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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweat Mistakes

When it comes to exercising we are all guilty of a few faux pas. I have a tendency to get stuck in exercise ruts, because I fail to mix-up my work outs. I love the Tracy Anderson Method, because she switches up the routine every 10 days. Staying constant with my TAM workouts has eliminated my exercise boredom. Before Tam, I was a cardio snob. I would spend hours running. When in my cardio only phases I struggled with achieving results. We all make mistakes, and below are a few of the biggest sweat mistakes we exercise fanatics are making. 

1. Excuses, Excuse Excuse:

" I just don't have time to fit in a workout...So-and-so needs me to do blah-blah-blah..."

When it comes to working out, or eating healthy the average woman has an advanced ability to make excuses and negotiate alternative plans to reduce lack of sweat guilt. In business success there is no room for excuses and costly negotiations are not viewed positively. Success is the result of handwork, and ownership of ones goals. This means accepting the challenges. Treat your fitness goal like an investment.
Make an appointment with the treadmill, buy yourself a new workout outfit; treat it like a business meeting, (or a beauty appointment). 

2. Ehh? Change up my workout-

Performing the same exercises routine every day is the surest way to get you in a fitness plateau. In addition the repetitive use of key muscles can cause injuries, and extreme muscle fatigue. Change up the intensities, and the exercises. Our bodies are smart, and they adapt quickly to new routines. To challenge muscles to constantly evolve workouts have to stay progressive and challenging. Break through your plateau to realize new potential. Changing up your routine will help make workouts more fun; and as a transferred benefit will make you more willing to make changes in other areas of your life. 

3. CARDIO Snob

Only spend time on the elliptical or treadmill in attempts to burn fat, and snub the poor weight room?
Cardio is crazy important; but it is best paired with weight training. If you fear bulking up opt for high reps and low weights via Tracy Anderson Style. Muscle burn more calories at rest than fat. To increase your resting metabolic rate up your strength training. 

4. Chatter Box Supreme

Excising with a buddy is a great way to stay motivated, but make sure you are concentrating on the workout not talking. If you can talk with ease; you aren't working hard enough. And don't even think about talking on the cell- which takes you out of the workout completely and increases your likelihood of gym related injuries.

5. Music 

The tunes you listen to subliminally determine the intensity of your workout. Make a play list with songs that match your workout. For cardio pick up beat tunes, and strength training pick a slower song with a more steady beat. Matching your play list to your workout will help maximize core benefits and will reduce your likelihood of injuries. 

Shuffle the play list around to change your workout. Try mixing a song of cardio between songs of strength training. Go to Spotify to get new music inspiration- 

AND always keep your music volume low enough to hear whats happening around you. 

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