager to organize your possessions and get rid of what you don't need and make the best use of what you have. "Out with the old, in with the new!" Meanwhile, Venus urges you to madly socialize. Friendships, clubs, groups and organizations all beckon to you this summer. (Friends can become lovers and lovers can become friends.)

You're super-revved with Mars in your sign for so many months. (From November of last year until July this year.) This hugely activates your life! It also gives you a wonderful chance to show the world what you can do. However, you are coming on like gangbusters! (You're more of a fighter for your rights than usual.) Because you're so aggressive and your physical energy is so high, you'll get a lot done but you might also be insensitive to others. "Outta my way! I've got things to do!" All summer, Venus, at the top of your chart, will attract romance with older, richer, worldlier partners. You'll also be asked to give your creative input to special projects. ("Perfect! That blue needed just a bit more white in it.")
Not for more than 100 years will Venus have such a long run in this part of your chart. And what part of your chart might that be? It's the part that makes you want to travel, seek adventure and learn. Venus will bring you pleasurable trips this summer as well as possible love affairs with people from other cultures and different countries. Publishing, the media, higher education, medicine and the law will be blessed and might boost your income. Meanwhile, Mars continues to linger in a hidden part of your chart threatening to reveal childish, self-defeating behaviour (Moi?). When upset with others, don't confront them - confront yourself! Time to grow up. (Mars will also encourage secret love affairs.)
You're receiving a double combo of lovely influences for the summer. (This is most unusual and will never again occur in your lifetime.) One of the influences (Mars) makes you unusually competitive in your dealings with others, especially group situations. It also inspires you to aggressively pursue your goals. (Physical activity will be unusually rewarding for you.) Meanwhile, fair Venus will attract gifts, goodies and favours from others all summer long, as well as promote affectionate, sweet sex. (Woot!) Many of you will benefit indirectly because your partner will earn more money. Others will inherit (where there's a will, there's a way).
This rare, unusually lengthy duration of Venus and Mars in their respective signs is powerful for your sign because Mars is at the top of your chart and Venus is opposite your sign. This means your ambition is stimulated as never before. You are totally stoked with energy to achieve certain goals. You will not be daunted or held back. You're just going to bloody well do it: "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" Meanwhile, fair Venus beautifully sweetens relationships with partners and close friends. You'll find it easy to express your affections for others. You can even make favourable headway with enemies. Coochy-coo!

You must be amazed at the opportunities you have to travel, take vacations plus enjoy yourself and party with others. (And it's not as if you're sitting around getting dusty. You're working hard as well.) This month, you are totally focused on fun, romance, sports and playful times with children. But for the whole summer, these party times are nicely balanced with establishing an easy rapport with co-workers, one that is mutually beneficial. In addition to which, you will continue to explore opportunities to travel, get further education and make the most of inroads in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. You wanted more?
Many Aquarians are completely involved in the most fantastic love affair of their lives. (You might be married to this person or not.) Everything to do with romance, love affairs, the arts, playful times with children, vacations and sports will be highly rewarding for you this summer. On top of that, your sex drive is strong. You're ready for fun! Not only that, you will confidently defend your own best interests and make sure you get your fair share of the pie. If you have to divide something or discuss an inheritance or dispute about shared property, you'll be confident and successful. Continue to tap into your creative talent.
Busy, busy you! Short trips, mucho errands and conversations with others keep you on the go. But in the bigger picture, this summer you'll want to entertain at home and do whatever you can to beautify your digs. You'll buy goodies for where you live or paint and redecorate. Relations with family members will be more affectionate and peaceful. (This is wonderfully restoring for you.) But more than that, this will anchor you because Mars opposite your sign continues to create conflict with friends and partners when you least expect it. The upside is you're ready to defend yourself. You have the guts to clear the air with others and speak your mind. Hey, this is a good thing!
This double whammy of Mars and Venus means you'll accomplish a lot this summer for two reasons: The first is your ruler Mars will motivate you to be super-productive. You'll take pride in how hard you work and how much you accomplish in the next few months. Not only will you want to be efficiently productive, you'll also want to improve your health. Therefore, you have all this motivation and energy! Meanwhile, Venus will give you the means to accomplish what you want because Venus makes you charming, diplomatic and able to talk about anything to anyone. Venus will also enhance your ability to discover how much love there is in your everyday world. And hey, do let others know how much you care for them as well, hmmm?

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