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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweat: Find Fitness

Gosh, Spring Semester is flying by. I'm finding it hard to believe that tomorrow is Good Friday. I'm debating what I should do for Easter Weekend. Easter in my interpretation is a cause to celebrate with your family and to be thankful for the blessing of new and restored life. A celebration to remember heart aches while progressing forward into life courageously. Easter, in a sense is a celebration of the continuous renal of life. 

I will never understand why I allow my self to become stressed with the nuances of everyday; especially when every day is a gift. The gift is time. So make the most of time. Treat yourself with a smile and workout. Spoil your self with a gentle meditation, or an hour long bubble bath. Relax and celebrate the newness of life. 

In celebration of Easter Weekend, I have made a 25 minute low impact cardio/toning routine that is designed to maximize your workout even in the smallest of spaces. If you have family plans this Easter, sneak away into your room and relish in a 25 minute full body workout. Excuse your self, by saying you need to: "train for the Easter egg hunt, if you expect to compete with the 6-year-olds."

Happy Easter, and Much Love!

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