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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beauty: Radiant Skin

Summer is fast approaching. The Days are noticeably longer, and the weather is heating up. Personally, (it is okay if you think I am insane), I hate summer. I hate the sunburns, the bug bites, the constant dewy-ness of persistent humidity. For an extra extra pale skin white girl from the arctic circle summer can be painful. While summer and I might not temperately agree with each other I have to admit that summer beauty is effortlessly stunning. Skin glows; and makeup is subtle. 

Summer skin is radiant; with an effervescent I just did something naughty glow. Fortunately, the look can be faked for those seeking solace from the harsh heat. Radiant skin is easy to fake. 

To get the look, start with a clean face and prime as regular. Mix an illuminator into your foundation or tinted moisturizer ( I like to you Too Faced Beauty Balm). Beauty Balms are a great foundation alternative providing coverage, sun protection, and healthy minerals.  In the video, I start with a completely nude face and walk you through the steps for easy summer radiance. 

-Tres Chic.

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