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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beauty: Beauty Balmed-

I am obsessed with Too Faced's Tinted Beauty Balm. Beauty Balms have only recently entered the North American Beauty Scene. Too Faced's version of the beauty balm is an innovative new beauty product that features the skin benefits of a luxurious day cream, with the beauty benefit of an all over even skin tone, perfect foundation glow.  Too Faced's Beauty Balm is a multi mineral product that gives skin and instant lift.

Benefits of Too Faced  Beauty Balm include:
- Anti aging, multi mineral complex that primes skin and helps prevent skin damage.
- SPF 20, plus oil free skin hydration
- Light diffusing foundation pigment
- Hyper allergenic; perfect for sensitive skin.

Personally, I don't have the time to glam myself up everyday. I like easy beauty. I've tried other beauty balms, and most seem to have a thicker mat feel. Too Faced's version goes on smooth and feels light. The product is amazing. 

     Nude Faced                           Too Faced Beauty Balm'd

I wanted to show you, how amazing Too Faced Beauty Balm is. The pictures above have not been retouched. The only difference of the "prettier" picture is Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in vanilla glow, mascara, and lip chap. I'm not wearing any blush, eye shadow, or lipstick. The Beauty Balm is just that good.  Too Faced Beauty Balm is available in four shades which are shown below.

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