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Friday, April 27, 2012

Splash of Neon

Winning the lottery, or discovering a new element is a pretty big deal; unless of course you are Sir William Ramsey. Sir Ramsey made the discovery of five new elements in the 1890's, all of which bear a strong family resemblance to helium. The elements discovered by Sir. Ramsey: are all gasses, all odorless/colorless, and all nonreactive. Sir Ramsey coined his gasses, "the noble gasses." (Argon, Neon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon).

Neon was discover in 1898. The word "neon" is  Greek  for: new one. Ramsey and his team discovered that neon burns in bright crimson. The neon glow sparked a trend. Neon, became the symbol of new. The electric colors are shocking and playful.  Neon, in still a novelty today.  A splash of neon can add vibrancy to any outfit or room. If some of the neon fashion trends are too flashy for you wear; think about adding new life to an old picture frame.

Neon spray paint is to find, and available at most hardware stores. Before you get started wipe down the frame to remove any dust. 

Take out the glass, and the back of the frame. 
And to avoid hefty fines lay down some old news paper. 
Shake the cans vehemently- and liberally over the frame (both front and back).

Allow at least an hour of dry time between layers and sides. 

Up-cycling old frames into new neon statement frames is a risk free way to enjoy the neon trend. 

- Enjoy the New!

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