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Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Horoscope: Dec.19- Dec.25

My goodness, Christmas is less than a week away, and 2012 is just around the corner. The past year has flown by for me. It has been an interesting year, full of lessons and surprise blessings. I have a full month of school for  winter break; and am enjoying my paradise, Sunshine Village in Banff Canada. I drove up from Spokane to Banff on Saturday. The roads through the mountain passes were treacherous. As a winter storm accompanied me through the pass. I don't mind driving in the snow, only because I know the skiing will be fantastic. Here is you weekly horoscope for Dec. 19 to Dec. 25, by Gorgia Nicols.


Once again, the Sun has returned to your sign where it will stay for the next month recharging your batteries for the rest of the year. Yay me! This is a glorious opportunity for you because it attracts people and favourable circumstances to you. Quite obviously, you want to make the most of this because you feel high-energy, witty and quite dazzling! (This year is, after all, your hour, n'est pas? In fact, you're in for a long, fabulous run.) Continue to make travel plans. (Have you even unpacked your bags from the last trip?) School plans look exciting. Explore opportunities in the media, publishing, medicine and the law. So many choices. Tra-la, tra-la, it is to laugh.

While everyone around you is running around madly socializing, by contrast, you are seeking sane, soothing shelter. (With or without alliteration.) There's only so much insanity a person can handle. Plus, privately, your sexual energy is very high now. This means you want privacy for lots of reasons! Play it low-key. Work alone or behind the scenes because this is the perfect time of year for you to plan what you want your new year (birthday to birthday) to be all about. Be specific about what you want to achieve next year. The more specific you are about your goals, the more likely they will materialize. (But you know this.)
You're facing a social whirlwind ahead for the next six weeks. Accept all invitations. Everyone wants to see your face. Not only will you enjoy the company of friends, you'll also be very involved in clubs, groups and organizations. The month ahead is a wonderful time to share your hopes and dreams for the future with others because their feedback will definitely help you. With Mars opposite your sign, you are a bit impatient with others. (Oh yes, you are.) Use this very social month to smooth over troubled waters. Pick up the tab for lunch. Give someone flowers. Remind them how truly caring and thoughtful you really are. (Works every time.)
Heads up! The Sun will be at high noon in your chart for the next six weeks and this is the only time all year this happens. This has the effect of casting a spotlight on you, making bosses, parents and VIPs notice you more than usual. Furthermore, this is definitely great lighting! ("You look mahvelous dahling, mahvelous.") Because of this, you will be asked to take on increased responsibilities for something. Fear not, you won't have to be a super action hero to handle it. Ironically, it will require nothing special! Therefore, say "Yes!" Meanwhile, in the depths of your book-lined-leather-furniture-with-Aubusson-rug den (whaaat?), give thought to your life direction in general. Do you know where you're headed?
You've got the travel bug. (Forgive me, this current bedbug infestation is scary, isn't it?) Nevertheless, you intend to travel because you want to broaden your horizons. You want to grab more of life. If you can't travel, you'll read and watch documentaries of exciting places. You're hungry to learn more and you're also hungry for adventure. Think of the joys of eating scrumptious, exotic foods yet to be discovered. Do make this happen because you want to take a vacation! You want some fun! Add a dash of romance and sprinkling of flirtation and you're set. You must give yourself a treat like this in the next month (or longer).
In the next six weeks, you will feel much more passionately intense than usual. Yes, this passion will apply where you might hope. (Two guesses.) But not only will you feel highly sexed, you'll feel passionate about practically everything! In addition to your recreational stimulation, you'll also focus on dull, boring, red-tape material connected with insurance, inheritances, wills, taxes and shared property. You can't avoid this. You might have to enter into discussions about these topics, or you might just be cleaning up old paperwork. (What fun!) Nevertheless, you actually have the energy to do this now, so do it. You'll love yourself later for getting it done. (Kiss-kiss, hug-hug.)
You're going to need more sleep in the next six weeks, just accept this. In fact, don't just accept this, respect your need for it. Get more sleep! The Sun is now as far away from your sign as it gets all year and the Sun is your source of energy. Do the math. However, this opposition of the Sun also brings up another matter, namely, heavy-duty focus on partnerships and close friendships. (Oh yeah.) Observe yourself in these relationships (carry a mirror at all times) to see your style. You've been coming on a little heavy lately, haven't you? Are people raising their hands in front of their face? (That's always a good clue.) Gently, dear Cancer, gently. (Don't get your belly in a rash.)

Suddenly, you're running around with an outboard motor on your ass. You're on this big kick to turn over a new leaf and get organized. You want your home cleaned, you want your workplace cleaned, you want your car cleaned, you want your closet colour-coded and smelling great. (Yes, this includes finding the closet floor.) What's up? For many, it means company's coming. You like to entertain in style and you certainly like to look like you have your act together (even if you don't). One does have a reputation to keep up. But actually, you just have the urge now to be efficient, effective and productive. Good luck!

You have a fabulous month ahead! You're high energy because fiery Mars is in your sign. (Say no more!) In addition, other planetary configurations are encouraging love affairs, romance, and all kinds of fun, social diversions. You couldn't pick a better time for a vacation. Slip away somewhere if even for a weekend or a few days. Your month ahead is also a great time for sports, the arts and playful activities with children. Enjoy movies, the theatre, parties and schmoozing with everyone! Essentially, an explanation for why this is a wonderful combination is (a) you have the motivation to have a lot of fun (b) you have the opportunity to have a lot of fun, and (c) you have the energy to actually do it!
Without question, your focus turns to home, family and your private life. (Bake those cookies. Easier yet - buy quality dark chocolates.) Invite the gang over. If you put out fresh flowers you don't have to dust. Theatre is really just smoke and mirrors. Family relationships, especially with a parent, will be lively and dynamic. Something hidden, behind-the-scenes is present but no worries. It is what it is. Enjoy good times with loved ones. And while the place is looking so good, entertain everyone you know! They might bring the cookies! It's much easier to entertain back-to-back because everything is set up. (You know what I mean.)
The next six weeks are going to be busy because the tempo of your days is accelerating! You're doing the white rabbit routine: "I'm late! I'm late, for a very important date!" Just accept the fact that life will be hairy because of your jam-packed schedule, including short trips, mucho errands, and running around talking to everyone. But you will love it! The air has more electricity and you feel alive! Group activities are particularly boisterous (but do watch out for heavy-duty competition that could become fractious). You love meeting new people and picking up tidbits of gossip. "Really? Last week?"
Money, money, money! You're thinking a lot about cash flow, how to earn money, and how to earn even more money. That's because you have ambitious plans! And when you have big ideas (and when does a Sagittarius not have big ideas?) you need money! Fortunately, you have lots of money-making ideas right now. (Clever you.) Make an effort to stay on top of your scene: watch your cash flow, be aware of your assets, liabilities and even your possessions and how you might possibly turn something into some folding green stuff. On a more serious note (money isn't everything) you're thinking about your values in life. You want to know what you can do with all that money.

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