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Friday, December 2, 2011

Most Desired Holiday Accessory!

2011 has been a tough year for the economy. The recession hangover of 2008 is still very much a haunting presence as we approach the holiday season and 2012. The must have accessory this party season is not the conventional "Birkin Bag" nor is it a channel clutch. In polar contrast the most envied and coveted accessory a girl can have for the holiday party circuit is: "uber glam, show 'em off Legs." 

Everyone from Hollywood it girls, to local socialites are recession proofing their accessories and focusing on improving their bodies. Strong, toned legs, improve your overall fitness and strength. I love to snowboard, and these leg exercises will help prep you for winter activities as well, they will stir leg envy at all the holiday parties. 

This leg workout is inspired by Tracy's Mat Dvd. All you need is chair, and a strong focus to help you stay tall. 

I'm wishing you all, a fantastic Holiday Season. 

-xoxo Kendra

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