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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Heels of massive destruction

Excuse me, Miss...
Miss, excuse me-  BUT, can you please remove any and all metal objects...
Miss, please make sure any and all weapons are off the person.

Miss, your shoes.
I need you take off your shoes. 
They are not acceptable carry on items.

Miss, your shoes are seen as a brute force object. 
Miss, your shoes are a weapon,
For the safety of our flight crew, and other passangers you can not travel with those shoes. 
I do however have a comfortable pair of disposable sandles for this slight inconvience.

Miss, did you hear me?
Your Shoes are not cleared for security. 
They can not go past this point.
 You can either take them off and check them- 
Miss, there is no need for hostility-
As I said polietly, you can either remove your shoes voluntarily...
 or I can call security. 

The future of Travel nightmares is correlated with this trend. To prevent future complications in airport security please vote NO, on heels of massive destruction. 

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