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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweat: Greener

I saw an interesting article on Recycle Bank last week that highlighted the energy saving benefits of running outside vs. inside on a treadmill. The article stated that if just half off all Nike+ users ran outside instead of on a treadmill for a week enough energy would be saved to power Seattle.

 I find the statement hard to believe, as the research was one sided and funded by a zealous environmental group. Regardless, running out side is such a joy. Especially when the weather is nice. Mix up your cardio: go for a run. 

Then come back and tone your legs/core with me in an easy 15 minute routine. All you need for the my workout is a toning ball (which can be purchased on line  Bikini season is almost here. Flaunt your assets with confidence, and get your ass is shape.

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