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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Personal Steeze, A lesson in style

Yves Saint Laurent said: "Fashions fade, style in eternal." 

Fashions evolve, evaporate, and morph into do's and don'ts. Style is confidence, and a representation of individuality. The savvy and stezzy woman is always refined; and she never labors exasperated on the fad trends. Style is effortless, and simply chic. True personal style is a mix of past and present, textures, and levels. Personal style, is an art, it follows the structure of fine art as it is made to perform and accentuate the masterpiece of the individual. 

To master style there are a few tricks of the craft:

First, Know they body:
Regardless of your height and or shape, the most stylish women both petite and plus dress complementary to their shape. Where what you love, and emphasize your best features. I am 5'4, and do love the maxi dress/skirt look. But because I am short, the maxi skirt can wash me out if I do not create the illusion of a high waist. 

Invest in classics:
I have a quality over quantity mantra. I love investing in statement pieces and enjoy the quality of well made garments.  I don't shop credit  card loaded and ready at Forever 21. Instead I like to window shop and dig for gems. Fill your closet with an Audrey Hepburn inspired mantra: classics first; pencil skirts, cigarette pants, billowy blouses, and functional blazers. Shoes should complement. 

Embrace Vintage:
Vintage finds are the secret to commanding attention and grace. Most vintage is one of a kind, which assures that you will most likely be the only one wearing that gorgeous sweater you found at veda lux or gypsy market. If you are new to vintage start by excavating your mom or grandmas closet, ( I found a fab vintage Gucci purse in my Grandmas closet).

Dress for comfort:
Love what you wear, feel good it what you wear. A dress or suit can be stunning in theory; however if it does not fit with your psyche the look won't work, and the outfit won't be comfortable. The art of personal style is dressing according to your personality, and choosing looks that are wearable and comfortable. 

For accessory, fast fashion stores do offer cheap chic that works well for a party/event. If you see a cheep look you want to experiment with try the knock-off, or do it yourself. It you love it, then invest in the real goods. Mix designers, and brands. Don't be an advertisement for one designer, advertise the craft of your style. 

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