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Friday, April 20, 2012

Read: 50 Shades Trilogy

50 Shades of Grey, is a mature tween literature inspired trilogy. My e-reader has become my most prized possession. I read all three hunger games novels via the kindle store. I love the discretion and privacy provided by e-readers. No one knows what you are reading. I first downloaded 50 shades of grey, after finishing "Mockingbird," (the best and last book in Susan Collins Hunger Games trilogy).  I can across "50 Shades of Grey," through an Internet search. I want to read the next trilogy obsession. 

"50 Shades of grey," is an intoxicating and erotic read that appeals to the inner goddess in every woman and her sexual fantasies. The "50 Shades trilogy," is x rated and infatuating. The author, E.L. James, wrote the books from a place of desire, desperation, and seduction. The novel is a play on her wildest sexual fantasies. "50 Shades of Grey," has erected a massive frenzy because the story appeals to all women whom dream of exciting and liberating sex lives. My alter ego came to life while reading "50 Shades of Grey."

The story explores the unconventional relationship between: Anastasia Steel, a 22 year old virgin and literature major; and Christian Grey, a 26 year old business tycoon. The couple met by fluke chance; and were both seduced by a carnal need for the other. "50 Shades of Grey," explores the karmic need and insatiable lure we are all capable of feeling. Primal attraction, fuels the trilogy as E.L. James dives in to un-explored rationalized desire. 

50 Shades of Grey, invites readers to a foreign world. Much of the activity described in full detail was beyond my personal comfort. The story of seduction, and magnetic attraction is what I related to in the novel. 50 Shades of Grey, should be read with an open mind. E.L. James is a fearless writer who challenges social norms in an eloquent, and language rich manner. "50 Shades of Grey," is the book every one's talking about. Pick it up, read it, and don't judge the book by it adult content. E.L James, is challenging taboo and writing for the modern world. 

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