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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweat: Heavenly Abs

"I Scream, 
You Scream, 
We all Scream- for Screen Proof Abs!"

No one dreams of rocking an inny minny bikini with intentions of showing off their double budda bella. According to prevention magazine both men and women agree that the stomach is their biggest problem area. In hopes of flattening the midsection billions of crunches are performed each day across North America.  Our Abs are made up of many smaller muscle groups. Over use of one group can prevent exercises from being effective.

A strong core: helps protect the spine, increases balance, and can elevate your fitness and skill level in recreation activities. I love to snowboard, and by training my core I am able to progress my riding while preventing injuries. 

When training your core, it important to engage the various accessory muscle groups. To effectively tone the abs, exercises need to be modified and designed to engage the smaller less used accessory muscles. 
Below is 12 minute intense ab routine, designed to engage the entire core (inspired by the Tracy Anderson Method). Follow along, remembering to keep your stomach in and shoulders relaxed. 

This routine is challenging and rewarding. Follow along, and you will be amazed as your core transforms!

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