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Friday, April 6, 2012

French Woman Don't Get Fat

 Mireille Guiliano has received literary praise for her best selling non-diet, diet book: "French Woman Don't Get Fat"(2004). Guiliano was inspired to pen "French woman Don't Get Fat," after she spent a year living in America as an exchange student. Mireille left France thin and petite, and returned home plump and round.

French woman seem to live a life of effortless beauty. They eat: bread, cheese, and desert. They drink: wine, champagne, and milk. French woman claim to lead a wholesome life void of sacrifices. Mireilles book may have been the health champion of 2004 as french lifestyle tips were grossly adopted by North Americans. Fast Forward to 2011, and a new world trade imbalance takes center stage among French product imports.  The biggest American import into France is now Jenny Craig. One of the leading diet programs in the US, and the world. If French woman don't get fat why is Jenny Craig so popular in France?

From 2006 to 2009 adult obesity rate rose in France by 11%. Roughly one in three French Adults is estimated to be overweight. In 2006 Jenny Craig was purchased by Nestle, the worlds largest food company. Nestle purchased Jenny Craig in an effort to inspire an image shift from sugary junk foods to positive lifestyle snacks.

The Jenny Craig product in France, has been made-over to appear more tech savvy and trend relevant. The company is working with classic french chefs to create gourmet meals at fractional calories. The company has also been working with contemporary dance and exercise specialist to create more playful and fun to follow exercise videos. French participants of Jenny Craig are encourage to engage in a specially designed social media site where participants can share feed back and encouragement.

The average French Jenny Craig participant is 46 years old and overweight. A person is considered overweight if there body mass index (BMI) is above 25.

In the past 10 years the cuisine of France has been Americanized. Fast food chains are a common sight and have forced a change in diet for the French people. Nestle is excited by and for the growth of Jenny Craig en Francais. The company notes that French woman have desire to engage in the sport of seduction- In France when a woman gets married she aims to increase her lure. French woman like us battle weight, unlike us they use their vanity to fight frumpy temptations.

Beauty is about loving your curves, and embracing womanhood. The product modifications Jenny Craig has had to make to appeal to the French market are aimed at building body confidence and respect. Life is to be enjoyed; in moderation.

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