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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora is the personification of beauty well rested. Her skin shines with a rejuvenated youthful freshness that is rare to see in someone over the age of 7. Princess Aurora's beauty is the result of her plentiful rest. With out her rest, she would look and feel just as frazzled as the rest of us. While it may be a near impossibility to disconnect from the world for an extended nap to reap beauty benefits; we can make the most of it through revamping our before bed beauty routine. Wake up prettier, thanks to Elle Canada!

Wash your face:

Wash away the day with a calming rental face wash to help open pores. Going to sleep with makeup, and environmental skin debris can clog pores and result in nasty volcanic zits. After washing your face apply a vitamin c, retinal, or glycol acid product to the skin either as a toner or moisturizer. These products are great to apply before bed as they are light sensitive.

Pamper your cuticles:

Massage a drop of cuticle oil on to your nail beds before bed to help promote health, strong, flexible nails. The cuticle oil will beautify your hands, and will help your manicures last longer. The more flexible our nails are, the less polish will chip. Apply cuticle oil before bed to allow the oil to really penetrate into your skin. Try Sparitual cuticle oil (Vegan Friendly).

Stay Away from the LCD light:

The harsh florescent light the radiates from LCD screens mimics a sunshine light. The LCD glare at night time can trick the body into believing that it's not time for bed. Research from the University of Toronto shows that florescent lighting prevents the body from producing melatonin a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycle. Turn of the computer, cell phone and TV an hour before bed to calm the body. Turning of LCD light before bed will instantly reduce dark circles under the eye as the body accepts a natural sleep cycle. 

Set a Bed Time:
Our bodies have a natural clock that responds to the natural day cycle. We like to be awake for daylight and asleep for nightfall. By setting a bed time, as juvenile as it may seem, you will be more awake and refreshed for your wake-up time. Assigning your self a bed time is a proactive way to stay focused on your daily routine. Beauty and intelligence are sharpest when fresh. Aim to sleep between 7 and 8 hour a night 
(wake up at 7, be in bed by 11).

If you have trouble falling asleep turn a fan on to help your body cool down. 

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