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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bringing Home the Bunny

I have always had a fondness for the commercialization of Easter. I love the Easter Bunny; and his amazing gift of laying chocolate. I love the competition of scavenging for the hidden candy treasures just as I love the cute an cuddly baby bunnies on display. As a child growing up in resort I have a fondness for holiday displays. If lost; my parents were always sure to find me in the hotels big seasonal display. For Christmas holidays this meant tearing the wrapping paper of the decoration presents, and the subsequent  disappointment as I discover the boxes were all empty. 

The Easter displays were always a little more interactive and encouraging. The chocolate begged to be eaten and the bunnies were just so darn cute. I would climb into the display and lovingly play with the mini rabbits. One Easter, I successfully managed to negotiate with my parents the adoption of an Easter Display bunny. The terms were drawn so that I could choose one rabbit, and only one rabbit. Which was challenging- the bunnies were just so cute. I was forced to debate between lopsided bunnies with big eyes, normal looking bunnies, and an albino bunny with bright red eyes. I choose the albino bunny and named her Tri-Sara-Tops.

Tri-Sara-Tops, was no ordinary rabbit, she was my first real pet. She was a New Zealand meat rabbit who grew to an astonishing 35lbs. Tri-Sara-Tops was not a loving creature. She was quite mean actually, and was the culprit of mass electronic shortings. I'm still surprised that she died of natural causes as opposed to electric shock. Tri-Sara-Tops was vicious, sour, and well, evil. 

I was disappointed by my poor selection of a bunny rabbit. I often wondered if my rabbit owning experience would have been more enjoyable if I choose the cute little lopsided bunny. I will probably never own a rabbit again; nor be persuaded by my children one day to adopt the Easter display. Tri Sara Tops might have been the worst pet imaginable, yet I am grateful for the diabolic bunny who taught me to think twice before adopting display animals and making a play castle in the hotels seasonal displays, (and to stick with the  chocolate variety of rabbits).

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