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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beauty: Bold yet Minimal

The makeup trends that are emerging across fashion magazines, pop culture, TV, and the runways; is a look of simplicity. The look is strong, polished, bold, and neutral. It is a look of classic elegance with an attention to details. A good friend of mine, Shalaine Howell, is a makeup artist with loads of experience both in movies, fashion, and for the every day girl. Shalaine broke down the look of Bold Minimalism for me, and gave me some tips on how to master  the look. 

Your skin, and your natural complexion is what the look strives to showcases. Take care of you skin by exfoliating regularly and by using product that are a good match for your skin. You should always strive to look red carpet ready, easily achievable through proper skin maintenance, healthy diet, sunscreen and sleep.

For the look of bold minimalism, you will need a neutral pallet of eye shadow, blush, mascara and lip stick.

Start with your eyes, apply a gentle primer to hold color in place, and use a light shade to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Contour the eye with a more brownish hue, and start just above the pupil. Work the color into the eye crease and then gently pull it down and blend the colors.  Add a gentle touch of eyeliner and mascara. I personally love cat eyes, and the look of spidery lashes.

Always start you look with your eyes, then move to your foundation. The bold minimised look is about having perfect skin. So use a foundation rich in moisture and preferably with an SPF. As Shalaine says: "You can't paint a house with your fingers, so use a brush!" Apply the foundation with a brush this will help to work the product into your skin making it look fresher and last longer. When you apply foundation with your fingers, you run the risk of spreading bacteria from your hands all over the face. In addition the natural oils and warmth of our hands can react with the make-up causing a change of color. 

On the apples of your cheeks, what balls up when you smile, gently dust on a light brush. If you have any blemishes cover with  concealer. Dust your face with a non-bronzing powder.

To finish the look, pick a very bold yet neutral lip color. Line your lips, I always like to use a nude liner. With a brush fill in your lips with the color. Apply two layers, and blot after each layer.

So Pretty! 

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