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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Never Fooled

I would say that I am a pretty open and trusting person. If someone tells me something with genuine sincerity I will undoubtedly believe that what they tell is me true. In my preschool days, I was confused about why really old pictures never seemed to have color. The mystery of the color was a troubling concern in my life. After seconds of internal debate; I decide to recruit outside sources.

My dad, saw my predicament as comical and seized the opportunity to maximize his entertainment value. With in minutes my dad at me utterly convinced that the reason old photos were color was because there was no color in the world until the early 60's late 50's. The proof was even dated on the old photographs in the text books. His reasoning made sense.

April Fools, makes a fool of me every year. One of these day I'll catch on, until then I will happily enjoy relaxing on Westjet flights as they begin to implement the KargoKids day camp program. (You have to admit Westjet does make the KidsKargo Club look like fun!)

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