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Friday, April 13, 2012

Read: Story Of Beautiful Girl

"The Story of Beautiful Girl," by Rachel Simon is a heart warming love story inspired by another time; another world. The book begins, with a simple dedication: For those who were put away.

"The Story of Beautiful Girl," is an invisible love story that serves as a social commentary. The story takes place at a "school" for the mentally challenged. Up until the 1970s, many children with disabilities were often placed in institution away from their family and hidden from society. The Story of Beautiful Girl, centers on the love of two students; a mute beautiful girl, and a deaf black man.

Institution life, was anything but glamorous. The students were treated like convict; abused and misunderstood. Lynnie, the beautiful girl, and Buddy (the deaf man) make a decision one autumn night to escape the school. Lynnie is pregnant; and wishes to giver her child a better life, outside of the school. Lynnie and Buddy roam the street looking for a friendly house, in the midst of a raging storm, when a man in a lighthouse appears on a mail box. Lynnie heads to the house and rings the doorbell. The young couple is greeted by an elderly woman named Martha. Lynnie's freedom does not last long. Officials from the school are hot on her trail, in a manic chaos Buddy escapes and Martha is left with a newborn baby girl. The Story of Beautiful Girl, is a tale of love and of a lifes journey to reunite a family against all odds. The book inspires hope.

Rachel Simon, writes from her heart. Simon grew up with a mentally challenged sister. Simon writes with empathy and respect. The Story of Beautiful Girl, highlights the lessons that fully able people learn through their interactions with those perceived to be challenged. The story is honest, emotional, and raw. The Story of Beautiful Girl challenges the reader to examine his or her faults before casting judgment. While reading the book I cried, laughed, raged, and gave thanks.

The Story of Beautiful Girl, follows the characters on a 40 year journey through heart ache and disillusionment only to prove the strength of human compassion and determination. Thank you Rachel Simon, for sharing your compassion. The Story of Beautiful girl, is a beautiful read-That will leave you feeling whole; with the knowledge that there is always a place you can go back to.

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