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Monday, April 16, 2012

horoscopes: April 16- April 22

Happy Monday, Ya'll! I've been soaking up some sun in South Carolina for the past few days. The beach is beautiful. I love watching the water roll in and out with the tide. The ocean is hypnotic; so much so that I don't feel myself burning to a crisp. The sun-rays have left beautiful marks on my back; oh tan lines! 

As I recover from my zebra strips, the words of wisdom from Gergia Nicols will penetrate my thoughts reminding me that tan lines are not the end of the world. 

In the month ahead, you'll be focused on money, earnings and cash flow. You'll think about how to boost your earnings, get a better job or make money on the side. Plus, you might make a major purchase. (Heavy focus on money!) You'll also be concerned with possessions and the things you own. Specifically, you'll want to feel that what you own helps you in your life, not hinders you. (In other words, do you own your stuff or does it own you?) Naturally, if you do buy something, you'll want to show it off! And at the most subtle level, the month ahead will prompt you to think more deeply about your value system: What really matters in life? Hmmm.
This week the Sun returns to your sign for the first time in a year, which means it's all about you and it's your chance to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. Take note: While this is a good thing, it can make you a tad overbearing when dealing with others. Nevertheless, it's totally appropriate in the month ahead to be self-centred and concerned with yourself. It's not selfishness. It simply means it's time to focus on you. Furthermore, you have a strong need to express yourself to others and this is valid. It's one time of year when your first duty is yourself. (Yes, you can have seconds on dessert.)
Observe your behaviour in the next month to identify self-defeating acts. We all send out two signals to the world: one is what we consciously say and do and the other one is what unconsciously propels us. Although we might not be aware of it, others see both. (Yikes!) But in the month ahead, your unconscious self can really grab you by the throat. Childhood behaviour patterns that are no longer appropriate might manifest in an embarrassing way. Grab this chance to identify them and let them go! ("Be gone!") Because your personal year is ending, the next four-to-six weeks is a good time to look back and see how well you're doing at the art of living.
Many of you love to garden, which is why the pastoral influence of the Taurus Sun excites you. This excitement translates into energy in your personality, which is why you're going to be much more popular during the next six weeks. Not only will you enjoy involvement with groups and friends, others will love to see you as well. Get out and schmooze! Team efforts will be productive. (In fact, it's a good time to form working relationships.) Speak freely about your hopes and dreams for the future because others might be able to help you (almost a certainty). Plus you're excited about your ideals.

The Sun is now slowly moving across the top of your chart acting like a spotlight and drawing attention to you, especially from bosses, parents, teachers and VIPs. And this lighting is flattering! Everyone think you're hot! Naturally, you can use this to your advantage. Go after what you want. Make your pitch. Demand the advantage. You'll be surprised how easily doors will open for you. This is also the perfect time to think about your life direction in general. Where are you headed? Where do you want to go? Meanwhile, back at the ranch, many of you are involved with parents more than usual. (My parents turned out pretty well.)

Mars in your sign is moving forward again, so you're charged up and raring to go! In part, this is why you're so keen to grab more of life in the next six weeks. You want to travel, see new places, meet new faces and learn new facts. You want adventure, fresh knowledge and the feeling that life is stimulating! You're Gene Kelly strutting across the stage singing "Got-ta dance!" This is a fabulous time to take a course or enroll in any kind of study or take up a new hobby. By all means, travel anywhere if you can! You'll love discussions that are metaphysical, philosophical, spiritual, religious and political because you're drawn to big ideas.
Your love of restaurants, social fun, chic clothes and a beautiful home is tough on your pocketbook. ("Laugh now, pay later" can land you in debt.) Because you've enjoyed recent travels and splurges, now your financial reality is coming home to roost. This is why you'll be focused on debt, taxes, inheritances, insurance matters and shared property in the next month. You want to reduce your debt so you can have more fun in the future! Along with this desire, you want to improve your life at many levels. You'll be making lists of daily habits you wish you could cultivate to become a better person or live a richer life. Nothing wrong with that. Focus on what you want to achieve.
The Sun is your source of energy and this is the only time all year when the Sun is opposite your sign. This means you need to get more rest. Factoid. Do yourself a favour and acknowledge this. Furthermore, the Sun opposite your sign makes you focus keenly on partnerships and close friendships. Good! Clean up messy situations and examine your relationships with others. Do these relationships benefit you? After all, it's a two-way street. You must be as good for your partner as he or she is for you for both parties to be happy, right? This is also the best month of the year to consult experts - lawyers, counselors, accountants and astrologers. Do it.

You're making To Do lists because you're so keen to get better organized. You want your life to run efficiently and effectively. You want to finish tasks you've already begun. You want to establish a better sense of order. In part, this is because you're also keen to improve your health and you know that cluttered surroundings contribute to a cluttered mind, and your mind is everything. Vigorous, daily outdoor exercise is probably on your list along with getting rid of whatever you don't need. You love to lighten your load because it means greater freedom in the future, which of course means freedom to travel. Yes!

Oh joy! You're entering one of the most fun-filled months of the year! In fact, all this fun stuff will continue for six-to-eight weeks, depending on whether you're an early or late Capricorn. Because it's your turn to party, you're motivated to get out and have a good time. You also want the freedom to be able to express who you are. (Good.) Everything around you feels lighter, prankish and social. Your involvement in sports, the Arts and children will be increasingly rewarding. Your passion to have a good time encourages love affairs and romance to flourish. Needless to say, this is the perfect time of year to take a vacation! (Ya think?) Enjoy these good times.

This month your attention swings to home, family and domestic matters. Some will cocoon at home to relax or tackle special projects. Others will be involved with family members, especially a parent. Because you're doing lots of personal self-evaluation and evaluating your surroundings, you'll think a lot about your personal lifestyle. This focus will manifest externally (as you check out where you live and your relations with family members) and internally (as you acquire a deeper, psychological self-awareness). "So Crates" (as he was called in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) espoused "Know thyself." And Lao Tzu said, "He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened." I always say, "Who is picking up this tab?"

Strap on your sneakers because you hit the pavement running this month! You're busy. You've got places to go, things to do, people to see. You'll love the pace because you feel excited and "up" about life. Furthermore, you're stimulated by talking to everyone, running around doing errands and taking short trips. As the tempo of your life accelerates, you'll be increasingly aware of the need for clear communications with others. In fact, the next six weeks are the perfect time to tell others exactly what you think. Don't leave them in the dark. Spell it out for them. Many of you will read, write and study more as well. Life takes on a thrilling quality because you are so stoked about being alive!

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