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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dreams Of Oscar De La Renta

I like Most girls have simple dreams of Luxury. I eagerly await the day I'll own, my very own Oscar de la Renta. A designer so praised for his ability to accentuate the natural curves of any woman. 

My dreams are simple. They consist of mostly fabric and decedent costumes. I dream of soft leather sparkling snake skin shoes, and hair ornaments to fit my mood.  

My dreams are achievable; that I know, as thanks to Veda Lux Boutique, I have achieved my dream of owning a vintage Oscar.

I may not have "the mucho denaro," to through down on a new gown. Used is fine by me.
 The beautiful thing about classy thrift shops is the owners passion for glamour and ability to find true gems. My Oscar is my prized vintage find.

Summer Hightower has a unique personal style and a daringness when it comes to fashion. I absolutely am in love with Veda Lux , and what I can find at her Mansion of Thrifty. Treat yourself, and play with your look.  Dress Up.

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